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  1. I'm just using that mayhem stuff because I was given a free bottle. Why is it overkill/not useful? The PT stuff is for the biocide right, so wouldnt that be helpful
  2. So I need to empty out my loop and refill it with new coolant. Im getting some mayhem xt-1 clear coolant and I want to add some Petra's Tech PT Nuke Cu Concentrated Biocide in there. I have an expandable AIO, the H220 which has a radiator with brass tubes. Can I mix that PT nuke with copper in and not destroy/corrode my brass tubes? http://www.swiftech.com/MCR-H220-RADIATOR.aspx https://mayhems.co.uk/coolants/xt-1-coolant/xt-1/xt-1cc/ http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/peptcobi1.html
  3. it was the DP cable just bought an hdmi and it works.
  4. Ok thanks I'll go ahead and try a new dp cable as its the simplest thing to check
  5. I was streaming one day and when I started up a game, the screen went bad, almost as if the driver crashed. However on my phone the stream looked perfectly normal, even though I couldn't see anything on my monitor. So I did a hard reset, and launched obs and the game. The same issue happened again. Perplexed, I hit the reset again. This time the monitor displays no signal. The PC gets to post and all the fans (including the one on the GPU) are spinning. As I'm only running one GPU, I went ahead and took it out and put in the other one (the xfx one in my signature). The
  6. Yeah, if you take a look at all the GAAP financials from Q2 of 2014 until now, you'll see that hold true
  7. I meant to write operating profit. Which would be correct. Although, it would only act to confuse this term with overall profit
  8. Looks like next quarter might be even better once epyc and vega sales show up on the balance sheet. Not to mention ryzen will continue to gain traction in the market with threadripper sales. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/07/25/amd-stock-soars-after-strong-guidance-earnings-beat.html
  9. Well, I guess we could turn this thread into a "what does your tag mean"....continue to discuss i guess
  10. Probably obvious by now, but I wonder if this also translates to forums members. Anonymity ftw. Also interesting: https://www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/2015/research/usernames-video-gamers/ http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747563215301655
  11. Also comes with Hitman, so added value
  12. As a dual citizen thats lived in both countries, single payer indeed seems to have its advantages on the surface. For example, according to the world health organization: The US has a life expectancy 4 years less than Canada, yet we have 7% more expenditure of our GDP. So why dont we just switch over? Single payer although effective in Canada, might have limitations in terms of scalability and scope. For example, there are more people in California than there are in Canada. What works for 35 million Canadians may not be effective for 320 milli
  13. I just interviewed Martin Shkreli for 5 mins. Eat that CNN

  14. PSA: Proton pump inhibitors linked with dementia 



  15. Preferably with a tangle resistant cord. What is the best I can get?