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    Ryzen 7 3700x (OC @4.4ghz)
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    MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon
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    Crucial Ballistix LT 2x16gb 3200mhz (OC 3600mhz CL: 16)
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  1. There could be difference in these sticks of RAM that aren't immediately obvious, so there's no guarantee that mixing them will work. Can it work? Sure. But if it's unstable don't be surprised. If I had to guess, I'd say running them at stock speeds will PROBABLY be fine, but again there's not enough information here for me to be accurate.
  2. Over current protection on your PSU is shutting it down to prevent failure. This is a safety mechanism which tells you it's time to upgrade. If you'd like to stick with Corsair (my PSU brand of choice) I'd recommend the Corsair RM650 for your needs. You could probably get away with a CX Series, but the RM is a much higher quality for a minor price difference.
  3. Your point? Do some research. I'll give you a head start: https://afdc.energy.gov/vehicles/electric_emissions.html It is something people do, why do you say this sarcastically? Eventually everyone will be driving EV's, but some people will adopt later than others depending on their needs. That's how this works.
  4. This chart is a bit too simplified. The benefits of a fully electrical vehicle vary by state, depending on that states primary source of energy (coal, nuclear, renewable, etc). This isn't to say that a standard ICEV is better for the environment, rather, that hybrids are sometimes the better choice in states such as West Virginia which heavily depend on coal power.
  5. By "certain US states" I assumed you meant "the usual suspects". Yep, article checks out. Move along folks, nothing to see here.
  6. Might want to disable auto playing videos in your browser. Imagine being at work *clicks interesting news article* "WHAT ARE YOU DOING STEP BRO?!" *shamefully quits job*
  7. Is there any reason that AMD's R9 200 Series weren't mentioned in this video? AMD recently dropped support for these cards, however, they still have a lot to offer. The R9 290x is a direct competitor to the 780Ti, but sports 4gb VRAM and a 512 bit memory bus. I recently sold my GTX 1080 (since prices are inflated) and rolled back to my 290x. So far so good (at 1080p). I would argue the 780Ti is fairly disappointing given the results in this video, so I'd like to see it up against it's competition.
  8. For those of you who are too young to remember what storage progression over the last 20-30 years felt like, don't worry. Nintendo is reliving the experience. By 2040 Nintendo MIGHT finally learn what a terabyte is.
  9. This is why you have a separate machine (a "jail", if you will) for debugging executables and monitoring their activity, in addition to downloading from reputable sources. Large game publishers have adopted the $60 game standard for some time, but many have decided to only put in $10 worth of effort. Games are releasing half baked, broken, and largely unplayable (Cyberpunk I'm looking at you). With that in mind, can you blame people for pirating these games? The issue is when people pirate $5-20 games from Indie devs on Steam. Steam provides ample time to test a game with the ability to refund
  10. Ok.... so when does this release? What does it cost? Is it free to upgrade from Windows 10? I wish they would have answered these types of questions.
  11. I wonder how much Intel paid Microsoft to suck them off the way they just did. "Intel is doing great things with their 11th gen CPUs". No, they really aren't.
  12. Android apps coming to Windows. This is very interesting. I wonder if Google worked with them on this? I would imagine not.
  13. We really need in-person events to come back. These online presentations are awkward
  14. Well this is perfect timing. After 3 years of ownership I sold my GTX 1080 for quite a bit more than I paid for it and downgraded back to my R9 290x. I guess I always expected the 7000/8000 Series to be axed prior to the R9/R7/R5 series. Didn't expected them to kill off the entire architecture in one day. Can't say I'm too upset, seeing as how the 290x is quite old, but I wish there was more of a heads up... or GPU's to buy...