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  1. I see. Why not just control it over motherboard then? I think your bios allows for custom fan curves?
  2. Check version. If not up to date, update ME firmware/driver - https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28632?v=t
  3. Reinstall like above.. And rest cmos /update bios, just to be sure. I would also try to disable all sata drives (disable sata in bios) just for lulz.
  4. Yes, like netlimiter, you can limit your network speed by using the available bandwidth. If your router supports QOS, You can set a slow speed for the port your pc is connected to/ signing it to the mac adress. You can do the same thing on wifi. You can also torrent a large file.
  5. If he remove HDD, does i still remain? Looks like storage errors all over could be the reason for the stuttering. Did he update bios on mobo?
  6. Strange. I would reinstall windows offline and then disable automatic driver installation after you first bootup. Stay offline until every driver is installed. SHould fix it if everything is stable. Might want to try resetting cmos/updating bios too. Remember to disable/remove every drive that isn't supporsed to run windows, while installing windows.
  7. Ok what country are you mining in? That is more than I expected
  8. If you use fan header from the chassis, then the gpu won't control fan speed. I would use this: https://www.moddiy.com/products/Mini-4-Pin-GPU-to-2-x-4-Pin-PWM-Fan-Adapter.html
  9. Today it's BTBAM - The Silent Circus (2020 remastered)
  10. Super cool! You still make any $$$ mining?
  11. First disable windows automatic driver installation: https://thegeekpage.com/disable-automatic-driver-updates/. Download DDU from:https://www.wagnardsoft.com/content/display-driver-uninstaller-ddu-v18036-released Run DDU in safe mode (you can set to prompt, in settings in program), restart DDU and reboot to safe mode. DDU is starting after bootup. Run. Choose new GPU. Reboot reinstall Nvidia driver: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/results/168778/
  12. Looks clean though. You could get a Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240. It's the best AIO you can get for this case, no rgb, no bull****. Uses a single 4 pin pwm connector for the 2 fans and pump (syncronized speed). https://www2.arctic.ac/liquidfreezer2/ Be advised you still have to get creative with the mounting
  13. Yes. I tried valorant ~a year ago, and I noticed something felt 'off' when using the pc. Startup for example was never ready on login screen, even after uninstalling the client. Eventually reinstalled windows and every problem disappeared. Solution: Play CSGO on FACEIT
  14. Yes Vanguard still require kernel access