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  1. Don't do that, this is very very inaccurate. For example, 1% down could mean: 92,1% down to 91,9%. This is just 0,2%. Or it could mean 92,9% down to 91,9%,which is also a 1,0%. 5x the difference. (EDIT: Well, 13 Min per 1% would calculate up to 65 Minutes per 5%. Sounds simliar to mine, and that's an extremely good value you won't see with almost any other Laptop right now. It takes longer, but go like this: Use your device for 1 hour or 2 hours, and look how many % points you lost. My M1 Pro loses like 5% per hour~ during normal stuff like Office, a few
  2. It's good enough to have Cinebench results available. And these aren't false. And you didn't provide any better source yet. "I don't like your source" does not change my Statement Do you prefer Notebookcheck? https://www.notebookcheck.net/R5-4500U-vs-R7-4700U-vs-i5-1135G7_11687_11683_12238.247596.0.html Here, Multicore is +- similar. HERE, the 4500u beats the Tiger Lake slightly. But that always depends on which Notebooks were used for testing.Tiger Lake can go up to 28w sometimes. In average, Multicore will be very similar. Why wouldn't it? 6/6 vs. 4/8, plus the Sing
  3. it's not a Sample, it's just as you would buy it yourself too. Samsung reduced weight and thinness quite alot. And making it thinner and lighter always means: more flex, because Case material needs to be thinner. It's just the same with the LG Gram series overall, even if the Trackpad probably won't be clickable from the bottom like on the Galaxy Book. That's why i think, these Galaxy Books and LG Gram are quite bad laptops, because they sacrafice too much just for bringing the Weight down to the extreme. it's overkill. Alternatives: Asus Zenbook, Dell XPS 13 931
  4. i5 Tiger Lake is slightly better in Single Core, the Ryzen is slightly better in Multicore. This is REALLY not how it works.. GPU doesn't use 2gb, and they are just gone. GPU uses probably a few 100 mb, but there is a maximum it "CAN" use, if it needs it. But since Ram is not upgradeable, i would think about buying 16gb models anyway. Regardless of the IGP using the Ram as Video memory or not. i'm not a Fan of Intel, but this is not true: https://www.cpu-monkey.com/de/compare_cpu-amd_ryzen_5_4500u-1144-vs-intel_core_i5_1135g7-1616 4500u is a
  5. https://isapplesiliconready.com/for/developer IntelliJ Idea at least is fully optimized for Apple Silicon already, in case you're gonna use that.. Netbeans and Eclipse run through Rosetta
  6. - 7 vs. 8 core GPU is mostly irrelevant, unless you really do GPU stuff (Gaming etc). - Well, only you can decide, if 256gb is enough for you. In my Opinion: Upgrading to 16gb Ram is more important in the long run, because you will never be able to upgrade Ram. While you can always connect an external SSD, even if it's not the most elegant thing. Or: 256gb/16gb > 512gb/8gb. But all will be fine, even the 256/8gb base model will be fine for College-level-stuff. - Yes, there are cheaper Windows Notebooks, that will also do the job. Like a Lenovo Ideapad 5 (Pro),
  7. And the M1 chip is extremely battery efficient, even when doing things. My M1 Pro on Zoom consumes almost no energy, and only loses 20% Battery in 3 hours zoom. Every Windows machine would have a significantly lower battery life. Like, on those stuff, you will not need a Charger during the Day, unles you work like 15 hours a day. And that M1 chip is extremely difficult to push to the limits in "daily Tasks". But the upcoming (maybe announcement in a Month during WWDC) 14" Pro might be promising for 2000 bucks. mini LED, probably re-design, and probably THE fastest Notebook chip on th
  8. And what does the Laptop need to do? Gaming? Videoediting? Large Photoshop projects? Just basic daily stuff? Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 (pro) is a solid choice for example, or Ideapad 5 Pro (2560x1600 Screen). Depending what you do, how much storage you need, and what aspects mean alot to you (for example, fanless design if you hate any fan noise with a passion), it could be a better Value, going up to the m1 Macbook Air, which atm do start at $849 refurbished at Apple: https://www.apple.com/shop/refurbished/mac High performance, great Batterylife, fanless, great display
  9. Macbook Pro has mainly 2-3 things: - Touchbar (Love it or hate it) - more battery life due to 18%~ larger battery (let's say, 20 hours instead of 15? Either will be a CHAMP through the day, don't worry. But if you want as much as possible...) - 500 nits over 400 nits. These are the 2-3 main aspects. 2, if 400 nits is more than plenty for you, then you obviously don't benefit from having 500. Some smaller Aspects, which can be ignored: - better speakers (on paper. MaxTech finds the Air speakers better) - "3 array studio microphones" for slightly better voice qua
  10. Hope i didn't miss the Information but was your Laptop plugged in during the Benchmark?
  11. Asus Strix has only 1080p and only 16:9. Depending on how much you have to wait, and how much you "need" a Computer right now, i would wait. 2560x1600 and 16:10 is just soooo good. You will for sure benefit for those Applications like CAD.
  12. If the Ivy Bridge CPU has enough Performance for your needs, you don't need a new Laptop, really. Put in an SSD, maybe upgrade Ram if 8gb isn't enough. Notebooks usually use smaller, slower HDDs, so these things are even slower than you imagine. And older Notebooks with older HDDs can really feel like pure Cancer using them. The HDD is the thing, that slows the Computer down atm, not the CPU.
  13. Lenovo Thinkpad T series --> T14, if 14" is big enough, preferable with AMD Ryzen. 15" (T15) only exists with Intel sadly, but well, the CPU wouldn't be an issue here. Also, HP Elitebook. Both are similar, higher End Business-class Notebooks, they come with Premium Support (like next day repair) that can be configured up to 5 years. Also, it can be repaired more easily if anything happens. If too expensive, look into older Thinkpads, maybe even Refurbished T-Thinkpads from the last 5-7 years will do basic Tasks just fine - and they are also very very
  14. The M1 macbook Pros have the by far best Bang for your buck, that every Macbook ever had. The M1 chip is such as Dealbreaker, that even more expensive alternatives are worse, like the Dell XPS 13 (or the new Samsung Galaxy Book, LG Gram, Thinkpad X1 Nano / X1 G9, Razer Blade stealth 13, etc). M1 Macbook Pro (even over the cheaper, but almost just as good Macbook Air) gives you a great performance, 20 hours battery life, zero heat issues, and a Fan you will only ever hear when starting a Benchmark, or rendering for many minutes. Screen quality is superb, speaker quality, T