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  1. It's gang related, the "crip killer" thing is true
  2. It'd be similar to hitting the dust with your ship, not as much energy transfer per particle, but over a greater distance from the ship. the slingshot maneuver only works in orbital mechanics, at relatively low speeds compaired to an interstellar ship, if you are going fast enough orbital mechanics are moot. when you are passing through a stellar system you are losing momentum to the system itself due a force similar to tidal braking.
  3. there is a 3rd, gravity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamical_friction
  4. eyefinity 6 might work http://www.ebay.com/itm/VISIONTEK-900614-ATI-RADEON-HD-7750-EYEFINITY-6-VIDEO-CARD-2GB-/132090532661?hash=item1ec1359335:g:goAAAOSw241Ym2js
  5. i was gonna make a witty remark, i'll do it later.
  6. no. But please refrain from having a plumber crack unless watercooling.
  7. Hold up a minute with this guys, I've made a bit of changes to the script to make it a bit more realistic. Most of it is too 'proper'. pilots tend to only talk like that when talking to tower. (Skip everything before this, not needed) J: Start engine 2, 2 clear cp: engine 2 Starting. [Beat][Beat] J: Start engine 3 cp, 3 clear, 3 starting. [Beat] J: Start engine 1, 1 clear CP : 1, uhh Starting. [Beat][Beat] J: Start 4 CP: 4 clear.... and starting. [Beat][Beat} J: Headcount. Copilot: Copilot Ready. Bombadier: Bombadier Ready
  8. dip the ends in alcohol to help remove residue, should work just fine.
  9. yup, it's the same way with any type of media.
  10. Since you dont have "tech" at the end of your name, I'm gonna assume you are lying.
  11. as long as it just stays on top, it should be fine