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    PC Gaming, Internet Surfing, Photography, Building PCs, PC Troubleshooting.


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    Intel® Core™ i5-3470 @ 3.6 GHz
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    Intel® DH61WW
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    Corsair® Value Select 4GBx2 DDR3 1600 MHz
  • GPU
    Dell OEM Nvidia GeForce GT 640 1GB GDDR5
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    Antec® X1 - E
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    WD 1TB Green HDD, Toshiba 1TB HDD, Seagate 1TB 2.5" HDD, Seagate 500GB Barracuda HDD
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    Corsair CX550M
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    Lenovo® L2060wA (1600x900@75Hz) via DVI Port
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    Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo
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    Logitech® K200 Keyboard
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    Logitech® Gaming G402 Hyperion Fury
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    Creative® SBS A200 2.1 Speakers
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    Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro

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  1. They are indeed old PSU units but are still respectable I believe. But I just want to make sure not to miss any good ones that are available for cheaper price. Alright, let me check some Phanteks and Fractals' case. I've built couple systems on P400A they were good indeed. X570 for overclocking and Gen4 PCIe, yes I saw some cheaper options. But the price difference are very small between TUF and ROG's. I'll have another look around.
  2. After waiting for a long time, Intel's new release in Intel Xeon W series aren't that promising. Especially on single core performance. I expected that anyway. So I decided to go for a 5950x build for my friend's workstation + gaming build. Main usage of this build is for 3D DCC apps which heavily uses a Quadro GPU and the VRAM. My initial spec are: * AMD Ryzen 5950x * Asus ROG X570 F Gaming or E Gaming (mostly leaning towards E Gaming because of the small price difference and WiFi+Bluetooth is an added advantage) * G Skill Trident Z RGB Neo 16GB x
  3. Hey @linusforsell, could you please consider optimising this extension I'm seeing a huge memory usage from this extension time to time. I've seen it max out at ~730MB. Please look into it. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone here have OnePlust 7/7T? I dropped my 7T last night and I thought to check the screen. It seems to be working fine. But, I went into Developer Options and use the Pointer Location option. It acted as it should. It basically draws a wherever I move my finger. I noticed the Pressure thing isn't working or if the OnePlus 7T has Pressure Sensitivity at all. I used to have this working perfectly on my previous phones like Moto G, G2, X Play, OnePlus X, Xperia Z1.


    Can someone please check on their OnePlus 7T and let me know.

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. kameshss


      You can go into Developer Options and look for an option called "Pointer Location". It comes under Input menu. Then on top second from right, the option Prs: xx will change according to your pressure on screen. If you touch after you turn on the option "Pointer Location" and it says 1.0, it doesn't have pressure sensurized display.

    3. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman

      It says 1.0 on a red background. So no pressure-aware display on the OnePlus 7 Pro 8/256 Nebula Blue (Europe). OxygenOS 10.0.6 here.

    4. kameshss
  5. so macOS Big Sur: 11.

    1. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      he gives a good competition to rss and modi govt lol 

  6. I have it's little brother G402. Still going strong for my needs
  7. Okay, please hire her. like please. Amazing video, @LinusTech!
  8. are you guys hearing any slight echo when Linus talks in this video?
  9. was gonna tweet Linus about this. Thanks!
  10. Games, Variety of Pro applications (Adobe CC, Autodesk apps) and etc! Better hardware support in all terms. It just feels better. Although I work as Linux Infra Admin, I still like Windows better
  11. I'm surprised that Nvidia hasn't updated the core spec for the Shield TV. X1 for the past 4 years. Good that it can do 4K HDR very well and play games at decent frame rates.

    1. manikyath


      as of yet, unimpressed.


      also, 14nm++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++