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  1. Fingering is the best way to get to know someone.


    1. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      relevant, time coded  


    2. DoctorNick


      Please be aware that parental guidance is adviced!

  2. puppersmirkL.png.526d30f610628eac6413f6d231e21152.pngTFTP is the horniest protocol.

  3. If you're able and there's no wierd IT-related rubberstamping or red tape, OpenVPN would definetley be your best bet if you had to set one up yourself. I would look into if your orginisation already has a vpn service available to other users within the municipality and hook into that. Added benifit of if something goes wrong, it's not your fault. Example: my old work was for local government; we used their VPN solution (Cisco AnyConnect) when working from home to allow us to hook into our support infrastructure on-site.
  4. Telnet is just SSH for exhibitionists.


    1. UselessBread


      Sodlqwhaw phvvdjhv duh mxvw hqfubswhg phvvdjhv iru haklelwlrqlvwv?

  5. Check to make sure your desktop size and rotation are correct for your settings:
  6. A quick google suggests it's a .NET or DX issue. Try reinstalling. What have you tried so far?
  7. VRChat is a solid shout
  8. Depends on who you speak to, development is slow and updates are often breaky. Scope creep is real. They bring some cool features sometimes tho. There's plenty of death stranding drug smuggling runs to be had, and some more recent combat missions. Mining was recently added with some cool looking things Depends on the patch iirc. My pc chugs a bit, but it's old. but i'd say it runs ok
  9. Generic response denying involvement
  10. Wait, you're telling me that you're not supposed to stand there?