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    Vtec man, ever need help? call me up

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    Maybe near FakeKGB
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    jdm, anything before 4th gen i7, literally any polish, and is down to try anything new (preferably social skills and not offending evreyone)
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    Poland, home country, pierogi for breakfest,dinner, dessert, lemme know @FakeFBI if you want or need my help


  • CPU
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Motherboard
    (old)hp-1067c mobo
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • RAM
    (old)samsung 2x4 8gb 1600mhz
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • GPU
    (old) pny gt 630
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Case
    (old) hp pavilion 1067c
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Storage
    (old) seagate 500gb 3gb/s 5400rpm hdd, found it new in my lake house basment
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • PSU
    (old)250w hp psu, idk anything else
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Display(s)
    (old) samsung syncmaster 226bw, remains for the stolen pc
    (new pc) msi g271
  • Cooling
    (old) some cooler master air cooler for hp prebuilt
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Keyboard
    (old) hp pavillion 1067c
    (new pc) n/a work in progress
  • Mouse
    (wire mouse) lenovo mojuud?
    (wireless mouse) vicsting d-16
  • Sound
    (headphones) sony $10 headphones from officmax
    (speakers) Logitech z200
  • Operating System
    windows 10
  • Laptop
    (school) chromebook, those motherfuckes
    (minecraft) hp x360 i7, 32gb of ram, 1tb of ssd, 1tb of hdd
  • Phone
    1st gen iphone SE

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  1. i mean i do underestimate the 1050 but id like to compete with my friend with a rtx 2060 he got a psu bundle with it for 300$ and it works completely fine.
  2. So the only reason i've called off my build off for so long is because of the chip shortage, but i got a plan that changes like evrey week becasue of the price changes, all i need is to find where can i buy a good gpu that can actually run a game like minecraft or sandbox games like brick rigs. Also games like world of tanks and war thunder Thanks- FakeFBI
  3. im back after a couple of months whats happend

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    2. Schnoz


      7 hours ago, FakeFBI said:

      im back after a couple of months whats happend

      Welcome back! Great to see you again!

  4. can i even run games, i dont know if my old p3 computer, (which used to be my dads) has windows 98, heck it still uses those chonky sata cablse that take mega space but i do take your recommendation thanks i was planning on getting some ti3200, but okay
  5. i just realized i was looking at gpus a year older tha that on a grapgh, oops
  6. thats what i think thank you i dont know if i can find a agp 4 x 1gb all im finding is 512mb
  7. recently i've started to give interest into my old p3 1ghz no heat spreader computer, i tried to plug in the analog when i realised that there's no analog or dvi or hdmi, so what gpu should i get agp 4x card or a pci card, the mobo is a gigabyte 6a-vtx rev1.2
  8. i like to expand on this a bit, and yes miatas have literally went to moon, i found a NC for 7k couldn't even find a NA under 10k i think its due to coronavirus, i watched video about it i think its due to people financing cars or something, i think coronavirus forced dealerships to make these " financing" to help people that don't have any money, but then i think the payments were due then the prices went to the moon, someone could prob correct me or describe in more detail.
  9. evreyones response times i dont wanna respond then i can get warned for rep farming what they think is rep farming
  10. wait is the earth a unsymmetrical sphere'

    or technoearth

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    2. FakeFBI


      1 minute ago, Grumpy Old Man said:

      NO! it's flat

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      10 Funniest Flat Earth Memes



  11. what happened too motf

    1. TVwazhere


      What happened to what?

    2. Murasaki


      sometimes i forget it exists

  12. yea, bc it works for me, but id prob wait for someone a bit more experienced to clarify and confirm
  13. it would prob be simpler if you went to bios and enabled boot to sdd