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  1. That made me laugh out loud. To suggest that you are being abused by having to pay more for a gaming console is ridiculous. And, more importantly, how is it "customer abuse", considering that if you never buy anything from them you are not a customer? Best Buy will be just fine. They have enough PS5s and graphics cards that the demand from people who will join the membership will meet supply - they aren't losing out on anything!
  2. Main problem I have with Tesla is that there is no speedometer, only that huge screen in the middle. An excellent way to prompt people not to look at the road. Also I wouldn't buy from them right now because of the build quality issues, but I understand that's getting better. Also, Musk is a bit of a moron.
  3. So everything on Netflix now is "woke propaganda", whatever the hell that means. Sure.
  4. https://dontasktoask.com/ If you have a question, just ask it. Obviously try your best to put it in the correct section - the tutorials section isn't really where you are meant to do that, but there are many other forum sections where you can ask about specific topics.
  5. Just use it in the browser. The functionality is exactly the same. Alternatively, downloading from this page on the Microsoft site works fine for me.
  6. So let me get this straight... Government agency somehow accidentally manages to leak confidential information into a publicly accessible web page. Newspaper privately reports this to government agency. Government agency doesn't fix it. Newspaper publicly reports the vulnerability (as is very common practice when it remains unfixed months after private disclosure) Government agency takes newspaper to court for accessing the confidential information which they literally put onto a publicly accessible web page. What a stupid world we live in.
  7. Oh right, thanks! (Somebody told me a few weeks ago that it stood for "Computer", which makes no sense)
  8. Never been a fan about that personally, on purely semantic grounds: the user is usually infront of both the keyboard and the computer, not between the two. I prefer GIGO, though that has a subtly different meaning.
  9. I don't think they'd be able to. However, if you are accessing your school's Microsoft software on a personal laptop, I would suggest that you only do so through a browser - if you don't, it's far too easy to accidentally enrol your device in organisation management, which is a pain to remove without a reinstall or asking your IT department, who may not be cooperative. A couple of my friends found this out the hard way when installing Teams for remote learning during the pandemic.
  10. If you've had to rely on automated emergency braking 3 times in the past few years then either you spend an awful lot of time driving, you've been quite unlucky, or you really need to start paying more attention to the road. But that assumes you are already spending all of your life glued to your phone. There is no reason to assume that at any given time, walking over to pick up my phone, unlocking my phone and opening the app will take less time than just going and using the light switch normally. Especially considering that most of the time, people switch lights on/off as they
  11. Any way of finding that out before buying? It's a bit useless if you can buy a device and have literally no idea what software you're getting until it's out of the box and you can no longer return it.
  12. I'm vaguely considering something like a Samsung Tab S6 Lite for note-taking purposes. I see that this device was originally released with Android 10 but can now be upgraded to Android 11. Does this mean that if I go out and buy one now, in 2021, it will come with Android 11? The reason I ask this is that it is essential that I have a device which is Android 10 or earlier because my school's WiFi network uses a deprecated protocol which doesn't work in versions later than 10. (Believe me when I say that asking them to switch to a better protocol is going to achieve precisely nothin
  13. Handbrake is my go-to option for this. Just drag and drop your video files into the queue, select the desired parameters for the output files, and click the start button. https://handbrake.fr/