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  1. Wow its really been a while. Just posting to say i'm still here!! xD

  2. I can't believe it's finally happening, we've all been waiting too long for this. AMD is a serious competitor to Intel again atlast. Definitely worth the wait, thank you AMD. Needless to say, I am too excited!!
  3. @JurunceNK @DarkBlade2117 Iv'e tried the LED behind my TV thing when it was hanging on a wall. It adds an effect of the TV kinda popping at your face and I find it distracting and fatiguing to look at after a while.
  4. Your reviews are very thorough and in-dept and this was no different, keep it up!
  5. Close your eyes just like you'd put on headphones if your rig was a jet engine obviously /s
  6. I'll look forward to your review, these fans look pretty interesting. I'll also add the pricing to the original post.
  7. Source: http://www.corsair.com/en/landing/rgb Corsair has released a whole bunch of new products with RGB lighting control along with a couple new cases. New products include: (All pricing in USD) HD120 RGB Fans: $29.99 single fan, $49.99 single fan w/controller, $89.99 triple fan w/controller SP120 RGB Fans: $19.99 single fan, $39.99 single fan w/controller, $69.99 triple fan w/controller MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad: $59.99 Carbide Air 740 Case: $149.99 Crysta
  8. This is a really cool solution to a problem many don't think about
    1. UltraNeonGaming


      Cheers! I'm currently in disbelief

  9. I want it, gibe nao pls. Thanks for the giveaway AMD and LMG!
  10. I think it's pretty crazy that you can project a 100" image from just 38cm away! With all it's features this is seriously the best consumer projector I've ever seen. I would definitely love to win one! Thank you LMG and LG for making this possible!
  11. Done. The only way I got it under 2MB was resizing because compression made it look horrible and resizing was the only option left especially with these kinds of complex graphics.