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  1. Well, the difference here is, the Thinkpad is much better build than the Huawei, and has much better warranty, and you can repair it better. Also, better service options, like those 3 years warranty, and you can even buy the service, where a technician comes to you the next day and repairs it. Aside from other Features like SmartCard, dedicated Docking connector, mechanical slider for Webcam which supports Infrared for Windows Hello, Not just Mil-STD-810G, but also Keyboard can handle liquid splashes, the Thinkpad typical trackpoint some people prefer over the Trackpad. Oh yea, you c
  2. Hope it hasn't been posted yet but: https://9to5mac.com/2020/11/18/opinion-is-the-base-macbook-air-m1-8gb-powerful-enough-for-you/ I found this Article pretty interesting. This "Unified Memory" with the new optimizations seems to handle Ram MUCH more efficient. Things become possible, that weren't on a 8gb Intel mac before. Cinebench points + Power consumption is just a small Part of those SoCs.
  3. If you do not need Windows (compatibility), there is no reason to take the XPS over the M1 Macbook. Even the Air would be better. If the XPS came with a 15w Ryzen chip, that would be a bit different. Also, the Macbooks with M1 seem quite a lot more Ram efficient than Intel Macbooks (and probably even more, if you compare it to Windows): https://9to5mac.com/2020/11/18/opinion-is-the-base-macbook-air-m1-8gb-powerful-enough-for-you/
  4. No super special, niche Apps? Then the new M1 model. 256gb / 8gb Ram will be just fine here, if you don't want to stretch your Budget too much. More than enough Performance for you, very good battery life, and overall quality. For what you describe, you will not feel any difference between Macbook Air and Pro.
  5. What do you want to do with it? The new M1 models are better. But you might use Apps that aren't optimized yet, or maybe you need Windows, which isn't possible right now.
  6. Software will probably focus on "Universal Apps", which will support Intel too. But i would return it too, unless you do critical work, and/or NEED Windows Support via VM or Bootcamp.
  7. Yup, one of the best keyboards you can get. Thinkpad T-series is like THE Business Notebook,, you cant go wrong with it. Unless you dislike Windows or thinkpads in particular. Elitebooks are good alternatives too.
  8. They optimized R23 for M1 chip. R20 will work, but it will probably only be through Emulation. So it's still a good test, to see rosetta performance. But for native, R23 is now here, and it seems to work better with Multithreading.
  9. Apple said 2,9x the Performance in "Rise of the Tomb Raider" (probably native, not emulated) compared to previous Intel IGP. But big Problem: No more Windows (no Bootcamp, no VM), and no eGPU support. As long a Game is available for MacOS, it should run. Also interesting, the Geekbench leak: https://www.macrumors.com/2020/11/11/m1-macbook-air-first-benchmark/ I know, it's "just" Geekbench, not the best, realistic benchmark, but on par or beats the 8-Core 16 Threads Notebook Chips from Intel AND AMD. I Hope Cinebench comes soon.
  10. Well, MacOS (Big Sur) will be native. However, Software like Adobe, Microsoft Office, Affinity Photo, and whatever you could use, will run MUCH better, if the developer optimized it for the ARM Architecture (instead of x86_64 with Intel Chips). For Software, that isn't optimized yet, a Translater called "Rosetta 2" will be used, which will be a performance hit. However, There it wouldn't be surprising, if the new M1 Chips will be so fast compared to the last one, that they will emulate Software better, than the Intel models run them natively. For some things, this already is
  11. Apple had Keyboard backlight on pretty much every device the last decade. Do you really think, they would take it away? ^^ It's still there. Probably the function key's are beeing used with double functions or something. Or there's a new intuitive way to change it in the Quick settings.
  12. Aside from the new Apple Silicon models from yesterday (Watch youtube, every tech youtuber did a Video), here's my Opinion on Intel Chips: You NEVER pay more for CPU Upgrades on a Mac, unless you get more Cores. Pay more for 1.7 Ghz Quad core instead 1.4 Ghz Quad Core (both will probably be 100-200 Mhz away during Boost)? NO Pay more for an 8 Core instead 6 Core in a 16"? Yes, you can do that. It is worth paying for 16gb Ram instead 8gb, if you think you will be doing more multitasking. You can't upgrade it, so you need to device early. Also, 512gb instead of 256gb
  13. But does a 500€ Phone really do more damage to the nvironment than a 200€ phone? I mean, the materials neede for the Glas should be similar. Or the Display panel etc.
  14. Or it's worse than a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T for <140€, that released in 2019. Or a <180€ Note 9s, or the new Poco X3. There are enough modern entry/midrange phones ^^ It makes no sense even thinking about 5 year old phones, who didn't got any Update since 2+ years. I agree, this Phone is a HORRIBLE value, even much worse than every Apple Product. A German Magazine gave it the worst durability rating, because it got damaged while taking a Call during a mild Rainshower. It stopped working, something they didn't had with any other phone. Even repairability is not an Argu