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    Z390 Aorus Xtreme
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    16GB 3600 Vengeance RGB
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    2080ti FTW3 Ultra (plus hydrocopper!)
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    LianLi o11 D-XL
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    960 PRO 512GB, OCZ Vertex 4 256GB, Sandisk Extreme Pro 240GB x2, 2TB WD blk
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    EVGA 850 P2
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    Custom Loop
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    SteelSeries Apex Pro
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    Logitech G903
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    Logitech Z625 + Arctis Pro Wireless + Yeti Blackout
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  1. Registering some 3090s at EVGA...anyone have a rewards program code they want me to use?

  2. Bumping this as it starts today. Good luck everyone!
  3. All of BTS or just one of them? I feel like they are probably pretty busy these days.
  4. Yes, you do have to provide proof of retail employment.
  5. Indeed. I already have three 9900k systems from IREP but I guess it might be time to shut one (or two) of them down.
  6. Good. Need to start fixing the crap he ruined coming into office. Internet speeds have stopped increasing and, at least anecdotaly for me, decreased in reliability the last 2 years or so. Competition is good. Bribery is bad.
  7. be safe out there. snowstorm is deadly.

  8. I'll chip in an April 22, 2025 Edit: At 3:15pm
  9. Not too surprising from Adata. Really, most companies are pretty scummy these days when they know they can get away with it.
  10. Hoo boyo. Seems like Intel is getting a bit worried with how awesome these prices are this time around. Intel will be holding their holiday processor deal starting DECEMBER 9th this year. On offer are, finally, tenth gen chips! And for pretty awesome prices. As always, make sure your retail verifcation is up to date before oofing into that wall on launch day. Good luck! Edit: DEAL IS LIVE! https://retailedge.intel.com/50/asmo/thedeal
  11. Hi there, easiest thing to use is Armor Etch. Obviously be very careful using it, etc etc. https://www.armourproducts.com/Category/armour_etch
  12. I, too, got mine through evga's queue system about 3 weeks ago.