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  1. This is all leading up to Linus rocking 2 G9's stacked.
  2. Question is why do we not control canoes with iCue?
  3. Does your job specifically state you cannot go to work dressed as Batman carrying no less then 240 loaves of garlic bread in a duffle bag?
  4. Is it possible to disable the Recent Bookmarked in Firefox 90.0.2? Googling around shows config edits in about:config but that seems to be a dead end on this current version, nor can I right click and disable. I feel I am missing something simple.
  5. Your colour bit is set low likely 256. Display settings should give a drop down for colour settings, turn that as high as possible.
  6. Anyone in the UK got any good sources for a cheap 3TB drive? 

  7. Was thinking of giving this game a look, will be giving it a wider berth than a smelly portaloo at a festival. The investigations into this will be very interesting!
  8. Been following this shitstorm with amusement. A good piece, I believe Barely Sociable and likely Nexpo will be covering this soon.
  9. Did they fix right click becoming disabled randomly?