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  1. I wonder if they will send Linus a sample, but with a twist! It has an RGB CPU lid.
  2. Looking for options for around the £80 mark for headphones that would give a solid sound quality with my Yamaha A-S500 amplifier. I listen to a variety of music across multiple genres.
  3. Banned for not creating a EV suit for Llamas.
  4. Banned for not terraforming Mars using only llamas.
  5. Banned for summoning dimension hopping beings addicted to consuming all forms of plastic.
  6. Banned for not being able to grow popcorn out of a black hole.
  7. Banned for not finding how to train a gerbil to use a canoe.
  8. Banned for not demanding Dominos explains in painstaking detail how Aquaman urinates in Atlantis.
  9. Looking for recommendations for Windows 10 basic laptop, going to used for purely car diagnostics with minimal YouTube, trying to keep under £150.  What models are best?

  10. Banned for being able to see the colour purple.
  11. @LinusTechYou have impressed me, an entire video with a new product and you didn't drop it yet.