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  1. I agree with your point. It totally depend upon person to person point of view. Although if we ignore bugs and optimisation part, there are still lot of things that can make a player dissatisfied like gunplay, driving vehicle, story etc.
  2. Maybe that’s the reason, they keep on delaying it. I don’t understand they took more then 8years and still lot of bugs. When you saw the trailer , dev. told us that the world is quite dense. And when you play the game you realise , there are lot of places where you can’t do anything/aimlessly walking around.
  3. Thnx @Riccardo Cagnasso, for sharing your experience !! I have assumed that you have noticed each and every detail of game very logically and technically. thnx for your opinion. I agree with your point. Infact I have seen the review on gamespot which is like average or above average not even great. It feels disappointing, after waiting so many years& this is what you got.
  4. @fpo Infact today i have found something funny at gamespot. here have a look
  5. Thnx @StDragon, for sharing your opinion. quite informative. please don’t forget to share your opinion regarding gameplay and story.
  6. Thnx @Gazereths, for sharing your opinion. You can wait for patch, for better optimisation.
  7. Wow !!! It’s seems like, we can spend a lot of time in customisation.
  8. Would you be so kind to share your personal review regarding gameplay , story n all ? as your opinion is highly valuable.
  9. Thnx @Ryoku, for sharing to ur experience !! belated happy birthday from my side !! please don’t forget to share me your personal review !!
  10. Thnx @Master Disaster for sharing your opinion. I agree with your point. Although just by looking video and screenshot , we can’t judge a game !! To judge any game , we need to put our hands on it or see the review. would you be so kind to share the personal review here ?
  11. Thnx @Sahl, for sharing your opinion !! I appreciate it.. Now look I may be wrong but I don’t know why but after seeing review on gamespot, i feel lil demotivated regarding this title. So incase if you have watched review and all, still you want to play ? feel free to share me your personal review.
  12. Yea but belong to same company . Jk
  13. Thnx @Jerakl, for sharing your experience , Bdw does it worth it , or should I go for Witcher 3 second time in 4K ??