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  1. Gosh the number of "laugh reacts" on Covid stories in Québec, on Facebook.
  2. So O'Toole just announced his support for a vaccine passport, leaving only the People's Party against. https://globalnews.ca/news/8167813/otoole-promises-national-proof-of-vaccine-system/
  3. He's not going to refund your money. Police report is most certainly a waste of time, as the profile is likely fake.
  4. Side effects are rare but it clearly doesn't work in the slightest.
  5. Shipping from Canada is notoriously expensive.
  6. Wait didn't Rogan say that you only need a healthy immune system?
  7. Just went to the restaurant under the vaccine mandate, valid from today. Pretty easy they scan your QR code, ask for ID to validate and phone number. Took like 1 min.
  8. Best English source I could find. Pathetic. https://www.vaughantoday.ca/goodwill-pirates-leave-quebec-government-2/
  9. Let me guess, boomers who find video games detrimental but spend 40 hours watching TV each week?
  10. Trepang2. Dumbest name but as a big fan of F.E.A.R. it's a no-brainer
  11. Andreas Lilja

    cat thread

    Cora (black one) just passed away. She's now with her best bud Caillou. 10 years old, too young.
  12. There were actual studies on whether it worked or not, but doctors were prescribing it way earlier.
  13. Canada? Here like 0,001% of people used it correctly, making it essentially useless.