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    AMD Ryzen 9-3900x
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    Gigabyte X570 Wi-Fi pro
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    64 GB G skill 3200 MHz at 3000 MHz(stability)
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    2x1TB nvme Samsung 970 evo
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  1. As the master points validator I declare you wrong
  2. First off i have to say congrats @justpoet you did much better than i have seen you do before. However,Look at this random caboose i found a pic of... Spec will get a blog out when he awakens...
  3. Points Validation Successful. from my calculations that's the damage 66 68 of us did in 1 week
  4. TIMES up...Waiting on script to run for final tally...
  5. one could dream lol...Trying to wake up @GOTSpectrum lol
  6. i hope not...but then again you and your 1mill+ in 3hrs x2...well i guess i wont be passing you... BUT DAM it will be close with @GOTSpectrum
  7. Don’t worry I plan on adding another 3070 or 3080 or equivalent before November
  8. im trying to be funny sorry if it came across as any thing other than that.
  9. ok just remember there is a 1-6 million Point deduction at end of event per instance of breaking the script...you are at like 4 instances /jk Dang it @Kilrah & @GOTSpectrum i thought i had you well i have 24 hrs to get you...
  10. Checked the logs on my server babysitter actually got activated for the first time in a long time. She got triggered two times on my 3070 and two times on my 2060 Overnight.
  11. @GOTSpectrum @Kilrah @mindstormer7 excuse me Freight train coming through....
  12. @Pezui Why you always breaking the script...For shame...
  13. well if GPUZ wont see it thats part of the issue. it SHOULD work on x1 BUT i think there was major performance issues and X1 may not provide the power the card expects. @LazyDev would be a good person to ask. one second thought maybe not as he blew up a card maybe try @Gorgon...
  14. Congrats @Pezui you didn't break the report this time... Just remember 71 Hour to go.