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    Glens Falls, NY
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    Former physics teacher, current medical physicist, enjoyer of cooking, running, cycling, father of two
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    Medical Physicist


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    AMD R5 3600
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    MSI B550 Gaming Plus
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3200 32GB (2x16GB)
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    EVGA GeFORCE GTX 1660 Super
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    be quiet! Pure Base 500DX
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    ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB
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    Corsair RM 650 80+ Gold
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    be quiet! Pure Rock 2
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    Windows 10
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    Google Pixel 2

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  1. Always down to get a little extra power behind Folding. You can call me a popstar because I never stop never stopping!
  2. Yeah, I'd seen it once or twice before. I was just curious if anyone else noticed it on their numbers as well. Thanks, Yaboistar!
  3. Anyone else notice F@H stats remaining stagnant but EOC stats continuing to update?
  4. Broke into the top 400 for LTT and almost top 5000 overall! All since last March on a hodgepodge of GPUs
  5. Yeah, somebody fell asleep at the wheel. Looks like things are back on track though. Sadly, I'll never see another PPD like that one
  6. How about those new moonshot WUs, huh? I was usually at around 14-16 WU/d until about ten days ago. Now, I'm at about 9/day with each one taking about twice is long... but about 200k MORE POINTS PER DAY (on the the good days)! They be crazy
  7. Got in there and changed out the thermal "compound." It was darn near solid and came off like clay. Super easy to get at with this card though so that was nice. Four screws. All the memory and such was under a large metal plate so I didn't even bother with them. I haven't had a problem with the memory at all. Booted up and... hovering at 66-67C at stock (OC'd) speeds and in the high 50s at -10% power limit! She's back from the dead and back in the fold! All while being MacGruber'd up with some old case fans and zip ties
  8. Yeah, that's my first thought so that's where I'm heading first. Thanks
  9. I took a couple of case fans and MacGruber-ed them onto the heatsink and it's... better. Temp still climbs quite fast so I undervolted it and brought down the power slider. That got the temps to stay in the 60s at least. I may have to check the paste. The heatpipes get hot so there's some kind of contact. Maybe the fluid in the pipes leaked or something.
  10. Well, it looks like my R9 280 that has been limping along on 1 out of 2 fans is trying to keel over for good. It all of the sudden wants to creep it's temp up past 100 no matter what I do. I'm looking for a cheep/used card to replace it with. Thinking a GTX 970 or 1060 might be a good spot. Something at or below $100. I was hoping to get a bit more life out of the R9 before it crapped out on me
  11. I miss me some Voodoo! I believe my first card was a Rage 128 though. Gave up on on-board graphics quickly for some Half-Life goodness!
  12. That's in the ballpark of where I was leaning so thank you for the suggestion.