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    Intel Core i5 7500
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    MSI H110M Pro-VD
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    Hynix 16GB (2x8) 2400Mhz CL19
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    Zotac GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5
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    Chiptronex C100
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    Crucial BX500 120GB (OS)
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    Circle 500 Watts APFC
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    HP 22es
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    Deepcool Alta 7 (CPU)
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    Deepcool XFAN 120mm (Side Panel)
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    TVS Gold Bharat Mechanical Keyboard (MX Blue, PS/2)
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    XMate Zorro RGB Gaming Mouse
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    F&D A110 2.1 Stereo Speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (v2009)
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    Realme C3 (4GB/64GB)

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  1. i bought my 750 ti when it was almost 2 generations old, technically 1 generation behind because both 900 series and gtx 750 / 750 ti were based on maxwell architecture though 970 was my dream gpu back then (and it was also the series with more refinement in the architecture), i couldn't afford it by a long shot, it was just 2 months away from pascal release when i got it but i don't regret it was the best gpu that much money could buy back then, especially in my region where GPUs are tend to be pretty overpriced.
  2. it's extremely weird to see it being twice as power hungry (atleast according to the TDP rating) despite being a slower cut down version of 1030, Nvidia is really doing some weird shit.
  3. they are pretty cheap basic ram without heat spreader, i don't think they have xmp, not even my previous hyperx fury did i don't think it matters alot unless someone's gaming at high refresh rate and i only have a 60hz monitor anyway
  4. so my ddr4 ram is 2666mhz cl19 as Intel only allow upto 2400mhz speed on 7th gen chipset for lower end / midrange boards and non-k CPUs, i can't run my ram at their stock speed, those are two 8gb hynix sticks, i wonder why latency for my ram doesn't decrease according to it's clock as it's lower than it's native clock, it should be cl17 or something, in my previous 3rd gen i7 pc, i had 1866mhz cl10 ram which used to run at 1600mhz cl9 so latency made up for the lower clock but same is not the case here and i am very confused, i don't wanna play around with timings manually as it can cause stab
  5. i had a similar issue with my usb mouse not working years back after a mobo upgrade, this was the method which fixed it, i was curious and experimenting around (don't exactly remember if i read about it somewhere or discovered it myself)
  6. probably unstable overclock, only noticeable in certain gpu intensive games
  7. try to reinstall the stock windows driver for it by going in driver tab then click uninstall, after it's done click the "Scan for hardware changes" option in Device Manager and see if it fixed the issue (it's the 2nd icon on the top right)
  8. get another 8gb stick and it would alot better but still i wouldn't say a enjoyable experience, maybe playable at best
  9. WikiForce


    which cpu? that platform wasn't great in terms of cpu performance even the next generation after that which had fx 8350 as flagship was total disaster in terms of ipc and especially gaming, i truly believe it's going be a major bottleneck (if not massive)
  10. maybe they don't support ntfs? try clicking the mount option at top right
  11. still reasonable, just buy another fan
  12. yeah, pretty decent, especially if it's the 4gb vram variant
  13. just check the support page of asus's official site and find out there's a bios update released 3 days ago but i am not sure if it supports 4th gen so he better gets the 3900x also, in specification it mentiones support for upto 3rd gen only so it seems like it's not supported, atleast for now
  14. so i currently have an msi h110 motherboard and thinking of upgrading to a gigabyte b250 which has really nice features like 6 sata ports as my current one has only 4, even pcie x1 slots are 3.0 instead of 2..0 like on my current one, 4 out of 6 usb ports at back panel are usb 3 while on my current on it's opposite. I also think it will have better bios functionality with many more features as it's a midrange chipset compared to my entry level one, i am getting it for a really good price of ₹5128 ($70) so i think it's totally worth it for the price but it's getting hard to convince my brother,