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    Politics, Planes, Music, String Instruments, Gaming (Flight sim mostly), Building PCs and Helping Others
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    Intel Core i7-7700k 4.4Ghz
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    Gigabyte Z270MX-Gaming5
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    16 GB DDR4
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    NZXT Phantom
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    Samsung 512GB Evo, Adata 256GB, WD Blue 4TB, SeaGate Barracuda 2TB
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    x1 21" AOC 1080p (Primary) and x1 32" Samsung TV 768p (Secondary)
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    Logitech G810
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    Logitech MX Master
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    G933 Headset and Z506 Speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

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  1. I dont mind if it is overkill, as it is in the roof in a box doing nothing. I put the budget in the OP, $500 Max NZD (360USD) including everything. The cheaper the better though as they dont like to part with money. If you think that the CPU would work well in that situation I could use it, I would simply have to find a case and PSU for it.
  2. Thanks for all your advice, I am aware of the benefits of Enterprise drives/NAS drives but they simply cost too much. I run them at home, but they won't be able to justify that sort of cost. I did think that the NIC was a bit overkill but I read online that they were really important if you are making your own from scratch. I do have an old CPU+MOBO from intel, I think it is probably a I5 3550k, but I assumed with the prices of a prebuilt it would be better off just buying them rather than getting a case and PSU.
  3. Edit: Just realised there was a NAS category, sorry. Hi there everyone, I have been recently volunteering at a small not for profit organisation and have seen how terrible their file management is (Consists of about 7 small external hard drives and memory sticks). It will primarily be used for documents, photos and small videos. I want to try and sort out a NAS for them but as I am sure you can all imagine, being a small NFP they don't have a lot of money. I am used to using Synology and calling it a day. Their setup would consist of 2-3, possibly 4 people at max e
  4. Hey, I just bought GTA 5 today after getting banned a few years back (Not interested in doing anything that would get me banned again). I am looking for some people to play with properly this time xD. I bought the pack that gives you some stuff to start off, but the problem is I have no idea what to do. A lot has changed over the years. Thanks
  5. So we dont need to watch the video??? Hence the title TL;DW. Not everyone wants to watch a 50 min video when they could just read a quick post.
  6. Do you want to upgrade? If answer = Yes, then do it. If answer = No, then don't do it. You can always go back to the 300i if you change your mind. You will be left with store credit though.
  7. I listen to classical/instrumental (mainly strings).
  8. I +1, or maybe even something a bit bigger than a starter but probably nothing more than $150. Sure it isnt done but I think there is still enough to have a bit of fun in.
  9. I couldn't fault getting a ship to try it out. I dont know if I would jump straight into a big ship both because most of them are not fly ready yet and also because you may not like the game. (WARNING) You are about to get flamed by people that think SC is a scam when you say $500.
  10. If you can't go onto discord I would at least try to put more than one question in each thread as it is a bit excessive. Anyway on topic, I use the Saitek X55. Haven't used it in SC yet as my ship isnt fly ready but I use it in my flight sim and I love it.
  11. You can walk around your ship (so long as it is not just a seat) and you will have to buy a new ship if you dont have insurance. They haven't gone into much depth with that mechanic yet though from what I understand.
  12. Hi there, My mum left her Samsung GT-S7275R (Galaxy Ace 3) out in the sun and now it wont boot into the operating system. It goes as far as saying the model then the Samsung animation plays in which it then just keeps pulsating on the samsung logo. Sorry if that isn't enough detail, I have never had to troubleshoot a phone before. Is there anything I can do to try and fix this or has she baked it? Thanks, Leighton