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  1. seoz

    High ping after OC?

    Fellow i5-8600K owner here. I remember back when I used to run my own 8600K at 4.6GHz and I didn't have any ping issues, I now run my 8600K at 4.9GHz and I don't see any notice any ping issues. I'd highly recommend trying to revert back to stock perhaps and if not, contact your ISP.
  2. I love how convenient the Native Union Belt lightning cable is. It looks classy as well with a zebra braided cable and a brown belt strap.



  3. seoz


    How about just explaining what your problem is in the first place...
  4. Yeah, I get what you mean and can see what type of thing you're going for, but I'm just a regular girl with some earphones, so I feel like that would personally be a more useful method of testing battery, i.e "x hours got me y battery life." Trust me, I've watched plenty of Jaybird X3 reviews and most of them have the same summary of "These earphones lasted a whole day" which I agree is super broad...
  5. Hi, and welcome to my review of the Jaybird X3! I got these earphones after looking at reviews from people like Justin Tse and MKBHD. What appealed to me about these earphones is their comfort factor, design, and proclaimed sound quality, especially when there's a dedicated Jaybird app which has an equaliser in order to get the exact sound profile the user wants. In addition to that, it's Bluetooth, as I'm wanting to get into the wireless life. It was everything I wanted in a pair of earphones, so I looked around and got a pair of Jaybird X3 in sparta - that's white and gold - color to compliment my already dominantly lighted colored setup aesthetic. These are quite possibly one of the best earphones I've used thanks to their form and function. They're also my first pair of Bluetooth earphones too, and so I'm honestly blown away by these earphones. One of the the most prominant features that attracted me to these particular earphones were the add-on wings, they support holding the earphones in my ear so very well it's almost black magic how well they do it. I have fairly small ears so I use the smallest set of wings as well as the smallest set of silicon eartips. They hug the for a lack of a better word, inside of your ear and mould to it so allow a perfect fit, they're magically stable. Like I mentioned before, I use the smallest set of silicon eartips, I tried the comply foam ones but those honestly felt uncomfortable to both touch as well as feel inside my ear, so I'm using the trusty silicon ones which I find more comfortable. They fit excellently inside my ears since the drivers themselves are tilted just a bit to fire audio directly into your canal, it's a neat little design choice that is definitely welcome. They're also removeable which is a nice touch. The Jaybird X3 connects seemlessly to my phone and pretty much any other device. It was my first time trying to connect a Bluetooth device to my phone but the Jaybird X3 made it so easy to connect that a toddler could do it. I just held the middle button on the in-line remote and kept the Bluetooth page up on my phone, and done, all connected. Stupidly easy. There are volume up and down buttons, as well as a connectivity button in the center, that's for Bluetooth pairing, as well as a power button to turn on or off the earphones. It's comically easy to pair devices with this button. Charging the Jaybird X3 is where perhaps it loses some points. It uses this tiny pin-grid micro-USB powered charging dock which is super easy to misplace. It connects via the underside of the in-line remote, where there are pins laid in parellel to the charging dock itself, it's fairly easy to align as the charging dock as well as the earphones have ridges that you can align to start charging the earphones. You have to remember where you've placed this small dock, as once you've lost it, it's game over for your Jaybird X3's battery life. The Jaybird MySound app is a heaven for anybody who doesn't like the out-of-the-box audio profile on the Jaybird X3. It allows you to set your own equaliser, or even choose community-shared ones. Go wild! Lastly, I'll discuss sound, and honestly it's quite hard as I'm by no means an audiophile, and the Mysound app might skew my audio perception of these earphones. I listen to a lot of Korean pop, hip-hop, and the ocassional mainstream pop songs, so a lot of mids and highs, with the exception being hip-hop where I do prefer lows as all the hip-hop artists I listen to favor bass and have fairly low-toned voices. I'll put this section just like I did for my Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and review audio of some songs I listen to. I'll be listening to the YouTube MV versions of these songs, but I can't link them here so try your best to find them if you want to see what I've listed! Song 1 (Bubblegum Pop) - Apink - 1도 없어 0:31 - The female vocals are crystal clear, and the background tropical instrumentation is nice and pronounced, nothing sounds muddy or distorted. 0:47 - The whispering vocals remain super clear as well as the background music which doesn't flood the stage in any way, it all blends together nicely and doesn't get muddled. 1:01 - The female vocals here are super crisp and pronounced and I can feel the energy she puts into her singing, I also love how the background sparkling noises sound clear in conjuction with the backing synth. Song 2 (Latin Pop) - (G)I-DLE - Senorita 0:22 - The soft whisper-ish vocals are clear and almost sounds like she is literally whispering into my ears. The background bass is also deep and pronounced. 0:52 - The powerful vocals are heard perfectly in parallel to the amazing Spanish instrumentation in the background, I can hear every bit of it seperately and nothing shadows anything else. 1:24 - The horns are so loud and punchy yet so clear and vibrant, and the female vocals at this section are amazingly crisp, I can pretty much hear every vocal chord and it makes for a heck of a listening experience. Song 3 (Dancehall) - KARD - Rumor 0:38 - I can hear the bass on this male rapper's voice so very crisp, and even the high parts of his voice are heard cleanly and clearly. The backing track is also still prominent and clear to my ear. 1:00 - The female vocalist's tones are so prominent and clear, and the now elevated backing track has more bass and highs to it, I can still hear both of these equally and nothing sounds likeit's overpowering the other. 1:54 - This part's nice because it's the same beat as 0:38, only the female rapper is taking the lead on the bars for this one. - Just like 0:38, the backing track is clear and the vocals are even clearer. Excellent listening experience. I've been quite extensive for something as simple as sports earbuds, but I just like these earphones so much that I could literally go all day talking about how great these are in terms of design, comfort, sound, and overall concept. The design is primarily what drove me to these, specifically the wings, and those did not disappoint at all. They perfectly stick into my outer ear and hold the eartips in place so very snug. They also look quite cool as well, it almost looks as if I was gifted these earphones by Icarus himself the way these buds have these elegant wings on them, not to the mention the addition of the gold accent too, very royal indeed, Sparta is a fitting name for this color scheme. The sound is amazing, I'm in awe of how great these sound, especially when used with the Jaybird Mysound app as mentioned above. Great user customisation and honestly the Mysound app probably was the key selling point that made me purchase these earphones. Overall, I love these and I would definitely say they're worth the price, especially since now the Jaybird X4 incremental upgrade is already out.
  6. I'm sorry but I'm not going to go through all that. I'd rather just use these as normal just like an average consumer with my own music and usage times. Your method is too synthetic for me and isn't contextual of a proper use case for these earphones to me which isn't the type of battery test I'm looking to conduct.
  7. I went ahead and bought some dbrand skins and just swallowed the shipping cost as crappy as the $5 shipping is just for some stickers...


    Matte white iPhone 8 Plus back; Matte black ATH-M50x logo; Matte white ATH-M50x ring


    It came to $20.22 which is around £16, so not too bad.

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    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      None of my devices are featured by dbrand which mean DIY.

      Since I tend to screw up these things a premade skin wouldn't be much more expensive.

    3. TVwazhere


      I have a Dbrand skin on the back of my S8+ because I ripped part of the glass off (long story) and it's been about 16 months and the skin is still great (I just got matte black) Way better than getting the glass replaced. 

    4. seoz


      Yeah, I applied my iPhone 6s dbrand skin somewhere in 2017 and I took the skin off a few weeks ago to replace the 6s' battery. The skin held up until now when I involuntarily removed it.

  8. seoz

    Overwatch League Favorite teams?

    New York Excelsior and Seoul Dynasty, I'm engaged to the rich history both teams have had. Seoul Dynasty, because they used be known as Lunatic-Hai back in the days of Apex, famous for their 4-3 reverse sweep against the now-Vancouver Titans, formerly Runaway in Apex Korea league. My favorite player on the Dynasty is ryujehong because of his stellar Ana and Zenyatta play, he's an elite at healing and dealing damage. New York Excelsior for similar reasons as above, they also used to play in the Apex Korea league as LW Blue, they were an average mid-league team back in Apex Korea. I admired how much they've improved since becoming the New York Excelsior, and in particular JJoNaK who is a masterful Zenyatta.
  9. seoz

    Dark Theme or Light Theme

    Light theme on LTT; Light theme on Discord; Light (mint) theme on Reddit; Light theme on YouTube I find it difficult on my eyes to read light text on dark backgrounds, so I prefer black on white where possible. Even in dark environments, I rarely sit in completely dark areas so light theme doesn't hurt my eyes.
  10. Oops, my mistake. Battery life has actually been a second thought as I've never seen my Jaybirds go below 60%. To put that into context, 3 hours of usage on a full charge dropped it down to about 60%. I'll add battery life to the OP when I get the chance to fully solidify the extent of the battery life, because I can't get it to drain for the life of me.
  11. seoz

    Razer is bad they say, get something else they said.

    I am the complete opposite... I treat my mouse like a baby, I clean it often, I'm delicate on clicks, and I mouse lift super gently. I've gotten mine through 250+ hours of CSGO, 50 hours of Overwatch, and a bunch of hours in several hours and like I say, it's still just as good as the day I got it.
  12. seoz

    Razer is bad they say, get something else they said.

    Owner of a Logitech G502 since November 2017 here. It has one of the most accurate sensors I've used in a mouse (the HERO beats it though), the scroll wheel is smooth in both incremental and infinity scroll modes, and it's a mouse that has been performing just as good as day 1. The only issue I've had with my G502 is the braided cable which warped recently due to it rubbing along my desk edge a lot. You got a defective unit, it happens.
  13. seoz

    Gtx 1060 3gb Vs gtx 1050ti

    Having been in the same position where I was deciding between a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB and a GTX 1060 3GB, I chose the 1060 as I favored the in-game performance than the extra GB of VRAM.
  14. I love how the very first thing I plug into my iPhone 8 Plus' connector is a lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapter of all things.


    I still use my Samsung wireless charger so that's fine, and I have my Jaybird X3 wireless earphones, so wireless life it is.


    Unfortunately things change when I want to use my ATH-M50x...

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    2. OrbitalBuzzsaw


      They make 3.5mm to wireless adapters if the M50X has a removable cable (idk if it does or not)

    3. DrMacintosh


      It has a removable cable but it’s keyed. 

    4. seoz


      Yeah, I know they make adapters, but honestly that seems like more of a hassle to bring that adapter in addition to the dongle.

  15. Hi, so I just recently got my new iPhone 8 Plus and now I'm on the search for a new skin for it. I'm looking to cover the back glass section only, as I want to keep the silver parts of the phone exposed and pure, and also because the full-body coverage is an absolute pain to apply, my iPhone 6s knows all too well. I was looking around, and I saw dbrand will do a back glass only version of a skin for the iPhone 8 Plus, and they also have it in white which is exactly what I want. However it's $9 and then an additional $5 for shipping which is nuts. I was wondering if there are any alternative skin manufacturers that offer the same back glass only style at a reasonable price? I'm not sure I'm willing to pay $16 for what would essentially be a plain sheet of white sticker for my phone.
  16. I don't have anything else to get is the problem. I had the idea of getting some skins for my ATH-M50x, but I like the stock white anyway so there's not much else I can buy. The idea is nice and honestly I'd be up to buying a sheet for case modding and stuff, but not for my 8 Plus, I want those crisp edges and I got a B in school for woodworking and any sort of manufacturing.
  17. One of the last things I did was try out the telephoto lens and, it's impressive to say the least.


    Honestly half the time I spent in the camera app was switching between 1x and 2x over-dramatically.



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    2. seoz


      Oh neat, TIL.

    3. TVwazhere


      If you didnt make upward pitch noises when zooming in folled by decending pitch noise when zooming out, you werent having enough fun 

    4. seoz


      Of course, assorted 'woosh' and 'shoop' noises while switching between 1x and 2x kept me well-entertained.

  18. So I'm still waiting on my iPhone 8 Plus screen protector and case to arrive at the local Amazon locker...


    > Out for delivery 09:44 AM (Arrival by 9PM)

    > Time is now 05:44PM


    Apparently today just doesn't want me to go outside with my iPhone 8 Plus.

    1. DrMacintosh


      lol. I bought my 8 Plus on Friday and it was delivered in 2 hours thanks to postmates. I also ordered my case and screen protector on Friday and they were Amazon Primed over to me on Saturday :)  

  19. Well, at least this country has the balls to actually implement a legislation for once...
  20. iPhone 8 Plus, baby.


    I'm joining @DrMacintosh in the iPhone 8 Plus gang! (Even though I said I'd get one before him)



  21. seoz

    I built a 'Computer' desk.

    That's so awesome, I love that you've planned that out so smoothly. Excellent work.
  22. seoz

    I built a 'Computer' desk.

    I love the implementation of this, it's nicely done, great craftsmanship. Have you had the chance to test the temperatures? I imagine the NZXT H440 combined with the PC being quite literally inside the desk might impact the temperatures a bit.
  23. GPU overclocking is honestly a nice boost in performance and I wish I had found it sooner.


    I can now do +200MHz on the core, +400MHz on the memory, it's awesome.


    Unigine Heaven ran fine, Overwatch ran at 10FPS extra, CSGO played remarkably well at 200FPS stable on dust2...


    ... And then there's Roblox which artifacted immediately.

    1. OrbitalBuzzsaw


      The universe is telling you not to play Roblox

    2. Cyberspirit


      Overwatch, from my experience, is a little picky with Overclocks so you might encounter crashes every now and then when there's a bunch of effects on screen.

      Roblox probably doesn't like your memory OC.

    3. seoz


      Indeed Roblox didn't like my memory OC - I dropped my memory clock down to +300MHz and there was minimal artifacting, it was only until I went down to +250MHz that the artifacting stopped.

  24. seoz

    Anime fight yell out skill question

    They will yell out what their doing as a narration as to what they're about to do. Imagine you were watching Bleach for example (it's the only anime I can remember) and Ichigo were to yell out "Tensa Zangetsu", you would know what he's doing. Now think of the same scenario, but now imagine he's quiet, you would have very little idea of what he was about to do. Also, it gives the skill move an iconic name if the user in question says it aloud.
  25. 300 series and higher will only support 8th-gen Intel CPUs and above, so no, it won't work. Your i5-7400 will be supported on 200 and 100 series motherboards.