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  1. If you really have sustained load most of the time, you shouldn't get the Air anyway. For anything else, there is no problem. It's extremely difficult to damage your CPU, and i dare to say: A CPU is the most durable piece in a Computer, it's "lifespan" takes almost no hit at all. Don't forget, just because 90°C is bad for humans, it's no problem for CPUs.
  2. If you want to stick to iOS: The newest, bestest iPhone you can afford. 12 series is great. If Android: Take a Look into the Oneplus 8 Pro. One of the best Android phones 2020.
  3. Zephyrus. Ryzen 4600H is alot better, but that won't help you, if the GPU is the Bottleneck during Gaming here. Unless it's a hard-CPU-bottlenecked Game (ashes of the singularity etc), the Zephyrus will have more fps - simply because the GPU is stronger. CPU difference is not big enough to make a difference on the long run, since you won't be able to upgrade your GPU anyway.
  4. Look at the bezels of the 2020 SE. Look at the bezels of the 12 Mini. Still need to ask? If you can afford it, get the 12 Mini, it's really damn great. If you can't afford it, try to save untill you do. But nearly 2021, getting these 2011-like Bezels... You had these Bezels for the last 6 years. You don't need them for the next 6. iPhones last a long time. 200 bucks more doesn't sound that much worse. Plus, you will get a good bit of the Price difference back when you sell it.
  5. Either you are very very defensive for mcAfee, or you completely misunderstood my Comment?!
  6. Or 120 Hz ProMotion, which is the biggest difference in "everyday usage".
  7. i would prefer nothing on my Windows, than McAfee
  8. That's far from overheating, this is absolutely normal and common for Notebooks - gaming or not. To be very precise, CPUs can not possibly overheat, unless they are defective (but then they wouldn't even run). Let's take your CPU: https://www.intel.de/content/www/de/de/products/processors/core/i7-processors/i7-9750h.html Intel lists 100°C as the maximum temperature. So Overheating starts at 101°C. (By that definition, Not a single Laptop on the market exists, that Overheats). And if the CPU is not defective, you won't be able to reach 101°C, no matter wha
  9. Well, the difference here is, the Thinkpad is much better build than the Huawei, and has much better warranty, and you can repair it better. Also, better service options, like those 3 years warranty, and you can even buy the service, where a technician comes to you the next day and repairs it. Aside from other Features like SmartCard, dedicated Docking connector, mechanical slider for Webcam which supports Infrared for Windows Hello, Not just Mil-STD-810G, but also Keyboard can handle liquid splashes, the Thinkpad typical trackpoint some people prefer over the Trackpad. Oh yea, you c
  10. Hope it hasn't been posted yet but: https://9to5mac.com/2020/11/18/opinion-is-the-base-macbook-air-m1-8gb-powerful-enough-for-you/ I found this Article pretty interesting. This "Unified Memory" with the new optimizations seems to handle Ram MUCH more efficient. Things become possible, that weren't on a 8gb Intel mac before. Cinebench points + Power consumption is just a small Part of those SoCs.
  11. If you do not need Windows (compatibility), there is no reason to take the XPS over the M1 Macbook. Even the Air would be better. If the XPS came with a 15w Ryzen chip, that would be a bit different. Also, the Macbooks with M1 seem quite a lot more Ram efficient than Intel Macbooks (and probably even more, if you compare it to Windows): https://9to5mac.com/2020/11/18/opinion-is-the-base-macbook-air-m1-8gb-powerful-enough-for-you/
  12. No super special, niche Apps? Then the new M1 model. 256gb / 8gb Ram will be just fine here, if you don't want to stretch your Budget too much. More than enough Performance for you, very good battery life, and overall quality. For what you describe, you will not feel any difference between Macbook Air and Pro.
  13. What do you want to do with it? The new M1 models are better. But you might use Apps that aren't optimized yet, or maybe you need Windows, which isn't possible right now.