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  1. I tried multiple times since then but windows does not give ANY access to the .exe for FH4 no matter how many solutions or escalations I have tried it just won't let you, For example I was able to access the hidden folder and find the .exe but you dont have permission to use that .exe. If you make a shortcut to the file it would open but steam wont recognise it as a big screen so you can't use controller controls so no... I have not found out a way to make it work.
  2. I am 18 most likely driving up from Central Oregon, not 100% if I can make it, depends on my money situation, but if it works out and you can make it here I would be fine with a carpool.
  3. Where did you get it for $5? Might need to buy 10 for backups
  4. Right? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, worked for 1.5 years so why change?
  5. I bought a cheap af mouse by a brand called hiraliy for $17, best mouse I’ve used by far. Braided chord rob mappable buttons custom dpi settings on their software. It honestly is amazing
  6. Is there a way to show me how you set it up to work over steam link? I can’t seem to figure it out.
  7. It opens the game but does not use the big picture mode so it is trying to use the controller as a mouse and not a controller so sadly it is not that simple
  8. Is there ANY way to gain access to the exe file so I can play FE4 on my steam link? I have found the EXE but stupid windows has "DENIED ACCES S" every time... PLEASE HELP!!!
  9. I work as a fuel attendant in the state of Oregon, and for those of you that are unaware it is illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon or New Jersey. This means people like me and get to do it for you all day dealing with BS all the time such as getting a gun pulled on you. That's right getting a gun pulled on you. This happened sometime in November and since I work at a 24/7 gas station and I was doing the 6AM - 2PM shift 5 hours of which I'm alone I get a lot of rude people. Such as one morning where around 7 someone came in and asked for propane and I said no as I was the only one there and
  10. Which it did help and I WAS allowed to use other people to help me that's why I asked
  11. That would be AP physics for ya!
  12. Either way, thank you for the help