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  1. Disable automatic driver installation in windows and install drivers https://www.acer.com/ac/en/ID/content/support-product/7333;-;
  2. Then I would say it's enough.. Unless you want to try your luck. I would just test if your current clocks is stable in gaming
  3. Since you're on water it should be fine. Is it just reference 6900XT?
  4. I know how you destroyed it. You connected the plug the opposite way. Try connecting it the right way and test if it works ok, even though it got one less ground pin.
  5. Back in the day all cpu's came with a cooler. Maybe not the best cooler, but a cooler that could keep up with stock clocks. At some point Intel stopped giving a cooler with the K-model of CPU's because overclocking, and could save some pennies
  6. I thought you did tech repairs? Just google the model
  7. Can't you just reinstall windows with 20H2 - https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/software-download/windows10 Install windows with no internet. Download all drivers and install manually.
  8. Its not a problem. Both stock and MX5 is non conductive. I have seen far worse operate with no issues whatsoever.
  9. Something else is wrong, 9700k runs fine in warzone on stock. You don't need to change anything. Check memory settings. Is your ME firmware up to date, bios, etc?