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  1. Best use for a second desktop pc

    You have your movies, tv shows, streaming providers, etc on the PC so you can watch them from other PC's over the local network. Also, comment or mention the person you want a reply from. Like this @Egg-Roll. EDIT: Check this forum out. https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/84-servers-and-nas/
  2. Best use for a second desktop pc

    You can turn it into a NAS.
  3. IPhone x, Not as water resistant as they say

    And it's also not covered by Apple's warranty either. Sorry for your loss.
  4. I knew it! Video games are the devil! It all started with that plumber on shrooms!
  5. RobotCache A Blockchain based Game Distribution platform

    I think that that will be the factor that will make or break this platform. They would have to make it so that users can buy IRON directly with their choice of currency (USD, CAN, etc) simply because of ease of use. A gamer doesn't want to wait for the transaction to be verified just to play a game. And they certainly do not want to have to buy ETH from Coinbase (example), transfer to an exchange, buy IRON, transfer to RobotCache and finally buy the game.
  6. RobotCache A Blockchain based Game Distribution platform

    I didn't know that publisher fees were that high. Now this is the game changer. I wonder how they price the resale value of games and will the resellers be paid in IRON or in their preferred currency?
  7. What cooler for I7-8700k?

    Cryorig H7 if you are looking for something affordable. If you have money to burn, the Cryorig R1 Ultimate.
  8. CES 2018, your favourite things?

    I really liked the Lian Li PC-O11 Air that Hardware Canucks covered. Looks like it gets great air flow and at an affordable price. Probably the most interesting one to me are the "SLI" power supplies by Phanteks.
  9. Useful Software

    VLC - Open source video player that can play most if not all types of video formats.
  10. The Red Solstice is FREE on Humble Bundle for a short time.



  11. Queries about Mining Computers

    Oh nice, I didn't know you can reallocate resources like that.
  12. Queries about Mining Computers

    That's actually a great idea. Intel would make a killing if they partnered up with a board manufacturer and sold mining motherboards with these types of chip. Correct me if I'm wroing, but the only issue that I think I am seeing is the PCI lane limits of of such low powered chips. Not enough lanes would mean less cards can be connected to one mining PC.
  13. At that point they will probably just try to sell off the parts to get one last profit gain from their mining PC's if they will not be compensated. So you can't warm up your car on cold days until the snow is gone?
  14. Buying an expansion for sister laptop

    External hard drive would be the most affordable option especially for longevity and connectivity to other computers. An SD card will be cheaper but you get more memory space for what you pay for with an external hard drive, and not every computer has an SD reader.
  15. Ok that makes sense now. That is actually a good way to reuse that computational power. Do you know if the government will compensate the owners for this service?