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    PhD student


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3700x
  • Motherboard
    msi x570 gaming edge wifi
  • RAM
    G.SKILL Ripjaws V 32GB
  • GPU
    MSI 2070 super
  • Storage
    2x 500Gb EVO 960 + 1x 500GB EVO 860
  • PSU
    Cosiar 80+ gold 550W
  • Operating System
    Window 10 + 18.04
  • Laptop
    Lenovo P50

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  1. Absolutely, but what does it say about the company that it does not know what is happening internally? yep.
  2. I agree, they are in business to make money, nothing else. Does this shady business deals and from what it looks like out that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing indicate anything about there actual products? If they are willing do strong arm reviews, then misleading the products specs is possible. This is why 3rd party reviews are good, I guess.
  3. I agree, I just got a new MSI board for that reason. I just feel bad supporting a company that clearly is unethical.
  4. So in full disclosure I have a 2 MSI MOBOs and 1 MSI graphics card. However, with everything that has come out with MSI over the past year or so with there shady business practess, should you be buying there products. Over the past year a number of "scandals" have emerged.. The most recent being the scalping of graphics cards and not to long before the review of the laptop. And the death of the last CEO. Should we still be supporting this company? What are the trade off between buying a product you like vs supporting a bad company? related:
  5. The Crucial kits have slightly better secondary timings
  6. I am trying to get a 5900x and pair it with a MSI x570 tomahawk mobo. I have been comparing the G.skill trident Z RGB vs the Crucial Ballistix RGB both are CL16 3600 is there any real difference? Both seem to be on the support memory list
  7. I was looked at recommend PSU, like a said, it was very quick and dirty googling. This list is very helpful, It looks like a 750W or 850W should be plenty
  8. I did some quick googling and it seems like every generation the recommend PSU jumps 100W. Obviously this cannot go forever there has to be a ceiling. in 10yrs I dont think that 10,000 watt power supplies will be required, because that would impossible.
  9. I am upgrading to 5900x when in stock but keeping my 2070s. I am going to be giving my 3700x + case/PSU to a family member. I dont think that I will be upgrading to a 3x00 series card anytime soon. Probably wait until 4x00 series cards. Given the linear increase in power requirements for the cards and the long life time and warrenty does it make sense to go crazy and get a over powered PSU (1000+) to give me some head room? I only this is wildly speculative about hardware that is not even in development, just want to know what people think.
  10. Yea thats my plan, I dont have a lot of experience OC and dont have the time to play around with it right now. I thought there might be some diminishing returns at some point, I was just unsure if where. There is lot of lot of Ryzen 5000 information out currently, so research is a little hard. So should i go with the Neo or non-Neo? From what I can tell they are the same memory just the Neo is out of the boxed optimized.
  11. I am looking to upgrade to a 5900x (when in stock......sigh) I want to get 32GB ram. I have been looking around at different kits and it seems like te G.SKILL TridentZ RGB are the best for Ryzen. My question is twofold 1. What is the difference between the Neo and non-Neo 2. The Neo only goes up to 3600 cl16 but I can get 4000 cl16 of the non-Neo memory its 2x but I plan on having this PC for a while and I wan to get the most out of my CPU. So is the optmized 3600 Ryzen memory better then the 4000 Cl16
  12. from what I remember the corsair performs slightly better. I think the Gamersnexus as a video on it
  13. why are you going AIO? Air cooler have very good performance.
  14. I am looking to upgrade to a 5900x. Looking that the MOBO tier list the MSI tomahawk is a good board. I know that there are two M.2 slots. I just cannot find the size of the slots. Can I put two 970 Evos on this board and if not what is a good board?