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  1. Oh no my keyboard is saucy now! And it's your fault Looking good! Maybe a little overkill for Ryzen 3 - results seem a little off. Maybe add more voltage
  2. I haven't researched 3060's, but you will most likely be fine. You can always check before. Your unit is high quality so shouldn't be an issue
  3. 550W should work fine unless you got some monster 3060. What model you got? You got 45A on the 12V rail
  4. Lower timings = faster. The two profiles has similar timings but one with lower timings. Try the one with the highest of the two. I marked the one with faster timings, but slowest of the two if that makes sense. If that dosen't work. Try working your way up the list (using the list with the marked timing table)
  5. This is not preferable. You always want the same sticks accross the board. I would try the lowest timings first, the highest of the two kits: Dont forget to extend the view so you can actually see what to change (RC-RFC1-RFC2-RFC3 etc... Or if this isn't working. Try 17-18-18-36 and proceed to higher and higher timings. You can also try setting only the first 4, aka 16-18-18-36, leaving everything else auto, but I expect the board to this already with XMP....
  6. Is the 2 sticks placed in slot A2 and B2 in motherboard. If not do that. Did the sticks come in the same box? (as a kit, 2x16gb)
  7. Sounds like you paid to much for the cards Original MSRP for 3080 was 799
  8. No shit, it's a bigger card. Ti is always hotter, just saying. Why would you need a 3080 and 3080 ti? Mining?
  9. To me 750 is the sweetspot if you're upgrading in the future. 650 and 750 are almost the same price in most cases. Get 650, if the difference in price is big enough or if you can get a significantly better quality psu if choosing 650, unlikely, but could be possible if on sale or something.