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    Spoiler Pyramidist

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    Space, Tech, Computing, Medical Science, The gym, Running (mainly from my problems)
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    Medical Doctor


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    Phenom II X6 1055T
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    Asus M4N68T-M LE V6
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    GTX 760 (GTX 1050 ti, RX460 for BOINC)
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    1TB generic HDD
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    BeQuiet 700W
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    Thermalright Macho
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    Logitech Z4
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  1. So I got this *slightly* used server ssd from ebay and the poor thing looks like it’s been scorched for years lol




    1. soldier_ph


      Looks like it has been used for Metal working lol

    2. WereCat


      Someone used to have WoW with bots installed on this SSD for grinding

  2. whats the best vpn to get rn that isnt too expensive?

  3. Welp imma take the free games as long as it lasts still spend more times in games I launch thru steam tho
  4. Seriously thinking about buying a prebuilt at this point just for the gpu and selling the parts lol. 

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. CircleTech


      Here's an example of a Prebuilt that you could part out and literally sell at a profit given current GPU prices:




      Pull the GPU. Resell the board, RAM, SSD, Case, Power supply, ect and you would probably get a GPU for $600 as opposed to $1000. I bet that's why it's sold out. 


    3. Kavamale21


      actualy i consider getting prebuild because there is no other way to get pc parts on reasonable prices

    4. CircleTech


      2021 is one of the Few times where I would say get a prebuilt vs building your own PC. Graphics cards prices make no sense right now and won't for awhile. Or just find another hobby that doesn't involve PC gaming. My friends and I have gotten into board games. 

  5. Holy f*ck Nvidia is starting selling 3060s now yet 3080s are still nowhere to be seen and even the 3090s are going out of stock and doubling in price now like what the hell?

    1. Letgomyleghoe


      probably easier to produce 3060 wafers than 3080 or 3090's. 

  6. just downloaded glasswire. looks pretty decent especially the deny network settings for certain programs looks interesting. since I don't have an antivirus installed i thought about actually buying a subscription. Can anyone recommend it?

    1. captain_to_fire


      I don’t have a subscription, but I saw this from YouTube. Not sure if the review still holds value today.



  7. As a recent collector of space marines I can only exclaim HERESY!
  8. ah shit. It finally happened. 

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    2. captain_to_fire


      Press F :old-sad:


      This is why I never use the bundled cables for all the iPhones and iPads I’ve owned because they're fragile and fray easily. I’m not sure if there are still third party old MagSafe chargers for older Macs or if Apple still sells one. Maybe it’s your laptop waving the white flag and saying to go get a M1 MacBook with USB C as charging port. 

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      I've had issues with old apple cords in the past, but they seem to have got their shit together with the iphone 11 and airpods pro.

    4. Nicnac


      I just ordered some chinesium charger that’s supposed to work but let’s see... prime says it will come tomorrow fingers crossed.

  9. gotta love LG's intuitive and easy to remember product naming scheme
  10. aight so money seems to be no issue. you can pretty much choose any current gen amd or nvidia card you like as long as you can find them in stock. everything upwards of an RTX 3070 is where your cpu starts to bottleneck so at that point a cpu and motherboard upgrade would make sense which you could do considering your budget. just make sure you have like twice as much ram in your system as the card has vram.
  11. which ryzen 5 exactly? and you will have to give us a budget.
  12. Nicnac

    Tech Stocks

    and i just thought about buying some now ^^ Im in it for the long run tho. unless something catastrophic happens I wanna hold most of my stocks for a few years