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  1. I would update bios. Make sure everything is set to default. And reinstall windows. I got kernal event 41 and reinstalling windows fixed that.
  2. Yes, back then where HD 5870 was a thing I had a similar issue with artifacting. Was the Asus Matrix 5870. Send GPU to ASUS and got it back. The difference. Took 2-3 months each time. The 3rd time I got my card back with a broken crossfire connector. Wasn't able to get it replaced and gave up eventually. So I feel your pain.
  3. This was your first mistake
  4. Haha Yes I keep getting surprised. I see people +20 yo hitting a monitor screen repeatedly. Haha yea I actually helped a lady today on the phone, that thoght her monitor was the tower and couldn't understand why her webcam didn't work, beacuse "it was connected". I had a hard time explaining it to her and ended up getting her to count the wires going from the monitor -_-
  5. I agree 32gb is fine. Cl18 is fine if much cheaper than cl16. I would get a Arctic liquid freezer II 280 instead, unless you want rgb. Get another SSD thn the WD 550 This! The arctic freezer is much better value and performance Also SSD should be fine. You can always get a gen4 nvme down the road.
  6. Actually makes some sense, if the guy never used a pc before. Is it worse than the young people thinking everything has touchscreen?
  7. Damn if I didn't have a 280 rad in the front of my case, I would have this
  8. This is normal as some amout of stuff will be left over from fabrication. I would take it apart and clean. But you could try rinse and repeat
  9. I understand, didn't realize that these are fairly old games. This is optimized for No man sky https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/results/176267/
  10. As I said earlier check driver. Run a different driver optimized for those games or try setting different graphics preset. Also set everything in nvidia control panel to default. For example, don't run with geforce experienced settings
  11. NZXT cam software sucks. If I where you I would go for a Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 or 280
  12. Is memory located in slot A2 + B2, if not, then thats your issue.
  13. More specs. Memory speed. if on DOCP.. And so on
  14. GPU RMA or test with other driver. Check if this is happening in other games aswell, could be only in those games