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    No job, but programing and maybe something in the hardware area will interest me————when I grow up.


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  1. I’m honestly not sure if LG1151 exists. LGA1151 is the socket compatible with the i5 9600KF, and perhaps LG1151 was a typo you read somewhere unless I’m wrong which I could be.
  2. Now those specs are all fairly decent for the games in mind (PSU should be ok, but maybe select something better if you want assured stability), but for 60 FPS streaming you might want a better CPU. I recommend a Core i5 or for better value an AMD Ryzen 5.
  3. Damn I don't know why I haven't been visiting here.

  4. That’s what the new TOS is trying to make clearer. They’re really stressing the fact that the updated TOS is clearer to understand.
  5. Overall the updated terms make the concept of don’t download and distribute more clear to users. Of course, as mentioned above, piracy still exists however clearer the rules may get.
  6. You’ll get annoying “Update to Windows 10” messages every time you turn on your computer. Besides that, nothing you can’t live with.
  7. All unencrypted platforms have access to private conversations simply because they’re stored on the servers.
  8. Sources: https://9to5google.com/2019/11/06/youtube-terms-of-service/ https://www.engadget.com/2019/11/07/youtube-new-terms-of-service/ https://www.youtube.com/t/terms?preview=20191210#main From Engadget: Some parts of the updated terms: The part in bold more clearly states that distributing content from YouTube is not allowed unless you give full credit to the author, have YouTube’s permissions to do so, or the author’s permission to do so. In other words: No Downloading Videos. (Without credit to the author) So sites
  9. This thread gets more and more chaotic every page.
  10. Welcome! Be sure to use Dark Theme.