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  1. Summary AMD is investigating user complaints of USB devices briefly disconnecting on 500-Series motherboards when using a Ryzen 3000 or 5000 series CPU. It seems that the issue is exacerbated when using a PCI-E 4.0 GPU, so some users have rolled back to PCI-E 3.0 via a BIOS setting which has helped, but not eliminated, this issue. AMD is asking users impacted by this issue to gather information, such as steps to reproduce this issue, system logs, and relevant system info to help track this down. Quotes According to Anandtech, it appears that this impact
  2. Why are people in this thread claiming that SMART status is incorrect just because their SSD power on hours seem off? SSD's have their own power management (Device Initiated Power Management) which controls when the device goes to sleep, thus stops logging power on hours. Different SSD's will behave differently, so POH won't always line up, but this has NOTHING to do with host writes. MacOS is clearly writing a significant amount of data to the SSD compared to other OS's, and with soldered on SSD's this is more than inexcusable. To put it into perspective, my first SSD (Samsung 840
  3. Pull up your disk usage in Task Manager and watch it periodically. See if you ever scratch the surface of what your SATA SSD is capable of. I'd hedge a bet that you aren't even coming close. If i was in your shoes I'd leave Windows where it's at and add the 1tb NVME as extra storage. Not only because the difference in performance is negligible at best, but also because the hassle of moving WIndows to the new drive.
  4. Have you reset CMOS yet? If not you may still be running your old RAM profile on your new kit.
  5. Hopefully they don't start scrubbing phones for this type of stuff. I've got some .ass images that I'd like left alone.
  6. Try pulling the CMOS battery for about 60 seconds, put it back in, and try to boot up. I typically haven't needed to do this on a new board, but it's happened before.
  7. Although 107c may seem high relative to your CPU temps, it's really not that bad for mosfets. CPU's are exponentially more sensitive than mosfets and can be damaged at about 100c, while mosfets typically can go over 110c without an issue, though you should always seek lower temps. As others have mentioned, getting airflow to your VRM is your best bet.
  8. Is this a new unit, or an old one that suddenly starting doing this? As others have said, it could be coil whine, but if you're not comfortable with it then send it back. At the very least it's annoying and not something you should have to deal with at this price point.
  9. Gotta give us your specs man. This sounds like typical behavior of a Gigabyte motherboard when there's an issue with the RAM.
  10. Does it only happen in this workload? If you run Cinebench R23 does it do the same?
  11. The most compelling argument in favor of iPhones I've seen yet. Bravo, sir. I may just switch.
  12. Guys come on. Twitter is too busy becoming a moral authority in the political world, they don't have time to stop child porn. Priorities people!
  13. Is anyone going to mention the complete lack of sources here? This looks like nothing but speculation.
  14. Hey there. I recently purchased this hard drive dock from Amazon, primarily for conveniences sake when I need to pull data off an old drive. Then I got to wondering if this would be suited for 8-16 hour use on a daily basis. My primary concern is vibration ruining the drive since it's not screwed down to anything, but maybe that's not a problem? What is everyones thoughts on this? Thanks!
  15. The W2140B is significantly faster than the M1 in multicore. As you previously noted, that's not surprising.