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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600 AF 12nm refresh overclocked to 4.1 ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASRock B450M
  • RAM
    8 GB G. Skill Ripjaws V 3200mhz
  • GPU
    XFX RX 5700 8 GB DDR 6
  • Case
    VIVO 'Smart' ATX Case
  • Storage
    240 GB Gigabyte SSD, 500 GB Seagate Baracuda HDD, Slow-ass 250 GB Samsung HDD for media
  • PSU
    EVGA Bronze 500W
  • Display(s)
    HP 29" 1080p/ 60hz widescreen as primary monitor, old Acer 19" as secondary monitor

    Oculus rift
  • Cooling
    (3) 120 mm fans - 2 inlet, 1 exhaust
    AMD wraith prism CPU cooler
  • Keyboard
    Logitech wireless keyboard - cheap but adequate
  • Mouse
    Logitech wireless mouse - cheap but adequate
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  1. I'm not an expert in this area. I did run a low traffic website server from a VM and it seemed to run okay as it didn't require vast resources. I don't think there is MUCH of a performance hit, as long as you allocate sufficient resources. One area where VM's may present a problem...you will need GPU passthrough and it can quickly become complicated.
  2. Could you create a virtual server? That way if there is a security breach, they cannot go beyond your VM?
  3. If it is comparable to a 5700/5700xt or a 2070 (non super), then it should pair up just fine. I think any new high-end gpu (GTX 3080, for example) will probably bottleneck - which isn't always the end of the world if it is minor. It will depend on the title. I haven't really looked into this new GPU (I assume you're referring to the 3060?), but I'm guessing it will probably perform around 2070 levels, maybe a little higher? I currently have my 1600af overclocked to 4ghz and it has no problem keeping up with a RX 5700. I probably could have gone a tier higher with my GPU
  4. Mine does that as well, especially when I first turn it on in the morning and the room is cool. I haven't pinpointed the cause, but I'm willing to be the 'problem' is cheap, crappy bearings in the case fans. The noise, for me at least goes away after a few minutes.
  5. 1600 ae or af? I have the af variant and have paired it with a RX 5700 (non-XT) seems very balanced
  6. Weird. Drawing at straws, but make sure your GPU drivers are all up to date.
  7. I wonder how much I can get for my 1600af...I was one of the lucky ones to find it at $85. They go for $169 (new) on newegg right now. I've been itching to upgrade to a Ryzen 5 3600. I'd love to get a R5 5600, but my b450 mb is pretty low-end and I believe a 3600 would be the limit of the crap VRM's.
  8. Not really. In my opinion they both have similar upgradeability. By the time you want to do a full upgrade, you'll probably change the MB anyways. I'm sure some others have different opinions though.
  9. RX 470, 570, 580 are all solid 1080p cards even though they are over 3 years old. You should be able to play just about anything if you're mindful of the graphics settings.
  10. That would be why... Chrome is a memory pig....My wife had 8 gb of RAM and Chrome would use every last bit when she had 5-6 tabs up, depending on the website. Do you really need 30 tabs open though? I go crazy when more than 4-5 are open. Can you bookmark them and come back later?
  11. Looks like a pretty sweet build. I wish I could afford those components The X570 probably is overkill though...a B550 will work just fine.
  12. Thanks, but I think she's found on. She really like the laptop mentioned earlier in the post and it should be more than enough for her needs.
  13. I think that's 'normal' for these Radeon GPU's...they run hot. I have a XFX 5700 (non XT) and get very similar temps playing VR titles and any game that that utilizes the GPU heavily. I'm easily into the 80's-low 90's. When I first installed the GPU, I had temps over 100C until realizing a wire was obstructing one of the fans. Thankfully, it didn't cause any crashes or damage. You could make your fan curve more aggressive if it makes you feel better. I believe I have mine set to 75% when it surpasses 90C.