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    Space, Tech, Computing, Medical Science, The gym, Running (mainly from my problems)
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    Medical Doctor


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    Phenom II X6 1055T
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    Asus M4N68T-M LE V6
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    GTX 760 (GTX 1050 ti, RX460 for BOINC)
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    1TB generic HDD
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    BeQuiet 700W
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    Thermalright Macho
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    Logitech Z4
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  1. gotta love LG's intuitive and easy to remember product naming scheme
  2. aight so money seems to be no issue. you can pretty much choose any current gen amd or nvidia card you like as long as you can find them in stock. everything upwards of an RTX 3070 is where your cpu starts to bottleneck so at that point a cpu and motherboard upgrade would make sense which you could do considering your budget. just make sure you have like twice as much ram in your system as the card has vram.
  3. which ryzen 5 exactly? and you will have to give us a budget.
  4. Nicnac

    Tech Stocks

    and i just thought about buying some now ^^ Im in it for the long run tho. unless something catastrophic happens I wanna hold most of my stocks for a few years
  5. Nicnac

    Tech Stocks

    Anyone trading on here and wanna discuss some tech related stocks? I'm trying to build a portfolio and would love to hear what some people on this forum are invested in.
  6. Hey everyone. I can finally afford a nice monitor and thought about getting the gigabyte g34wqc. Reviews seem good and I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on this monitor and can recommend it? tia!
  7. you'd be surprised by the the underwhelming social and business skills of many in this field Thanks! I have read up on the institutions current research and went through my own research I have done summarizing everything. Am still preparing questions but I think i will ask mostly research related things.
  8. I applied as a doctor to a major University-Hospital in Germany. I have a job interview Tomorrow and just wanted to ask if there are any general tips for these interviews that you people might have for me. I have the basics down concerning weaknesses, strengths etc. feel free to throw in anything you can think of really This is not my first job interview but the first in a few years that is this formal. tia!
  9. How are all next gen cards still sold out when Cyberpunk launches in 6 daysssssssss

    1. WereCat


      Its simple. Last time they moved release date of the game because of the console launch, now they will move it again until the graphics cards get in stock. Gotta think about PC gamers as well :)

    2. soldier_ph


      I will literally drink water if Cyberpunk comes out this year !!!

    3. Nicnac


      @soldier_ph hope it was crispy cold and refreshing