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About Whaler_99

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    A folding we shall go...
  • Birthday August 19

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    Playing with the beavers....
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    Computer Engineer


  • CPU
    Core i7 4770k, XS-PC waterblock
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5
  • RAM
    16GB (4GBx4) Corsair Dominator Platinum
  • GPU
    Zotac GTX 1080, XS-PC Full Cover waterblock
  • Case
    Hexgear R40
  • Storage
    2 x Kingston HyperX 480GB SSD
  • PSU
    Seasonic Snow Silent 750, custom cable kit
  • Display(s)
    1 x 24" HP IPS, 2 x 22" HP LED
  • Cooling
    Custom Watercooled Loop
  • Keyboard
    CM Storm Trigger, BLUE
  • Mouse
    Razor Diamonback
  • Sound
    Creative Recon 3D
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Whaler_99

    compuret shutsdown inmediately

    That mobo only supports 8th Gen CPU's, 8xxx - a 5700 would not be it... plus, i5-5700?
  2. I'm sad you left, but at least stay as a user? :)


  3. :( Sad you are gone as a mod but hopefully you will stick around as a user? You are easily one of the better mods i've seen on a forum in recent years, and I hope that you continue to be that way even as not a mod :) Happy retirement I  guess would be what to say :P 

    1. BuckGup


      Awwww man I enjoyed you here. Well happy folding 

  4. It's been a great five years with this team and this community but the time has come to hang up my hat as an Admin/Mod of the forum. As always, if you need help please create a report and one of the mods will be happy to help! Take care everyone!

  5. Whaler_99

    case fans vs static pressure fans

    I typically use Noctua NF-F12's, they are about the best in terms of SP and noise. There is Noiseblocker ELoop fans which are really good, the corsair SP lines are pretty good as well. Looks at their stats and compare it to the new Corsair ones. I'm not sure if the new RGB ones are more focused on pressure or air flow...
  6. Whaler_99

    case fans vs static pressure fans

    The question is what solution is this? A cheap AIO? Then even with the best SP based fans you might notice maybe a 1 degree difference? Those rad's aren't every optimized. Or is this a custom water cooling loop with a decent 360 rad? In that case swapping out some cheap fans for some nice SP based ones could get you a few extra degrees. Now, that said, in the long run will that make a huge difference? What are your current temps? If after an hour of heavy gaming your only at say 65 or 70 C, then new fans might get you down to, at most, 60 to 65 C? Worth it? I don't know. But, good SP based fans should certainly be quieter then your cheap ones at the same RPM.
  7. If you can do a concise and generic setup doc, create a new post with it and let me know, I can review it and possibly pin it for other members.
  8. Let me just throw in my two cents on all this since I got tagged. First off, as some have mentioned "compute" cards, that brings to mind things like the Intel Phy, the NVidia P100 and others. They cannot be used for F@H or mining. Those are specifically designed cards for running custom software, usually a cluster based solution, used for rendering and massive compute solutions. Not something you can run Windows on nor do they even make a F@H client that will recognize those cards. Now, you have to look at the F@H client itself before going nuts on video cards. The folding on Linux builds is still iffy and a lot of work, so I won't even go there. When it comes to Windows, getting more than 5 GPU's supported and running correctly in Windows is pretty much impossible. It can be done, but for the work it isn't really worth it. So, since you need to run Windows you are pretty much looking at a max of 5 GPU's for a stable system. Sure, you could buy 16... and that won't work at all. And again, you need to look at your motherboards and such as many of them have limitations on the number of PCIe slots active because of electrical wiring. All in all, getting a 5 GPU solution to work is very doable if you do your homework. More than 5 GPU's and you are looking at probably a lot of issues. The recommendation to leave at least one core per GPU free was mostly for NVidia, due to the way their drivers work, but was also good advice for AMD cards as well. The client when initially setup would original default to use all CPU cores (hence the issue with NVidia cards) and then was changed to use all but one. But then if you had two GPU's you still needed to modify it and... some projects didn't like an odd number of CPU cores, blah blah... Overall, for the heat it generates and the extra cooling you need, don't even bother folding on the CPU. Just fold on the GPU(s) and you will pretty much maximize you solution. If you have a monster CPU you don't want to go to waste, just do "light" folding with the Chrome NACL client and voila.
  9. Whaler_99

    LTT's exclusive RX Vega teaser makes tech press unhappy

    This has gone on long enough... Locked...
  10. Whaler_99


    The funny thing is I have two Antec 1200 cases and neither of them even have a GPU in them. They are both unRaid servers.:)
  11. Whaler_99


    Really looking forward to trying these out. Awesome solution. I saw someone actually ordered the Mastercase GPU vertical mount for a case, that wasn't a mastercase, and they had to do a lot of cutting and moding to get it all to fit and work. These will allow for minimal cutting to get a GPU mounted however the heck you want it!
  12. Whaler_99

    Can i get windows 10 for free?

    Locked now.
  13. Whaler_99

    Mini ITX vs Micro ATX vs ATX

    First off, pick a case, that will determine your form factor to some extent. You will sacrifice some features as you go smaller as there is less real estate on the board itself to build on required components. Different board manufacturers will sacrifice different options on smaller boards depending on who the board is marketed towards. So yes, pay careful attention when looking at ITX and mATX as they "may" not have a specific feature you might be looking for.
  14. Whaler_99

    200mm Fan Scews For 120mm Fans

    Never heard of that. Pretty much all fan screws are the same size. Some may be slightly longer than others, but that is about it. From 60mm fans all the way 230mm, should be all the same. This is more likely an issue with a cheap case that isn't using the hole size for the screws.
  15. Just to point out a couple of things. The LMG crew never directly supported the Compute teams. Yes, it has been mentioned on the WAN show, a few builds were featured and Luke did do that one video. His dad was the one into Boinc which was why Luke was into it a bit. But overall there has never been any official support of the teams from LMG. I created the original Folding team and the primary team on Boincstats back in the day. The Compute teams have always been and will always be community driven. It's the LTT community working together under the LTT banner to support and help the various groups and projects. Together we make a difference. In regards to bench marking I know Anadtech at one time, maybe they still do, added a few synthetic test scores to their reviews, but overall, as mentioned, just not enough people care and more over, it's to bloody inaccurate. A "standard" testing solution would be fine, if we all got those same WU's, work projects, whatever. In regards to Folding, there are so many variables in WU's and projects that LMG (or any other source) might show a Folding score of X, but what the hell does that mean? Especially when you plug in your card and get every value but that. It just doesn't work well nor really mean much in the long run, unlike many of the other benchmarks they show.