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    BaconLord222 reacted to TVwazhere for a status update, 👏 BEST 👏 START 👏 EVER   

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    BaconLord222 reacted to Schnoz for a status update, Meme stash: Goodnight!   
    Meme stash:
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    BaconLord222 reacted to Ultrasnoop for a status update, who dosent like SCP   
    who dosent like SCP

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    BaconLord222 reacted to DildorTheDecent for a status update,   
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    BaconLord222 reacted to lewdicrous for a status update,   
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    BaconLord222 reacted to leadeater for a status update, I see you didn't have a good landing yesterday https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/11096   
    I see you didn't have a good landing yesterday

    All I could think about was Floatplane memes during that news story