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  1. I really like the cooler because I think watercooling AIO's are brilliant and would love to have one
  2. The waterproof-ness of the Z2 is awesome and I would love to have that feature on my current phone. Dbrand makes great looking skins, I was actually looking into getting one for my nexus 5 a while ago, I might take the leap
  3. The signatures are pretty amazing and I also love that aluminium build quality
  4. My favorite part of the G3 is the massive resolution, I love high resolution and pixel density. LG's interface also looks great.
  5. What kind of job can I get if I get an electrotecnic and computer engineering degree? What do I need to be a product developer?
  6. i was saying that a 7970 is more expensive than a 280x, not that it would go over the limit
  7. its more expensive than the announced price
  8. this but get a a 280x maybe and save some money, about the same performance too, at least in gaming it will be around the same seeing as it is basically a 7970
  9. 300-400, like the last one, i cant remember if it was 300 and 350 or 350 and 400 for 8 and 16gb respectively
  10. the latest one's (780) looks soooo good
  11. 750d is such a great case, i'll maybe get one for myself
  12. go for it, your temps are good and 1,33 is very high
  13. i agree, and my initial thought was to get a 280x but i hope the 290 is below 400 because then i can get true audio
  14. oh my god, that video is so good it gave me chills
  15. I'm using a WD blue 500gb and a crucial M4 32gb mSata ssd for cache but it constantly breaks for some reason, i'm using the wd because i knew it was a good brand and it was the cheapest reasonable drive i could get, when i upgraded the rest of my system i got an msata ssd because i wanted to confirm the tales of their speed @bennyino https://twitter.com/bennyino/status/375064446776770560