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  1. 2 - Only really needed for servers. I never use ECC in workstations. The cost doesn't justify the benefit. 3 - RAID on the intel boards is dead simple to setup, esp on a new board. RAID1 gives you piece of mind with minimal performance impact.
  2. Quadro and 1080 series are different beast. If he is doing 3D rendering and such, then a Quadro is the way to go, just look for something int he same price range and you will have about an equivalent card. But, if he just doing some video rendering and general use, stick with the 1080.
  3. For your usage, this is a bit of an overkill system, just my personal opinion from building 3D CAD stations, you could easily go with a lower end i7 and still have great performance. HDD - make sure they all 7200 RPM A Quadro might help, for rendering and such, but they mostly tuned for 3d and such. A toss up.
  4. Seasonal heating with Folding is quite common among many of us!
  5. This topic, although valid and being left up, has the potential to get very out of hand, so we, the mod team, have decided to lock it at this point.
  6. Just one thing I will add to this, I found this out this week building a 2016 Server - most backup software has no support yet for 2016, period. We use Altaro Backup (check it out, free to back up to guests) and they are saying no support till at least end of December. I checked the Veeam site as well and nothing listed either in regards to support for 2016 yet. I installed Altaro, thinking it can't be much different than 2012 R2, would still work, just not official supported. Altaro won't even recognize that Hyper-V is installed on my 2016 box.
  7. Linux/Ubuntu if just doing CPU folding. If you want to do GPU folding instead, or as well, you need Windows.
  8. I just noticed, that server isn't even listed on the status page for some reason. You said you have uninstalled before. Do you also select the option to delete Work Units, then reboot before you re-install? Not sure why it is trying to go to that server. You might also want to reboot your router. BTW - what DNS server is your computer using? If it is using you local router, what DNS is it using? The ISP DNS? Maybe try changing DNS to and and see if that helps.
  9. 8800 series are no longer supported.
  10. You uploaded your WU to a different serve than what you are downloading from. If DNS works, like it shows above, and nothing has changed locally, then it has to be your ISP. If on a VPN it works fine, which pretty much bypasses any blocking your ISP is doing, then it's something the ISP is doing when not on one. I assume this is for a GPU WU? Which card do you have? Is it OC'ed at all?
  11. I am locking this thread due to the discussion type. To note - any medium supplied by a school, or business for that matter, is their property and such, they have every legal right to install whatever monitoring software they like on it and report everything you do. In addition, equipment provided to minors must have the capabilities to track and block them from going to various types of sites, etc. regardless of the location. The discussion of trying to get around or otherwise avoid the legitimate monitoring of your activity is akin to hacking and as such, this type of discussion will not be allowed.
  12. Exactly - you can do this. Shortly though you'll stop getting QRB's which will impact your score more than anything. And if continued, yes, your IP will be banned.
  13. Also just to update some folks on this type of thing... Because freenas would be controlling your raid, in the BIOS you will always see it listed as separate drives. Same for many DIY NAS units, like unraid, etc. The onboard RAID on intel motherboards (available on most consumer PC's) stores the config in BIOS. So, if the battery dies while the computer if unplugged, or the mobo gets fried, etc, RAID config gone. Older RAID cards also worked like this (Esp Dell and IBM) storing the info on flash on the card. If the card died, the array was poof. Hence why many older servers used redundant RAID cards. Funny, using redundant array cards to protect your Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Almost all new "server grade" RAID cards store the information for the entire RAID set on each disk drive in the array. Hence how you can move drives around and everything still works. Note, I do NOT recommend that. Finally, a reminder - RAID do NOT equal backups. Even with modern hardware, it it easy for a raid card to fry and wipe all your data. I have seen it, Linus has seen it. Don't forget to backup that critical data.
  14. Completely useless comment and not even close to correct. A custom loop will typically cool better and quieter than any custom AiO. (Better being a graduated thing where 2 to 3 degrees gain is considered good). As well, a custom loop is a LOT more expandable and has a ton more options and looks a hell of a lot better. To OP - all your choices are fine. First off, plan for extra fittings, when putting together, you will find out things don't run the way you want. I few 45' fittings are great. I hardly ever use 90's, typically 45's. 360mm rad should be fine as long as you not doing any serious OC'ing. Blocks and such are fine. Typically no one block out performs any other by more than a degree. Mostly just about looks. Pumps, but the DDC and D5 are fine. Great pumps. Personally, the D5 PWM version and that will run a bit quieter. Overall, good pic, don't forget about tubing. And you typically don't need to by extra plugs. The res will typically come with plugs for all ports except two, your in and out. You pick which ones you use and plug the rest. A drain can be a nice extra to have.