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    Not Telling
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    The Silver
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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Crosshair VI Hero
  • RAM
    G. Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB CL14 (8x2)
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Hydro Copper | EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING | Both installed for folding.
  • Case
    Corsair 760T White Full Tower
  • PSU
    Corsair RM850x
  • Display(s)
    Acer X-34
  • Cooling
    I hope so
  • Keyboard
    iGK64 with Novelias | Monoprice Backlit Multimedia Keyboard (PID: 11156)
  • Mouse
    Monoprice 6-Key Gaming Mouse (PID: 11153)
  • Sound
    Monitor. Speakers.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit

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  1. Dissitesuxba11s

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Mongolian Folk Rock. Very interesting.
  2. Dissitesuxba11s

    GTX 980 to RX 580/90?

    Since they are similar in performance, side grading to the 590 and getting those games along with a FreeSync monitor would be a net gain especially if you are able to sell the 980.
  3. Dissitesuxba11s

    Qestion about ISO enter key in mechanical keyboards

    As long as you make sure that keyboard that you buy has a standard ISO layout with Cherry MX stem switches, you should be fine.
  4. Dissitesuxba11s

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    I have seen them, but I didn't try to calculate how much your PPD will be. Unfortunately, I've been controlling my impulsive buying habits from snatching a new GPU.
  5. Dissitesuxba11s

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    NOOO! With that, you will be around the 3mil PPD range and will be passing me.
  6. Dissitesuxba11s

    Post your milestones, ranking, etc...

    Congrats! If you are into it, hitting 1million points makes you eligible for the Folding Bronze badge.
  7. Dissitesuxba11s

    [Build Log] Noc Noc, Who's There?!

    Scratch that, Candykey has one in stock albeit MX Clears.
  8. Dissitesuxba11s

    [Build Log] Noc Noc, Who's There?!

    ISO Vortex Vibes exist, but currently out of stock.
  9. Dissitesuxba11s

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    I think this would be cool if we could compare first day and the last day of the Folding month to see how much folding power we each provided. A weekly update would be cool too but a daily update would only show small changes plus like you said, it's a PITA to collect data.
  10. Dissitesuxba11s

    AMD RX 590 benchmarks

    Hardware Canucks also has the 590 consume a lot more. They even comment in the video that it consumes as much power as an RTX2080.
  11. Dissitesuxba11s

    Folding@Home leaderboard

    If that doesn't work, you can use extremeoverclocking.com. I believe this is your profile: https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=813844
  12. Dissitesuxba11s

    AMD RX 590 benchmarks

    Hardware Canucks also has a review.
  13. Dissitesuxba11s

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    I am back at 2 1080Ti's again! At least for a week. Looks like I am out of contention from the top 5 so will be gunning for the 6th position. @Ben Quigley I'm coming for you.
  14. Dissitesuxba11s

    Command And Conquer and Red Alert 4K Remaster, No Microtransactions!

    To tide people over while they wait for this remaster, you can play Red Alert for free: https://cncnet.org/red-alert Not my site. Mods delete it if this is considered advertising. I hope they remaster some of the other games as well. I mainly want Red Alert 2 since that is what I grew up playing.