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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia%3AUnusual_articles?wprov=sfla1 Down the rabbit hole y'all going.
  2. I only use my PCs for gaming. Everything else is smartphone or tablet.
  3. Diet is great, it's fruit punch. They sell them individually at GNC locations. I'd try them out that way first.
  4. BeaverBuzz. It's Canadian and on Amazon. Tastes great too.
  5. The CBC made a good four-part one a while back, it's mistakenly attributed to PBS on YouTube.
  6. Have had Premium for a while, definitely worth it.
  7. S9+ so 2018. No plans to replace it. Surprised at the 2020 results, I know we're a tech forum but still.
  8. Not a pressing matter, gonna wait for the 3080s to be available. Late November? Isn't my ram slow for Ryzen? It's 3000mhz
  9. Thanks. If I'm reading this correctly, 17% bottleneck?
  10. What are we talking about in terms of lost performance, namely %? Debating getting a new CPU but for my budget (around 1000 USD for Mobo as well), it doesn't seem worth it according to UserBenchmark. Only for gaming, 1440p.
  11. First PC with my own money I was around 20 working part-time in a gas station. Had previously had a new computer by my parents every 3-ish years. Got my first own at 8.