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  1. Upload them, or watch them? Watch them - yes, but there's no way to find them; you have to wait for them to just appear in your feed. Upload them - not unless you have a channel with more than 10k subscribers.
  2. Nevermind, I'd accidentally disabled single-window mode which is what got rid of all of this. Re-enabling fixed the issue.
  3. Just installed GIMP and all the docked controls are missing from the side of the window! It should be possible to simply drag what I need out, but I can't remember what each toolbar that I want is called. Is there a simple button I can use to automatically restore a sensible default layout of docked controls to the window, or do I have to drag them all in manually?
  4. This seems like a pointless idea. I don't know of a single smart TV feature which can't be replicated on a PC already!
  5. It's certainly a very good little speaker for the price and would probably fit your mom's needs perfectly. I've had one for quite a while now.
  6. I don't think it's feasible for such an application to exist, though I'm willing to be proven wrong... but the vast majority of games have an in-game overlay you can activate to show FPS? (Bear in mind also that if you're happy with your experience, the number of FPS you're getting doesn't matter at all )
  7. Could he have guessed the PIN, if it is only a few digits?
  8. Not so much a Linus meme, more a theory about the tech community as a whole. This seemed the best place to post it.
  9. When I started to be taught coding at school - using some stupid dumbed-down interface - I had already been learning Python for quite a while, so I simply found it boring. I don't get why any organisations pay for this crap, when Scratch is a hell of a lot more refined and has some pretty decent tutorials on there, while also not feeling limited at all
  10. Such as... y'know.... Linus? You have to realise also that synthetic benchmarks are rarely entirely representative of how a product will perform.
  11. If it's only for basic use and your mom isn't massively technically inclined then buying the flagship is throwing money down the drain. Assuming that she wants something new then just buy an SE, or if she wants the new "notched" design an XR. I would imagine the 11 and the 12 have similar non-repair-ability. If anything the 12 will be worse.
  12. I don't particularly like Manjaro or modern Ubuntu. They feel a little bloated and commericalised for my liking. Arch seems pretty cool; the idea of insane customisability etc. But I'd have to get used to Pacman (not really as user-friendly as Apt because the commands are letter flags so it's not immediately clear what it does, unlike apt install where it's obvious it's installing something), and have the time to set it up. That's unfortunately time I don't have at the moment. Currently I use Mint, and I love it. On Mint I stay a version behind current, that way driver
  13. For any product purchase advice, we need your budget and the country you're buying in. In the case of a laptop we also need to know what display size you're looking for.... there's a huge range.