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  1. They came to me last year about building this. I'm glad I was already busy with other commitments.
  2. many requests for 3 slot / RTX 3090 FE vertical GPU mount brackets, https://www.mnpctech.com/products/rtx-3090-fe-vertical-video-card-gpu-mounting-bracket
  3. by request, I've made vertical mounting brackets over weekend for the upcoming RTX 3090 FE, which are triple slot, https://www.mnpctech.com/products/rtx-3090-fe-vertical-video-card-gpu-mounting-bracket

    1. TVwazhere


      The name makes it sound like it's specific to the 3090 FE. If the FE is simply a Triple Slot card, wouldnt titling this "STAGE 2 VERTICAL TRIPLE PCI SLOT VIDEO CARD GPU 120MM MOUNTING BRACKET" be better since it would tell buyers that it will work with any triple slot card? Custom RTX 3090's might not all be triple slot cards unless I missed something in the news recently.

  4. Few hours remain for My Mortal Shell PC giveaway, https://youtu.be/6XXJp7QikSo



  5. You can mount stage 2 vertical bracket wherever space allows, just requires drilling four mounting holes, https://www.mnpctech.com/collections/gpu-supports-vertical-gpu-brackets
  6. forgot, if you decide to order a bracket, use my discount code MNFAN at checkout, https://www.mnpctech.com/collections/gpu-supports-vertical-gpu-brackets
  7. Thanks for the interest guys! The Stage 2 vertical gpu mount we make with LEGS only requires drilling four mounting holes, so you can mount GPU wherever space will allow. I also have small compact version for smaller cases. https://www.mnpctech.com/collections/gpu-supports-vertical-gpu-brackets
  8. re-directed here, https://www.mnpctech.com/products/modders-mesh-pc-fan-grills I will fix that dead link today! Thanks again guys!
  9. Test fit the gpu before making your decision. Fractal design Nano S maybe a better alternative, if you really must have that gpu model.
  10. DIY Video guide for adding 240 (2x120mm) grill on top of your case
  11. theres enough steel material in the center on top, to drill the mounting holes for those bar style handles
  12. I caught your log on OCN. Great results. and Thank you again for sharing your project. I was given opportunity through referral from Charles to do an MBX build. It will be my first. I'm still debating about doing stainless or copper loop.
  13. Hi @thrasher_565, the Mnpctech Vertical Brackets are actually 120mm, not 140mm I appreciate referral. If you or anyone here needs anything, use my voucher code, MNFAN for 15% off your order in our PC Case Mod Store
  14. and... Mnpctech is member of this forum, ...and you can use my discount voucher code for 15% off. Enter MNFAN at check out Stay Safe and Smart out there guys!