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About FakeFBI

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    Vtec man, ever need help? call me up

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  • Location
    Maybe near FakeKGB
  • Interests
    jdm, anything before 4th gen i7, literally any polish, and is down to try anything new (preferably social skills and not offending evreyone)
  • Biography
    Poland, home country, pierogi for breakfest,dinner, dessert, lemme know @FakeFBI if you want or need my help


  • CPU
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Motherboard
    (old)hp-1067c mobo
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • RAM
    (old)samsung 2x4 8gb 1600mhz
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • GPU
    (old) pny gt 630
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Case
    (old) hp pavilion 1067c
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Storage
    (old) seagate 500gb 3gb/s 5400rpm hdd, found it new in my lake house basment
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • PSU
    (old)250w hp psu, idk anything else
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Display(s)
    (old) samsung syncmaster 226bw, remains for the stolen pc
    (new pc) msi g271
  • Cooling
    (old) some cooler master air cooler for hp prebuilt
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Keyboard
    (old) hp pavillion 1067c
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Mouse
    (wire mouse) lenovo mojuud?
    (wireless mouse) vicsting d-16
  • Sound
    (headphones) sony $10 headphones from officmax
    (speakers) Logitech z200
  • Operating System
    windows 10
  • Laptop
    (school) chromebook, those motherfuckes
    (minecraft) hp x360 i7, 32gb of ram, 1tb of ssd, 1tb of hdd
  • Phone
    1st gen iphone SE

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    1. TheCoder2019


      421 or 419 notifications... just imagine how pissed you would be...

    2. FakeFBI


      1 hour ago, TheCoder2019 said:

      421 or 419 notifications... just imagine how pissed you would be...

      nani, also i got a new keyboard since like 2014

      Redragon k582

  1. me: sleeping around 3am

    my grandmha calling at 3am to poland to catch their timezone

    my sleep, my ears, and my fucking urge to barge in her room and and scream, YOU SON OF A BITCH


    Gooby (@The_Cheese) | Stocktwits


  2. is in walmart drifting shopping cart, hits corner

    the world:


    When you try to crash to Takumi ft Shingo Shoji on Make a GIF


  3. me:

    brain at 3am:


    maybe, if i turn into a pizza delivery driver,i can use water cup to make sure the pizza aint gonna fly when me drift hhahahaah brrrr


  4. playing asseto corsa

    me without eurobeat blasting in the background:


    When you try to crash to Takumi ft Shingo Shoji on Make a GIF

    me with eurobeat blasting in background


    NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME, YOU BETTER TAKE MY SOUL, IT'S - 4ChanArchives : a  4Chan Archive of /a/


  5. ok i see it, i suggest pentium 4, its the most bulletproof against these games, as its guranteed 1ghz basicly, so get pentium, some board, like 2gb of ram or 1gb and a decent hdd, adn other stuff. and boom download some stuff and kaboom you got a setup
  6. me at friends house, using his thrustmaster t300 rs setup, plays asseto corsa in a ae86


    Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Toyota AE86 with "Initial D" paint  (Japanese Pack)

    his thrustmaster shifter:


    When Bruce Lee Drive's Stick | GIF | Know Your Meme


  7. my initial d brain does not know what those are but im geussing their pentium 3 era
  8. i don't think anyone has asked this, what games your running, we don't want to get a cpu adbn then, "poor performance" because p3 cant hit 1ghz
  9. says my million xp rpo copys running 1ghz p3 EDIT: i will literally go to bios for proof problem is that most of them dont have outpput without gpu
  10. and driver support is non exsistent for them right now, just give time then intel wiill be clicking that blue invest button
  11. what online game to download/play siince flash is fucked, what unity/legit online games should i download, that are free

    EDIT: i do prefer things like wangan midnight and such car oriented games

    1. Schnoz


      I occasionally like a quick round of Run 3.

    2. FakeFBI


      2 minutes ago, Schnoz said:

      I occasionally like a quick round of Run 3.


  12. me at 3AM



    if i send a spotify link to my friends thats never gonna give you up, is it a rickroll?