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  1. Is there any way to restore save/world files after uninstalling then reinstalling minecraft windows 10 edition? I tryed the method that popped up when I googled my issue but it didn't help (locate .minecraft folder than .save folder). Thanks in advace!
  2. I'm looking for a cheap alternitive to the Audioquest Draginfly. I don't need a very powerful amp/dac, I'm just looking for something that will run already efficent IEM's/ headphones but just a little better. Micro USD would be nice (I have an older low end phone) so would USB c but it doesn't really matter. I don't want anything larger than a cord mojo if I were to get something a bit larger.
  3. Do either of the above headphones need an amp to drive, if so what are some cheap options? Thanks in advance!
  4. A few weeks ago I was having issues with a "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" error on chrome and more recently I'm having issues with tabs not responding even new tabs. Tabs take a while to load and if I try and click on a link or search something before a tab is 100% loaded the page will not finish loading and either nothing will else happen or the page will stop responding. I tryed every solution for the status access violation and nothing worked and I don't even know were to start with this new issue. Its a Celeron n4000 and 4gb ram, windows 10, latest version of chrome.
  5. So is there a way to bypass this by re configurating the settings or buying a new router or am I stuck with "fast" ethernet? I thought that the 100mb limit was for Wi-Fi speeds becuase even now when I test my download speed its 110mb which is higher than the 100mb I pay for.
  6. Your absolutely right I don't understand. But 1gb is the baseline for fast Ethernet and 2.5 is pretty common yet most isp's badly support 1gb?
  7. I'm not linking a server to a pc. I plan to use parcect to access my pc remotely alot over the summer so I wanted to upgrade my internet to try and minimize latency. This is a program that I will probally use a fair bit until/if I upgrade my laptop significantly. And when I'm at home 10gb won't be a bad thing to have by any means.
  8. So do I have to have a router with 10gb capability?
  9. Thanks for the advice! But what about connecting the switch to internet?
  10. Ok. I think I figured out a solution but I'm not confident so I want some advice. I have a QNAP switch with 3 sfp+ ports, a network card with an sfp+ port, some monoprice om4 cableing, and spf+ transceivers to connect to the network card and switch. I don't understand how the switch works... how does it get internet to it? It doesn't have any obvious input ports they all look to be output and it just connects to a power outlet? Links to equipment listed above↓↓
  11. I don't understand why this prevents me from doing 10gig fiber ethernet. I have used 1gig without issue and the internet isn't rated for that. From what other members have said and from what I can find I should be able to do it.
  12. How do I find this? According to "inmyarea.com" its only up to 100mb download speeds which doesn't seem right.
  13. Do I have to have a special provider in order to get 10g ethernet? If so I'm not paying extra for it atm.
  14. What is a point to point link?