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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadband_over_power_lines
  2. Titan

    Spending 120-180

    Firstly, I'm really rough with my equipment. I need something that will last. So I'm about ready to buy some new headphones. I was originally going to go with the critically acclaimed ATH m50x but after doing some more research I found that these weren't the best for about 150 bucks. I've wanted these for a while because everyone says they look, sound, and feel great... and they are durable. What I was thinking about doing is buying these refurbished for $120 and then buying a cheap dac, if necessary (suggestions please). After hearing that these were over priced I did
  3. I love the improvements to the phone. I love the wide variety of skins dbrand has.
  4. This phone looks absolutely amazing. I was for sure on the m8, not so sure anymore. I love large display and the back buttons.
  5. So I have been really inactive in the new releases these past few months. So could anyone fill me in on what has happened these last 6 months? I know there was a new amd series of cards released. Love to hear about it! Thanks
  6. I checked multiple times I did not press enter. I see people with just about the same signature (8 point font) and 3 lines, and it works. Edit: I have managed to solve this problem by simply moving my browser to my other monitor (1080p monitor) I think I have an idea of how this works but idk.
  7. I am trying to make my signature: Case: Corsair 350D Windowed Motherboard: ASRock Pro4-M CPU: Intel i3-3320 Cooler: Stock(upgrade) Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1600MHz Red GPU: Asus GTX DCUIIOC 650 ti PSU: Corsair CX500 SSD: Samsung 840 128Gb Monitor: HP 2159M, Random DELL 1280x1024 Keyboard: Stock HP keyboard(upgrade) Mouse: SteelSeries Black Ops 2 edition Mouse Pad: Random Headset: SteelSeries Siberia v2 Blue Frost edition But I am unable to do so, I get an error. Is there anything wrong with the signature (When paste into edit signature it is 2 lines)
  8. So I just spent like 25 minutes making my signature perfect, I copied it (didn't copy correctly) and it failed for some reason, even though it followed the guidelines LOL

  9. I have been doing some research lately, and have found that there are viruses that can transfer to your computer from other people on your network, such as the Zeus virus (not that I even use my computer for banking) Really makes me weary when I download things now. You guys have also contributed to this decision that I'm going to get myself and anti-virus; such as websites getting hi-jacked. I have also decided that windows defender on it's own it not going to cut it. I will download avg (I trust this, if any better ones please let me know) and give the copy I have to a sibling of mine who do
  10. I see lots of matx am3+ mobo that will fit the cpu fine, they are all blue though :(
  11. am3+ and am3 are backwards compatible... correct me If I am wrong though, haven't really looked at amd solutions in a while. So I guess an am3 board would be fine.. I already looked for am3 boards, didn't look thorough enough though. Let me know if you find anything.