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  1. If you're concerned about coil whine then the best you can do is enable vsync (preferably by this low-lag vsync technique involving RTSS which enormously reduces input lag). Back when I'd a 75Hz 1050p monitor, I completed entire GTA-V with frame rate capped to 37.5FPS via RTSS and for some reason 37.5FPS felt closer to 60 than 30. I guess the reason is frame times. 30FPS has a 33.33ms delay between each frame while 60FPS is 16.66ms and 37.5FPS sits at 26.66ms i.e just 10ms shy of 60FPS. My point is simple, perfectly paced frame rate with vsync feel enormously smoother
  2. Hi, I've an Asus VH222T 1080p monitor which is listed as a 75Hz monitor in most websites. Now here's the problem: It doesn't have an HDMI, only DVI-D so I'm currently using a DVI-D to HDMI adapter. Problem is, I can't select 75Hz from the display settings and the only option there is 60Hz. My "theory" is that since my GPU has an HDMI 1.3a which only supports up to 1080p60, I'll have to connect the two with a dual-link DVI-D cable to enable 75Hz. Anyhow, I downloaded its user manual to confirm my 'theory' but... well, the manual is rather confusing. It appears it only su
  3. Generation Z and capitalism have ruined "real" PC gaming for me. As a 31 year old man I must say that capitalism has killed the very essence of video games. Games have become a product, as opposed to art. It's all about money, money, money and everyone seems to be trying to cater to younger audience because let's face it, that's where the money is! Just give them something graphically pretty with lots of bullets flying about or tons of flashy, cheap and cheesy hack and slash action and their little, developing brains will be more than happy. Who cares about A.I? Art d
  4. Banned for having a Union Jack in your flag. It's either 'murica's stars and stripes or bust.
  5. No arguments there! I currently own an HD7790 (R7-260X) as I got greedy and got rid of my RX470. People say it's slightly slower than the GTX750 but I say it's slightly faster than the mighty GTX285! My dream GPU back in the days. "The second crucial factor concerns battery life: the processor alone tops out at drawing 15W of power, so a meaty 40WHr battery is included and that requires space." Spec Analysis: Steam Deck - can it really handle triple-A PC gaming? • Eurogamer.net
  6. I personally think that this console will be a hard sell once the reviews are out: The graphical horsepower simply isn't there. Explained below. Flash memory is pretty expensive ($230 for a SanDisk 1TB card). Cloud gaming is becoming a thing. It's huge and heavy, obviously, which will likely put a lot of strain on the wrist. Battery life will likely be atrocious, given the 15W TDP of the CPU alone. As for GPU, Wikipeida suggests that the console has just 8 CUs so I took Navi 22's block diagram and came-up with the diagram below. Basically a pa
  7. Probably a dumb question but is it possible to 'import' this mod to vanilla Fallout 4, especially now that the source code is available on GitHub? My R7-260X struggles to maintain 1080p60, even with optimized settings and no AA, so I'd very much like to play around with FSR!
  8. I think you've to enable voltage monitoring in order to edit the voltage graph.
  9. We STILL don't know which OS you're running, mate!
  10. While that's the general consensus, I personally think that FSR doesn't look half bad at even the 'quality preset' with an internal resolution of just 720p upscaled to 1080p. Is it as good as native? Absolutely not, that'd be a total pipedream in the early stages of FSR but... if upscaled 720p ends up looking about as good as 720p would on a native 720p monitor then that's a winner in my book. Look at the video below. Sure, there's a massive YouTube compression but you can still see that upscaled 720p doesn't look half bad; considering what it is and at 1:46-47 minute
  11. 1650 Super's performance improved by roughly 28% (42 to 54fps) in Godfall at 1080p just by enable FSR ultra-quality mode. Not bad at all but there's a caveat: You are barely going to notice any improvement in performance if your card is already internally bottlenecked. Thing is, FSR needs some processing headroom to work to its fullest, unlike DLSS which runs on a separate core cluster and barely impacts your rasterization performance as a result. At 1080p ultra-quality, FSR's internal resolution is right around 830p but since there's a performance penalty (~8%), you're basically l
  12. Update: Just tried LameXP's AAC encoder (comes with a ton of tweaks, surprisingly, given its age) and the result is MUCH superior than Audacity's "insane" 320Kbps MP3 preset and nearly indistinguishable (~90%) with the master file as you can see below. At a glance; MP3 cuts off to at about 19-20kHz, which I think is its inherit limitation, but AAC goes all the way up to 22kHz like FLACs with minimal data loss and I'm more than happy with the result. As a side note; I've had the pleasure of listening to some premium cassette decks back in the days and I genui
  13. @Roswell It is just me or is your 278Kbps AAC encoding actually ~90% identical to 1Mbps lossless? That's some serious digital voodoo! I was originally leaning towards AACs myself as I've heard nothing but great things about the compression but the end result was extremely underwhelming via Audacity so I started experimenting with MP3s instead. There's definitely an AAC encoder bug or something in Audacity, as confirmed by @Kilrah. Anyhow, can you tell me about the software you used to convert that ALAC to AAC?
  14. Hi, This is my very first post here hence I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask this or not but... I'm trying to convert my old lossless collection into a lossy format to save space on my phone's memory card. I normally wouldn't have done this but I don't have good earphones anymore + my hearing isn't as good as it used to be as there's permeant ringing (tinnitus) in my left ear thanks to a trauma so... I'm sure you can understand my little predicament! In any case, I've converted some samples via Audacity and the results are rather strange. It seems like its 220-260Kbps "variabl
  15. Corsair VS550. And from what I've read, computer hardware has a maximum tolerance of 5% so the voltage should be between 11.40V-12.60V and as per my DMM my PSU is occasionally going out of ATX specifications at ~11.36V under load which is rather concerning!