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  1. Thanks, it's good to hear from people who have tried the same/similar stuff instead of just trying to compare spec sheets. I will look into those you recommend, thanks!
  2. Hi thanks a lot for the advice. Yeah I had my sights on the canon ecosystem for a while after doing some research but I'm open to looking into other systems to find what's best for me. That's interesting to hear about the way the lenses tend to be where you would upgrade as you become more experienced instead of the camera body itself (at least in the beginning). Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your reply! I did consider Sony cameras however I found that one with a similar feature set compared to the RP is significantly more expensive. But not sure if this is worth it?
  4. Hi, I am relatively new to photography, however I am always finding myself using the manual modes on my phone to try and get the most out of my camera. I also have previously borrowed the Nikon 3300 and 5600 and they have been great cameras for everyday use. I am now looking to buy my own camera and I am interested in hearing people's opinions, especially from those that have more experience in this. I am essentially looking for a camera that will serve me well for many many years and which will hopefully not be outdated too quickly. My biggest worry is that I don't kno
  5. Hi, I'm writing this here in the event that there are people here with similar experiences or knowledge. I'm about to graduate with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering but have not yet been able to secure a job. To be honest, all the workload from university has made it quite difficult to focus on making good applications and also I do believe that this year there have been less opportunities due to the pandemic, especially at companies that I was looking forward to applying to. It just feels like I'm just settling for whatever's available instead of really being able t
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a new mouse recommendation. I am specifically looking for a gaming mouse (for the better precision), but with bluetooth (even though the dongle connection might be more responsive I'd like to connect without a dongle). It seems like there aren't many options, mainly the logitech g604, the logitech g603 and the Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed for below about £100. Would you recommend any o these in particular? I admit I won't do much gaming but it seems like gaming mice just perform better even in day to day activities. I was thinking of the MX Master 3 s
  7. Hi, just wanted to write how I managed to fix this issue in case it's any help to anyone. It turns out the problem was caused by having a network drive from my university mapped in my pc which I used to access using my university's VPN. After I unmapped the drive all the problems seemed to go away.
  8. Hi thanks for your replies. I have made sure I don't have anything else running in the background and the startup apps are pretty minimal. Also sometimes putting the computer to sleep and waking up again fixes it/ messes it up depending on how it was before. Is there anything that can be checked without having to download additional apps?
  9. Hi, I'm using a Dell XPS 15 9560 laptop from 2017. I don't actually believe the SSD is faulty (at least I hope it isn't) but for the past few months I've been having issues that have been getting worse when doing anything to do with the File Explorer. For example, creating a new folder crashes the laptop, renaming folders/files also crashes the laptop, copying/pasting and deleting files kind of works but the pop up window gets stuck on 99%, thumbnails don't load half the time. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the SSD but I suspect it is since it happens any time I do anything
  10. I see, well thanks, I hate how much of a laptop's usability gets hindered by a bad battery. Worst thing is Dell won't even sell me a new replacement if it's out of warranty.
  11. Yeah that's what I am afraid of. However, isn't it strange that the battery works perfectly fine for its full capacity as long as I don't turn off and on again?
  12. Hi, My XPS 15 9560's battery died a while ago. I purchased a third party replacement and it seems to work fine but after it reaches roughly 50% or less, if I shut down the computer then next time I turn it on it goes straight to 7%. But this only happens if I shut down or restart the laptop. If I just close the lid and it goes to sleep then the battery works as expected and I get the full battery life. Anyone have any idea of why this is occurring or if there is any settings that could be adjusted? It's almost like shutting down and turning on again is what's draining i
  13. Hi everyone, I have a question specifically for people who have purchased Dell laptops in the UK before. I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 from 2017 that has been great for me throughout my time at university. I have taken good care of it and honestly I've been paying particular attention to taking care of the battery because I damaged the battery on my previous laptop by keeping it plugged in all the time. However, recently the battery just suddenly died with no warning, and all the symptoms are those of a dead battery including the flashing amber light at the front, the three
  14. Hey thank you very much for your reply. Yeah that is another difficulty with the Year Abroad programme, you have to put down your preference of 3 of the UC campuses but you are not guaranteed any of them, and even then UCLA is not a possibility for us so the choice might not seem that great after all. MIT does seem like a great idea but it's very competitive so very difficult to get into the programme. I also appreciate what you mentioned about your own career path. I have also been looking into possibly applying for an internship at one of the companies you mentioned, maybe parti
  15. Hey thanks for your reply. Yeah it seems like the priority should be the year in industry to begin with then, if possible then go abroad. But yeah I understand what you mean, if I can do both that is probably better.
  16. Yeah that is an interesting point about doing the year in industry abroad, maybe that would be a good balance of the two. Thanks for your reply, I'll look into this.
  17. Yeah thanks for your reply. Yeah, more often than not, people I have known from my university who did an internship did end up getting an offer for a graduate position so it does seem very beneficial to do the year in industry.
  18. Hey haha yeah I mean these sort of companies do attract a very distinguishable type of person to work for them.. Yeah I think doing both will probably be the best. Imperial has a big name in the UK and it does have a lot of links with industry it it just sometimes difficult to see that they actually exist when you are just an undergraduate.
  19. Hey thanks for your reply. Yes I believe doing both would be an option, it might be slightly more complicated to apply as I won't be at uni to do all the process because I would be applying while I'm in industry, but anyway that's more of the administrative side of things. I am currently at Imperial College in the UK and the options I was looking at was to do the year abroad in the US where the choices are the University of California or MIT. The options are obviously very competitive so there are also other options in Australia, Singapore and Europe. Maybe I should mention th
  20. Hi, I am currently aat university about to start my 3rd year of mechanical engineering which is normally 4 years. I have the opportunity to do an extra year in industry so the total degree takes 5 years, or I can also do a year abroad so the last year is taken at a different uni so it is still 4 years long. So far I haven't done many internships in the summer although I've done a little bit before uni and just helped out with some projects, but no real work. My question is, I understand that year in industry is more beneficial in terms of getting experience, but would a year abroad
  21. Fair enough haha but then the question is the same.. if they don't care about which course, then do they care more about better grades??
  22. Alright yeah probably not, I am more interested in going into industry after I finish
  23. Hey, I just had a quick question about choosing optional modules for my degree in Mechanical Engineering. I know that the decision is mine in the end but I just wanted a bit of general advice from people who may have been in the same position as me before. So basically I have just finished second year and I am about to choose the optional modules that I will take next year. From the long list I have crossed out a couple that really don't interest me. However, I feel like from the remaining ones, none of them are really that good so I find myself just choosing the ones t
  24. Hey I really appreciate your response. In terms of the things you mentioned that I should be experienced with in terms of classes and software I believe I am in a pretty good position. All of what you mentioned we have covered in one way or another. In terms of what I found interesting, it's precisely the times we've had to develop an idea into a product, prototyping and improving it as much as we can. That is what I think I have enjoyed the most as it also involves design which I like. So I guess the best thing to do for me would be to find internships or opportunities where I know I can appl
  25. Yes that sounds like a good idea. To be honest, right now I don't feel like manufacturing processes would be my first choice for a job. I enjoy much more the process of design and development to create an idea from scratch so I guess I should focus on industries where this is possible. Thanks for the reply!