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  1. I'm building a new pc and I am wondering whether I'll have to reinstall Windows 10? Also it's an OEM key, I really need to buy another?
  2. Listen to me oh Lord for I have sinned. Bought this on eBay, you can throw rocks at me or we're cool? Overpriced yeah but so is going to be my soon to be retired Strix OC 1080Ti...
  3. Definitively Kijiji (most popular in QC) and probably here.
  4. In CAD and mostly priced at "sell soon" level. Intel 7700k never overclocked ($200-250?) ASUS Strix OC 1080Ti OC never pushed farther (seeing eBay listings between $400 and $1000 wtf is going on) ASUS Maximus IX Hero ($250-300?) ASUS Wi-Fi Bluetooth AC1200 802.11 ($25?) Thanks.
  5. BF2 was already perfect at the time. See also: the fate of Battlefield Vietnam.
  6. I smell Chinese counterfeit. Sadly there are fakes even new in box.
  7. Permanent as per developers and the lawsuit documentation. Epic does permanent, Ubisoft comes to mind.
  8. Assuming the CPU is already cooled by a x62 Kraken and the GPU is a EVGA 3080Ti Hybrid AIO have 4, 140mm fans I can salvage from my current case. Not sure whether the people who fill the 15 120mm / 8 140mm fans do it because it looks kewl or not.
  9. Seriously? No signature ok, but this is ridiculous. Delivery slip bro, could be expensive stuff.
  10. This can fit a x62 Kraken and AIO EVGA 3080Ti Hybrid? Not sure if you can have two AIO's I'm no hardware man. https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=12G-P5-3968-KR Also how many aftermarket fans, I can cannibalize 4 140mm's from my existing case. Nothing for aesthetics only decent temps. Thanks.
  11. Following this topic I see that the case can accommodate 10 120mm fans and four 140mm ones. I can cannibalize the four 140mm ones from my existing setup, how many 120mm ones should I buy from an efficiency (decreasing temperature) standpoint? If any? (diminishing marginal returns) Thanks.