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  1. You'll be fine. Just watch the temps and don't push it too hard. My phenom x6 1055t is happy at ~4Ghz on the stock cooler.
  2. Pro has more features, like being able to join a domain and utilise bitlocker encryption. Neither will give you better performance over the other. Choice between one or the other is personal preference unless you need or want to join a domain, use bitlocker or manage group policy. An example of managing group policy that i use would be to stop windows from automatically downloading updates; instead it has to ask me to download them first.
  3. Yeah, I was looking at this a few days ago, seems like it'd be the closest i'm gonna get for what i want.
  4. I'm aware of that. I mean that having an ATX PSU slot is a waste of space. I don't think you quite understand what i'm trying to do with this planned build. I don't want a boxy case, like all the ones you mentioned, they simply aren't compact. The bitfenix Pandora is a compact case, it's beautiful too. Another example is the Lian-Li PC-O6SX which is also beautiful. I want to build a PC that is beautiful and compact, yet functional. That said, those are the only two cases that have really caught my eye in the past week of searching. So perhaps i'm just gonna have to give up and get a phenom-m instead.... or just go with the Pandora, that's an option too
  5. If only this didn't use a full size PSU to save some space and didn't use 80mm fans This wouldn't work because the GPU i've got is taller than a PCI slot by about 10mm. Also, the mobo i have doesn't have USB 3 front headers, so that doesn't matter. That and it looks almost as bad as those aftermarket GPU coolers from arctic.
  6. Yeah, that's why i was looking at it. Nothing is set in stone though, i might find a case that i love at some point that just doesn't allow for a rad of any size.
  7. This is the problem i'm running into here, they're all too big/not compact enough for what i want... For example, the Pandora is 16CM thick. Honestly, not really. I *was* thinking about using it as my first W/C project, because the parts in total cost me £20, so it wouldn't be a massive issue if i fucked up. But i'll probably just end up being lazy and throwing a low profile cooler on there, or maybe a h100?
  8. No budget, I'm open to anything.
  9. I've got a spare set of components that i wanna build with. But i can't find a case that i like the look of. So far the closest case to my liking is the Bitfenix Pandora, but it's riddled with problems and while i'm willing to mod a decent amount, idk if i'd wanna bother modding a case that essentially needs the mods to function as a proper case. in case you don't know what that is: I only need space for 1 GPU, and i'm all for going for an sfx PSU. Anyone got any other suggestions?
  10. Def the blade 14 Here's an artist's interpretation of what i'd look like while i use one:
  11. Sup man! I can't say much for what you should be, but once you get a ship, send an application on the org page on RSI, and so long as you list your ship and your name here, you'll get in
  12. Yeah, that looks like load balancing/over saturation
  13. looks to me like your ISP is doing some peak time load balancing. Basically, during peak times, some ISPs will throttle most people's connection to allow for everyone else to use the same lines, that's the theory anyway. Most normal people wouldn't notice it, since they're just on Facebook or w/e, but since you're playing CS, you'll notice it w/ your pings and your general speed as you've noted tl;dr: it's your ISP's fault
  14. Already there, under Getting started