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    AMD Ryzen 9-3900x
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  1. i plan on folding again soon but $$ talks and have sold 2 of the 3 cards i planed on selling my 2060 MSI(will get me my next 3070 or 3060TI HINT IM READY EVGA...) and my Rx580 (sold to my uncle to replace his dead HD6870) i am still debating weather to sell my 2060KO i will likely hold on to it till i have 3+ 30series
  2. I think my 7775 Died YET AGAIN after 1 day of folding on it lol...it the screen no long works at all...yipee... EDIT: ummmmm apparently some weirdo (no clue who...) didn't fully reconnect the lcd cable when he last replaced the MB...grrrrrr not sure how it ever worked...
  3. Congrats i had to bust my Butt to get to 15th...
  4. @Den-FiGif is the alarm in my head...(to any one If you havent seen the movie this is from you need help...)
  5. i made 15th by the skin of my teeth thanks scotty... already sold my MSI 2060 to a friend...didn't get what i could have gotten out of it but 500 is still good for a card i paid 300 for lol
  6. https://forums.evga.com/m/tm.aspx?m=3108092&p=3009 Check out enewts signature you should be part of the american list.
  7. weird My KO isnt bad at 70% then again it is down stairs but its barely audiable...but i am about to list it on EBAY...its mining for a week then will list. then Bender will get his NEW 1KW PSU and 3070 and hopefully my other EVGA reservations will be up soon...doubtful but one can hope... update i am 1 day away in the EVGA Queue for 2x 3060TIs both the FTW Ultra and the XC3 Gaming...though could still be months till i get it...but one is for a friend to replace their 960Ti...offered them my ko but they want the 3060ti or better lol...
  8. Only had to threaten to fire scotty once...he found an rx580 and 2 CPUS to push me over 9 mill lol. and people ask for other wus as covid was too hard on their systems LOL...
  9. you have to look at the 6PM Pull so Lite modeDark Mode and even then sometimes its off by 1 or 2 Wus as it is pulled not from EOC but F@H Directly and if they do an update between when eoc pulls and our script pulls the data will be off a hair...only really an issue with people like you @Den-Fi @Gorgon @miker07 etc that get double digit wus per 3 hr period. but this event they seem dead on so far.
  10. But he didn’t have 1500 servers that was @leadeater that had all the servers at work. Last event@Den-Fi if I recall had one server one like this: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/data-center/dgx-a100/ Den-fi is very efficient with his folding. Just a lot of very high-end shit. I think he’s currently running two RX 580s.
  11. OK NOW im giving her all She's got lol that's everything I got that will make a difference with out having to shut down a desktop....
  12. Always willing to share with a friend. Got plenty more where that came from.
  13. here @GOTSpectrum hold my frigging beer...lets see what shes got lol