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  1. Locked now.
  2. First off, pick a case, that will determine your form factor to some extent. You will sacrifice some features as you go smaller as there is less real estate on the board itself to build on required components. Different board manufacturers will sacrifice different options on smaller boards depending on who the board is marketed towards. So yes, pay careful attention when looking at ITX and mATX as they "may" not have a specific feature you might be looking for.
  3. Never heard of that. Pretty much all fan screws are the same size. Some may be slightly longer than others, but that is about it. From 60mm fans all the way 230mm, should be all the same. This is more likely an issue with a cheap case that isn't using the hole size for the screws.
  4. Just to point out a couple of things. The LMG crew never directly supported the Compute teams. Yes, it has been mentioned on the WAN show, a few builds were featured and Luke did do that one video. His dad was the one into Boinc which was why Luke was into it a bit. But overall there has never been any official support of the teams from LMG. I created the original Folding team and the primary team on Boincstats back in the day. The Compute teams have always been and will always be community driven. It's the LTT community working together under the LTT banner to support and help the various groups and projects. Together we make a difference. In regards to bench marking I know Anadtech at one time, maybe they still do, added a few synthetic test scores to their reviews, but overall, as mentioned, just not enough people care and more over, it's to bloody inaccurate. A "standard" testing solution would be fine, if we all got those same WU's, work projects, whatever. In regards to Folding, there are so many variables in WU's and projects that LMG (or any other source) might show a Folding score of X, but what the hell does that mean? Especially when you plug in your card and get every value but that. It just doesn't work well nor really mean much in the long run, unlike many of the other benchmarks they show.
  5. Welcome all the new users to the team! Great to have you!!
  6. The guy from there has been running that site for quite a few years and uses a sql db to store all the data. It's pretty massive apparently. He doesn't do a lot himself, mostly just works with the data he gets from the Stanford stats servers. That's mostly where the issue is. They are pretty slow and between how often your client updates those servers and then how often he dumps the data from them (every three hours I think) and then running his scripts, some numbers do seem strange at times, but overall for me they have been pretty accurate. The one thing to not base any your numbers on is the ETA and PPD in your client. Those are horribly inaccurate. You would need to review your logs for a 24 hour period checking submitted WU's and actual points awarded versus time worked, etc for each WU.
  7. I shall chat with Slick and see what options there may be....
  8. You cannot pin a X vs Y which is better considering you can always find graphs showing one versus the other is better, personal opinion, etc... Locked
  9. We may get it in the spring with one of the updates, but no confirmation on that... According to Microsoft, it may get you a "few" extra FPS, nothing earth shattering. Will most likely be more useful for lower end systems than higher end.
  10. 2 - Only really needed for servers. I never use ECC in workstations. The cost doesn't justify the benefit. 3 - RAID on the intel boards is dead simple to setup, esp on a new board. RAID1 gives you piece of mind with minimal performance impact.
  11. Quadro and 1080 series are different beast. If he is doing 3D rendering and such, then a Quadro is the way to go, just look for something int he same price range and you will have about an equivalent card. But, if he just doing some video rendering and general use, stick with the 1080.
  12. For your usage, this is a bit of an overkill system, just my personal opinion from building 3D CAD stations, you could easily go with a lower end i7 and still have great performance. HDD - make sure they all 7200 RPM A Quadro might help, for rendering and such, but they mostly tuned for 3d and such. A toss up.
  13. Seasonal heating with Folding is quite common among many of us!
  14. This topic, although valid and being left up, has the potential to get very out of hand, so we, the mod team, have decided to lock it at this point.