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  1. I have £500

    which is exactly why i said have a solid base in the first place. If you spend money now on a dual core and build a system based on that, it'll be outdated by the end of next month. Even if you are not able to upgrade over time (which i highly doubt) a solid base would be a better fit than some hastily cobbled together build that come the end of march will be worthless. Sure it may sacrifice boot times, but really? who actually cares about weather the PC takes 9 or 19 seconds to boot? why the rush? it's not going anywhere. a better footing = a better experience, and leaves options open for future expansion.
  2. I have £500

    The prices of ryzen itself doesn't matter as much as the price adjustments that would follow. As you said, Therefore, it would be a good thing to wait to see what those prices drop to. Maybe even intel will adjust their pricing accordingly. On the SSD part; You might not want to use a PC without an SSD, but on budget builds luxuries are the first sacrifice. You need to look at the bigger picture; he'd be much better off getting a solid base and building on that than getting a weak base and piling on top of that. If you drop the SSD, and stick with a single mass storage HDD, you can add budget elsewhere where he would really feel it; such as CPU horsepower or GPU horsepower. Boot times are pretty insignificant if the PC itself can't hold a steady fps in games.
  3. I have £500

    I would say so, yeah. Then reevaluate the situation.
  4. I have £500

    I would definitely say it's worth the wait, considering that there's no point in buying an entire system with a dual core, then you find out in 3 weeks that you could have build a quad core w/ hyper-threadingish if you just waited. Evaluate first, purchase later. Your build definetly could use some touch ups though; For a start, i wouldn't bother with a hybrid storage solution on a budget build; keep it simple. a 1-3TB hdd would be better suited here, especially as one can be added in the future. RAM - the only issue with RAM atm is that it's woefully overpriced. Not much you can do there other than sit in a corner and cry that you missed the window for cheap DIMMs I'd still wait. You could easily squeeze in the 4c/4t ryzen chip and upgrade down the line with an ssd etc, etc. IMO you get more value for your money this way.
  5. I have £500

    before everyone else says it; wait until ryzen comes out and see what the pricing is really like. IF they are close to the leaked numbers, you may just be able to get yourself an actually decent build on £500. Pretty much everyone is holding their breath for ryzen atm, so lets hope that pulls through, or at the very least, upsets intel's crazy pricing somewhat.
  6. where to get 2u PSUs?

    I need UK/EU retailers, so Newegg wouldn't do
  7. where to get 2u PSUs?

    Hey guys! So I'm working on a project, and I'm in need of a 1 or 2u PSU (preferably 2u, but 1u would work as I've got an adaptor) Does anyone know of a place to get a 1/2u PSU? So far I know of ServerCaseUK, and that's about it (besides eBay)
  8. New to forums

    Ah, nice! What ship do you think you'll get when you do get SC? Upgrading is always fun, I'm working on a little something for myself atm
  9. New to forums

    Hey man! You're more than welcome to come hang out with us on our discord! Have you joined the org? What ship do you have? Personally i've got a 315p, aurora CL and a cutlass black.
  10. Stock fan cpu overclocking?

    You'll be fine. Just watch the temps and don't push it too hard. My phenom x6 1055t is happy at ~4Ghz on the stock cooler.
  11. Windows 10 Home Vs Windows 10 Pro

    Pro has more features, like being able to join a domain and utilise bitlocker encryption. Neither will give you better performance over the other. Choice between one or the other is personal preference unless you need or want to join a domain, use bitlocker or manage group policy. An example of managing group policy that i use would be to stop windows from automatically downloading updates; instead it has to ask me to download them first.
  12. Compact mATX cases

    Yeah, I was looking at this a few days ago, seems like it'd be the closest i'm gonna get for what i want.
  13. Compact mATX cases

    I'm aware of that. I mean that having an ATX PSU slot is a waste of space. I don't think you quite understand what i'm trying to do with this planned build. I don't want a boxy case, like all the ones you mentioned, they simply aren't compact. The bitfenix Pandora is a compact case, it's beautiful too. Another example is the Lian-Li PC-O6SX which is also beautiful. I want to build a PC that is beautiful and compact, yet functional. That said, those are the only two cases that have really caught my eye in the past week of searching. So perhaps i'm just gonna have to give up and get a phenom-m instead.... or just go with the Pandora, that's an option too
  14. Compact mATX cases

    If only this didn't use a full size PSU to save some space and didn't use 80mm fans This wouldn't work because the GPU i've got is taller than a PCI slot by about 10mm. Also, the mobo i have doesn't have USB 3 front headers, so that doesn't matter. That and it looks almost as bad as those aftermarket GPU coolers from arctic.
  15. Compact mATX cases

    Yeah, that's why i was looking at it. Nothing is set in stone though, i might find a case that i love at some point that just doesn't allow for a rad of any size.