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  1. That's quite special. But it's said to have more than 6 hours "usage" during the Day. Probably, Wifi/mobile data mixed usage. Take a bit away, if you have Tether on. I don't know how much that draws nowadays, i never used that for a longer time, just to download a document or something like that. However: Out of all recent "small phones", it should still have the best battery life.
  2. Gaming only? Or for what purpose exactly? You're paying extra, only for that second Display. If you want that, or maybe even "need" that for maximum productivity without additional Displays, go for it. If you don't need that second Display, there's no reason to buy it. If you're not Gaming, and don't need Windows, wait for the new Macbook Pro reviews.
  3. So your only argument is, that M1 Macs can get slow too? I have never claimed they can't slow down. I just said, in direct comparison to a Windows machine with the same amount of Ram installed, the M1 Mac will be able to do more, and slow down much later, because MacOS handles "full Ram" much better than Windows does. And that's exactly what that named Video showed. The Windows machine slowed down, whiel the M1 Mac didn't (yet!!). While 32gb on a Windows machine could end up not beeing enoungh, there's a chance it will be enough on a M1 Pro/Max Mac with 32gb. Espec
  4. Only one way to find out. 15%~ below market price is actually a good starting point. You can always go lower, if there's no interest.
  5. @igormpOh it's not? So the M1 Macbook with full Ram does slow down just like Windows Notebooks with full Ram? Oh wait, it doesn't Maxtech did a Video with heavy multitasking. Dell XPS 13 with full Ram slowed down by 50%, Macbook M1 with same Tasks didn't slow down. Unified Memory doesn't need double the data, if the GPU needs to access it, and MacOS (with Unified Memory) is much more efficient with Ram Management. Yes, that's exactly how it works. There were more than enough people who claimed, their Workflow now works with a 16gb M1 Macbook, when they needed 32gb
  6. Do you actually need 64 Ram? Don't forget, it's unified memory, and MUCH faster than "regular" Ram. Dell XPS probably sits at 50 gb/s Ram bandwidth, the RTX 3060 sits at 350 gb/s~ something like that. And they are separate. Macbook has Unified Memory, so you often need less. Data can be accessed from CPU and GPU and doesn't need to be copied over. Also, M1 Pro comes with 200 gb/s, M1 Max with 400 gb/s. Even just taking the regular M1 Chip, 16gb Ram can do MUCH more than 16gb Ram on a Windows Computer. When 32gb Ram on Windows aren't enough for you, 32gb w
  7. it's 100% subjective. I personally enjoy 120 Hz. Everywhere. Games, scrolling, Desktop, it just looks good. I even wish, Movies would be shot at much higher than 24 fps. So for me, i would've payed the Pro-Tax just for ProMotion alone, even if cameras were identical. Other people don't see much of a difference, and/or don't care enough on a phone. Which is fine i guess, iOS is the best 60 hz experience kinda. But.. I liked it on the iPad Pro with IPS, and i like it on the Oled. I think, ProMotion gives the iPhone the smoothness it deserves (with such an overpowe
  8. In that Pricepoint, only Tab S6 lite, there is nothing else really. It's cheap, Pen included, and new enough to still be relevant. Better: iPad 9th Gen for 350€~ + Apple Pencil. Much better high quality Apps (GoodNotes 5, Notability), much more Performance, better optimized OS/Apps, longer Updates.
  9. I recomment the 13 mini as well. - best small phone out there, by FAR. - Much better Batterylife than trhe 12 Mini, and by FAR better than the iPhone SE 2020. Mrwhostheboss did a Battery drain Test, the SE was gone after 3:50 hours or so, the 13 mini held up for 6:30 or something like that~, that's all day battery life. Unless you're doing nothing else than playing with your phone. Or let me rephrase that: From all phones at similar size, the 13 Mini has the best battery life. - modern Design, compared to those 1,5cm bezels of the old iPhones with Touch-ID Button. - It
  10. To be fair, it was well known, that the P40 and P40 lite will come without Google services. You could've bought every other Android out there, had the same user experience and no issues with google services. It doesn't have to be a Pixel. It simply can't be a Huawei next time. As unfortunate as that might be. I'd like them to continue beeing an option, but sadly, not like this.
  11. Basicly, there are 4 things to consider here: 1. Laminated DIsplay or not? The base iPad isn't laminated, so there's a small gap. It's said to be not that big of a deal, you can get used to it easily. If you don't want a Gap between pencil and Pixel, it has to be the Air or Mini 2. ProMotion. That 120 Hz doesn't just look more smooth when scrolling, also the "pencil Lag" is reduced. Try it out, it looks a bit better, but you won't draw better with it. 3. Ram. More Ram = More Layers in ProCreate. 4. Apple Pencil 2 vs. Apple Pencil 1. The 2 is
  12. I think, the MASSIVELY higher CPU Performance will outweight the lower Ram. Plus, the 8gb Ram on M1 can do more, than 8gb Ram on previous Intel models. It's alot faster, and Unified Memory Architecture also can work a bit of Magic. Of course, 8gb won't magicly turn into 16gb. Get M1 air with 16gb Ram, if you can afford it. If not, be happy with the base model. Silent at all times, fast, long battery life, efficient. But get the M1 Macbook over any previous Intel Macbook, unless you absolutely NEED to have x86 Windows running on it too.
  13. Very unlikely. What's coming out are M1x models. Macbook Pro 14" and 16", they will start at 2000~ bucks, double the price of the M1 Air. Of course, probably double as fast, but in everyday usage there won't be a difference. Also probably a more high end M1x Mac Mini. M2 Macbook Air~ shouldn't arrive before early/mid 2022.
  14. oh damn, that's a high price. They go for like 750+ here, so i thought maybe somewhere else too. Those Ideapad 5 have soldered Ram, so you might wanna think about getting a 16gb Ram model for the next years. 8gb Ram is really not much on Windows, especially since the GPU will take away up to 2gb of that. Dell Inspiron 5000 series has 2 Ram Slots. HP ProBook series, or Thinkpad E14 G3 series is also great. Entry business quality with upgradeable Ram.
  15. Vivobooks are mediocre quality wise, specs can be good. V14 is not worth that price, it's a sub 500 Notebook. Pure entry level. For 700 bucks you should be able to get a Lenovo Ideapad 5, or even ideapad 5 Pro (there's a 14" and 16" version) Or more durability: Thinkpad E14 G3. If the Ideapad 5 Pro is within your reach, go for it! 16:10 Display, high resolution, 100% sRGB, bright. Won't find a better Display in that pricerange.