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  1. I refer you to something I previously posted:
  2. Well, if by "turn ray tracing off in real life" you mean make the lighting so wrong that there are barely any rays to trace in the first place, then..........
  3. That thumbnail makes zero sense - Linus's face is a bitmap from a digital camera, not a CG image being rendered by a GPU - so the use of ray tracing is irrelevant - unless Linus's face is being treated as a texture in a game, which would be very strange. But in any case ray tracing doesn't change facial expressions. Yes, I know what it's meant to illustrate, but still, it's inaccurate, and what are web forums for if not gratuitous overanalysis?
  4. What do you mean "the data", what app, which operating system?
  5. When you see the blinking cursor, press Ctrl+Alt+F2. Does some text like this appear? (The my_computer bit could be different) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS my_computer tty2 my_computer login: _ If so, log in there (type your username, then press enter, then your password, then enter again). If successful, you will see something like this: Welcome to Ubuntu 20.04, GNU/Linux 5.8.0-50-generic x84_64 * Documentation: <https://help.ubuntu.com> * Management: <https://landscape.canonical.com> * Support: <https://ubuntu.com/advantage
  6. Those have to be put inside your ears, so no good to me unfortunately
  7. Looking for recommendations for a cheap pair of Bluetooth headphones, £50 or less, buying in UK. Requirements: I need to not have to put them inside my ear. Even Apple earbud style ones, which only sit just inside the ear, I find very uncomfortable - let alone the ones that actually penetrate the ear canal. They must not block out too much surrounding noise, as I'll be wearing these in environments such as streets where it is important to be aware of what is around me They need to stay on reasonably well even when walking/running They need to be waterproof
  8. What happens if you put in a tape? Does the menu go away then? Doubt it, but if you have one lying around you can't to any harm by trying
  9. I'm not familiar with Swedish, but I'm assuming the text at the bottom says "Exit: press MENU". Can you see a button labelled "MENU" anywhere? If so, press it. If not I assume that button is only present on the remote and you will have to try to source a remote for it
  10. Does this TV have a VCR built in? To me, it sounds like a time has been programmed for it to record a TV show but a tape hasn't been inserted for it to record to.
  11. Possibly a stupid question, but if it's already the colour and texture you want, what do you want to spray it for?
  12. On a related note, there's a few reasonably big youtube channels out there from companies that do deep cleans of cars. It never ceases to amaze me how utterly horrible people will let their vehicle interior become before they consider getting in cleaned
  13. I think it's necessary for Europe to build their own system for this. Imagine the chaos if, down the line, some trade tensions prevented Apple and Google from providing payment services in Europe - with the ever-increasing popularity of such services, and the reduction in use of cash, it could be extremely problematic. My hope is that European banks will stop allowing customers to register with Apple/Google Pay once this system is up and running - otherwise, a lot of people won't bother switch from either what they were using before, or what their phone provider adverti
  14. OK, let me provide you with a non-exhaustive list. Its desktop client uses Electron, which means it takes large amounts of system resources- it is essentially running an extra Chrome browser on your system for no particular reason Yes, the team/channel model is nice, but Teams is too attached to it. With Zoom, for example, it's easy to quickly set up a meeting with anyone you like - with Teams, you have to go through the rigmarole of setting up a team and a channel and adding everyone to it, even if this is a one-off thing. Or you can use the hacky workaround that it guest access
  15. Teams has horrible flaws when compared to its competitors. It might nominally have more features, but that's useless when you consider Zoom etc. gets the actual basic functionality of a videoconferencing software right, while Microsoft fails miserably, despite Skype having had a multiple year head-start. Anyway, all of this is beside the point, because this isn't a Sony acquisition of Discord. It's Sony acquiring a minority stake in Discord. Discord is still an independent company.