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    Photography, networking, deployments of servers, PC in general, Hardware.
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    R7 2700 @4.0
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    Asrock b450m steel legends
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    Geil 4x8gb 2933
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    XFX RX 580 8GB won on this forum
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    500Gb 850Evo, 2TB rocket, 5TB X300 Toshiba
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    Ducky one 2 with MX blacks
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    Corsair Saber RGB
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    ATH-M50X w/ VP64 into xlr-USB
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    Windows 10
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    HP Probook G445R G6, 3500U, 16gb ram, 500 adata XPG 6000 lite, 45WH battery, backlit keyboard, 1080p 250nit screen
    Ubuntu 20 LTS
    HP needs to put in a bigger battery and give me the 4000 refresh fast.
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    iPhone SE 2020 128gb (no headphone jack :( )
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  1. remember though voltage is can be done by the sticks not the board. so I won't be surprised when we have consumer DRR5 running at 1.4V+ to try and get over 9000mts, yes its normally 1.1V but that will likely only get you to just above 6400MTS
  2. Yep 100% internship and not an entry level IT position /s


  3. theres lots of older electronics that takes in 100-250V that gets boosted into high voltage range. a CD player doesn't have any high voltage gear inside,
  4. got specific versions for us to compare or just going to list of 2 brand names? we can't even compare the chassis and keyboards without knowing what versions your talking about.
  5. I need to grab a picture of this "internship" application, they are basically asking for a full entry level IT person but trying to save costs.

  6. thats why its always a pain to get you on the site if you've been off for a while
  7. I can't wait to see how hot and power hungry this runs between DDR5 and intel likely pushing 10nm SuperFin (or whatever they've renamed it too) hard, I doubt 14nm++++++ hard but still pretty hard I know people testing DRR5 in servers are having a fun time with active cooling it
  8. way to be rude and I assume is just not this amazing software written by Invison maybe
  9. nothing? no idea what your complaint is
  10. mod and staff accounts get weird fast.
  11. I've not done a full new build in a long time. upgrades and builds tend to be done around whats good value parts, its why I've got a 2700x over a 3600x, because 2700X were on fire sales start of 2020 for 130$ Cases is easy for me, I keep reusing my obsidian 350D with my 750D as an option if I go full ATX which I might for my next build. I need HDD bays I'm not someone who can leave them behind, at least 3 is my requirement. as for colors I tend to go mostly black with a few splashes around, right now I've got LTT fans with their orange and some silver on my b450m pro4
  12. ==threads merged== do not repost the same topic
  13. ==locked== status update material there is no question unless your trying to flame bait