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    Cy-Fy reacted to bimmerman in Working in Consumer Electronics as a Mechanical Engineer   
    I'm a mech e and do a lot of work with the consumer electronics industry.
    Basically, apply to the big companies-- apple, microsoft, google, etc. If you're partway through school, apply for internships. If you're close to done, apply for jobs. You'll need to relocate unless you live in a company's backyard.
    If you're not close to graduating yet, I would highly suggest doing everything you can to be a competitive applicant-- the big companies only hire the best, so make sure you are one. Excellent grades, documented team project work, interdisciplinary everything, solid internships, excellent verbal and written communication skills, etc. You may also want to consider some amount of grad school-- if your school offers a BS/MS degree option, I'd jump on that wholeheartedly. Interdisciplinary is not a buzzword to you any more, it's a way of thinking.
    Mech Es in consumer electronics are everywhere, and not as much in manufacturing as you'd expect-- that's the primary, though non-exclusive, domain of industrial and manufacturing engineers. Mech Es are everywhere from materials to reliability to failure analysis to design to packaging to thermals to simulation to.......you get the point-- we're generalists by definition. What classwork areas do you enjoy? You will figure out what parts you do/don't have a knack for, but painting with a very broad brush, you'll want to have good working knowledge of stress/strain and solid mechanics, materials science, fatigue analysis, thermals and heat transfer, design for manufacturing and assembly, and more. Basically every class you take as an ME, with the possible exception of Fluids, is important to working as an ME on teams in the consumer electronics industry. At least that's been my experience w/r/t curriculum applicability. Also-- learn Solidworks (or whatever professional CAD package your school uses), learn to code Matlab and Labview, and familiarize yourself with FEA. If you know other software packages, great! If you don't know those at a minimum, you aren't that competitive. Finally-- I know it's hip to not use MS Office, but you must know how to use Excel, Powerpoint, and Word, fluently. Industry does not run on google docs or open office for professional work.
    The advice from other posters is also excellent. Apply to all sorts of companies that sound interesting, not just in specific industries unless you know you want to work in them (in other words, do internships! they're paid for engineers, so do them!)
    As for my experience working in the industry....to be honest, it's awesome BUT exhausting. The work is quite interesting, but you aren't playing with products like techtubers are. You're working on stuff that's in prototype mode, figuring out how to improve XYZ to meet target requirement ABC, running tests, iterating...y'know, engineering. You don't really deal with released product because it's been released-- not much mechanical engineering to be done that isn't QA/Reliability. If that excites you, then great! Hours can be long, deadlines are short and very inflexible, but the work is really cool and you can see the results of your work within a couple years (vs a few years for medical devices or decades for aerospace)
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    Cy-Fy reacted to TopDollar in Working in Consumer Electronics as a Mechanical Engineer   
    I'm a mechanical engineer in the naval/marine industry. There are certainly job opportunities out there for mechanical engineers in consumer electronics, although they might be harder to find than computer science or electrical, computer, and software engineering jobs. I do know however that a handful of Aero/Mechanical engineers from my graduating class got jobs at Global Foundries.
    My best advice is to start gaining professional engineering experience now by applying for all the summer internships or semester long coops you can. Not only will doing that make it significantly easier to get a job right out of college, but it will also help you figure out what you like to do. I have a feeling a lot of mechanical engineering jobs in the consumer electronics industry are related to manufacturing processes.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to FlatMM in Working in Consumer Electronics as a Mechanical Engineer   
    I would look at what interests you, and then try to figure out in what field you would get to do that, rather than solely looking at what industry you wanna be in. The older I've gotten the more I've realised how important that is. Have you done something in school that you truly enjoyed? That excited you?
    Also, wherever you end up, one company is not like other. Don't be too quick obviously, but you might hate being in one company and love being in another in the same field. But this is starting to drift off topic
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    Cy-Fy reacted to wasab in Working in Consumer Electronics as a Mechanical Engineer   
    You need to move to Alaska or Texas for oil. You willing relocate. 
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    Cy-Fy reacted to Darkseth in Which S10 to get?   
    I had the S7 Edge. Had no issues with the "Edge".
    In Fact, i even liked/enjoyed the features it gave me - mainly the Shortcuts to keep the homescreen clean.
    almost 5 Months into Oneplus right now. I do miss the Edge features a little.
    S10 is a great phone lineup.
    S9+ is still devent, but keep in mind: 1 year older = 1 year less updates remaining.
    I just wouldnt really get an S9 - because it does have only 4gb Ram. If you use multiple apps at the same time, switching between them, you will already notice 4gb beeing a bit limited.
    If you think about using it for the next 4 years again, then i promise you, having 6gb or even 8gb will pay off compared to 4gb. With enough multitasking, it did pay off 1-2 years ago. Lighter usage, it will pay off a bit later. Apps/software gets bigger and bigger over time.
    Also, S10e is cheaper than s10/S10+, and is still very decent. If you come from an S4, this will still be a size-upgrade.
    And it is indeed a very compact flaggship phone.
    If you want a compact phone, and it doesn't need to be Samsung, consider Pixel 3. Goes for <599€ already often here in Germany (849€ MSRP from Google store), even Pixel 3 XL went to 600€ recently.
    @ 6.4" phones nowadays: Most people get used to it.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to GamerDude in Which S10 to get?   
    I've read good things about the S10e, less problematic unlock with sensor on the side rather than on the screen. Two instead of three cameras at the back isn't a deal breaker for most (lacks ultra-wide mode compared to bigger siblings), similar specs to the S10/S10+ I believe but smaller battery capacity (but is offset by smaller screen). I have the S10+ 128GB version, the issue is with finding a good tempered glass screen protector (SP) that works with the screen finger print (FP) sensor. I'd gotten one that works about 50% of the times I'd tried unlocking the phone.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to dgsddfgdfhgs in Which S10 to get?   
    Pick the correct screen size as first priority, they are all taller and have different aspect ratio as prev line up(16:9) if you hold them side by side, its like at 16:9
    s10e = 5.2"
    s10 = 5.5"
    s10+= 5.7"
    if you watch 16:9 un-distorted videos alot, you can ignore s10e
    as for the curve , I could say it feels good in hand, but because of its ultra thin side, you need to adapt holding it right and get used to accident touches to side screen. 
    there is always reflection on the edge screen....
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    Cy-Fy reacted to Radioactive Snowman in Which S10 to get?   
    It lacks the telephoto not the ultra wide, only the S10 and S10 plus have a telephoto
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    Cy-Fy reacted to GamerDude in Which S10 to get?   
    I had meant that, but got my terms mixed up. Another plus in favor of the S10e, no curved edge
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    Cy-Fy reacted to RoyalGamer1 in How to invest in Cryptocurrencies?   
    the exchange you use will most likely ask for a picture of your government issued ID and your SSN for tax reasons before they let you buy any coins
    after you make $600 on coinbase I think the tax thing kicks in. not sure about other exchanges  
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    Cy-Fy reacted to Fooshi in How to invest in Cryptocurrencies?   
    Find an exchange open to your country, sign up with the proper documents in order (usually passport, tax statements, etc.), do your research on which currency you want to invest in and you're good to go. (In very simple terms).
    Chainoperator has a nice list of the most popular and trusted exchanges. Personally I use Bitstamp as they offer XRP is open to Norwegian citizens. Signing up to several is a good idea, as verification can take everything from a day up to several weeks. 
    Things to keep in mind:
    - There's going to be a lot of fees. Trading a few 100 dollars here and there won't net you much in return. Direct credit card purchases / deposits are usually the biggest transaction fees, but pretty much instant. If you're patient, you can wire transfer, which has less fees, but can take on average up to 2 days. If you're within the EU and your exchange is within the EU, SEPA transactions are pretty cheap (if not free in some cases) depending on how much your bank wants to gouge you for money.
    - ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE. You will most likely lose money in the beginning. Same old "buy low, sell high" goes.
    - Get yourself an app to keep track of prices. Blockfolio is my favourite, as you can enter your purchases and keep track of the current value of your holdings. Can also set notifications for specific price points and prices between different exchanges. 
    - Get to know your governments' stance on crypto and if they want to tax your earnings. Some show no mercy, some are pretty lax.
    - At last, keep in mind crypto is only valuable if it can be used for something, otherwise it's just "internet funbux".
    Good luck, have fun and remember to not jump off a bridge if your choice of currency loses half its value in a day.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to Stormerzgeek Deraj in Is this a good time to buy Bose QC35 II?   
    In accordance to the pattern of release dates qc 25 launched on 2014 , qc35 on 2016 and qc35 ll in end of mid 2017. So if Bose doesn't consider qc35 ll as a separate model, there are chances for possibly a qc45 in 2018. But I have currently have the qc35 which I just got few months back, and if you ask me it's a really good pair of headphone and for me even better than the pxc 550 in sound and noise cancelling aspects. So unless you have been saving up for a quality pair of headphones for a long time, you won't regret buying qc35 ll. To your concern even the qc25 is still a great pair of headphones.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to typographie in Alternative to CyanogenMod?   
    I installed Lineage like I installed CM: I dropped the file and Gapps onto my phone's internal storage, rebooted into TWRP, and flashed the ROMs. I don't know how to use other methods, or what others are available.
    I haven't used TouchWiz on this S3 in several years, so how it performed is not fresh in my mind. I went through several years and versions of CyanogenMod before trying Lineage. I will say I didn't notice a drop in UI performance going from CM14 to Lineage, which is all I really hope for with hardware half a decade older than the software.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to huilun02 in Alternative to CyanogenMod?   
    Learn to read XDA threads and clean flash or go home. I'm not being elitist or anything. You should get the hang of the root/flash process and thereafter you can install custom roms for subsequent (Android) phones with greater ease. Installers are a rarity and something you cannot always rely on.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to Dash Lambda in A simple math question that I dont know.   
    Two points are always collinear, because two points define a line. It is only possible for a set of points to not be collinear when it consists of three or more.
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    Cy-Fy got a reaction from Teddy07 in College degree   
    I was in a similar position to you in that I just graduated school and had to make up my mind. I decided not to take a gap year so will be starting university in October. If I am very honest with you I wouldn't listen too much to the people who say a background in media won't be helpful or that anyone can do it, and I don't mean any disrespect to the other repliers but in my opinion you have, you must, do exactly what you are passionate about. You cannot let other people dictate what you enjoy doing because at the end of the day if you take up a degree of something you absolutely enjoy you will do extremely well in assignments and projects and it will just make you stand out because you have passion, and once you do that you don't need to worry too much about job prospects because your track record will be able to speak for itself.
    I think you need to use this gap year you're going to take to either research about future jobs or maybe do some work experience or shadowing with people who have taken each of the three subjects you are deciding about.
    Just to be clear I'm not saying that media is the best idea in the world, but more importantly I'm not saying it isn't, especially for you specifically. I do understand that some people will rightly say that future prospects in media will be more difficult to achieve than in other areas but maybe there are areas within media that you haven't considered like not just video production but other areas of creative arts if you are an artsy person like graphic design or web design or if you are a person who cares more about user experience then maybe interactions design. You could also get involved with the technical side of media like production equipment, lighting, sound, post processing, these are all huge areas that make up "media" but don't require you to do a degree in "media" if you know what I mean.
    Lastly I just want to highlight that you mention that game design is what you "would want to do" until LTT came along. It is important to figure out whether your love for all things related to media is just something that you feel now whereas game design is something you truly love or whether you really discovered what makes you happy.
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    Cy-Fy got a reaction from Dash Lambda in A simple math question that I dont know.   
    yep just to add to Dash Lambda above to see if it's easier to understand: To find if three points are collinear you would try to draw a straight line which passes through all three points right? If any points cannot be on the line because it isn't inline with the others then they're not collinear. Now take two points and see if they are collinear, draw a line joining the two... you'll always be able to.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to Teddy07 in College degree   
    I agree that passion is important you also have to keep in mind. I want to note that I just give advice and nothing more. 
    Very good advice. He should definitely follow his passion but also have to do his research about job opportunities, salary, workload.... after his degree.
    I agree but you can learn about founding a business by reading some books and so on. You don't need to study economics for that. You also have to keep in mind that you have a huge competition because a lot of people study it. 
    I didn't like the content over the past year + I play way less PC now + I basically only watched the WAN show + I did unsubscribe from quite a few channels as I dont want to be distracted by all the new videos....
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    Cy-Fy reacted to pxnguinPr3 in Does resetting Windows 10 revert back to Windows 7 or does it stay as Win 10?   
    It deletes all the files, folders ect, and reinstalls the operating system that you have installed when you click it, so win 10
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    Cy-Fy got a reaction from Cookiemo1982 in Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions   
    What Thunderbolt is and would allow to do is pretty interesting too.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to Geeb_ in Has anyone bought used parts from CeX stores (i.e. webuy.com) ?   
    Bought both in store and online, both just as good as each other
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    Cy-Fy reacted to Fetzie in What shoes to wear for a walk up a mountain?   
    Thick sole, a decent tread and ankle support. Thick sole means your feet aren't getting hurt by every little bit of gravel that makes itself felt through the bottom of the shoe. Decent tread gives you grip and the ankle/Achilles support means you won't turn your foot over halfway up and have to limp back down or call mountain rescue.
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    Cy-Fy reacted to CtrlAltELITE in What shoes to wear for a walk up a mountain?   
    I do a fair bit of camping & hiking. I use a pair of Timberland work boots i've had for years (and wear to work).
    Anything with a thick sole and ankle support should do you good. MAKE SURE TO BREAK IN YOUR BOOTS A FEW WEEKS BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!!!
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    Cy-Fy reacted to Yuval in What shoes to wear for a walk up a mountain?   
    They won't do shit, they won't be stable and you will fall. Don't get boots if the hike is close you need a week or so to break a new pair in. Running shoes are also intended to be used on soil and roads so it's the better choice