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  1. not really, this is trying to have the PC run every TV and get inputs. its a lot more than just cables.
  2. I don't have a hard source for that. because no one talks about their BIOS like that but on everything that had to be cut as more CPUs got added My argument doesn't hinge on it. I'm talking about 1 reason. likely for internal testing or because X370 isn't all that different from X470 or B450 No one said it was a single file. but the collection of them has grown massively I've upgraded twice in DDR4 and I'm looking to do it 3 times. I moved from a 6600k to a 2700x, now looking to move to a 3950x/5900 A because DDR4 is going to be cheap compared to DDR5 for
  3. that wouldn't work you have to move the HDMI over Ethernet or SDI
  4. ==moved to new build in planning==
  5. we watch as for some early 300 boards they started cutting away features, GUIs or dropping old CPU support to add newer ones because AGESAs eat up space on the old 16mb bios chips I don't have an overall number given for every MB it will be different. because early testing during development. and just because they made 1 version doesn't mean they want to constantly update and test it for all the chips
  6. AMD no, they make a few bucks on a chipset vs the hundreds an R9 chip can give them. MB makers though would be making maybe 10% on a board if AMD was really after money they'd stop making GPUs on 7nm right now given how profitable zen is.
  7. AMD makes the agesa code and gives it to the MB makers. thats 90% of the bios because your going to make it more of a pain for the mass if only some X370 boards work on all zen chips but others end up only working on zen1-zen2 or zen2-3. that alone will make the used market for 300 boards a mess. thats easier though, 5000 boards don't support CPUs launched before them I don't forgive AMD, I want AMD to fix their possiton and lock it down to 300 should only support zen1-zen2, 400 boards may support every CPU (bios size), 500 support zen2 and zen3.
  8. there isn't the same trio on EF, you'd just have to pick the focal lengths you would like. Realize because they are Full frame lenses take the mm number and times it by 1.6 so a 30mm FF lens is 48mm on a crop body
  9. Putting only 1/2 of a gen on would make it even more of mess. Better to just leave 5000 off of 300
  10. 1. AMD still has to make the code for the MB makers to put on. 2. thats a pretty rare case 3x0 boards were mostly bad, have some real issues and certainly almost all were not built for the 16 cores. They also failed to put in a big enough bios chip so you can end up making it even more of a mess. I'm fine with 3x00 being zen1,zen+andzen2. leave it at that. 4x0 gets zen1-3 except for the early APUs and 5x0 supports zen2-3 you'd rather not have 3x0 boards that support zen2-3 but not zen1 or zen+ it already is a pain I hate and I gave the flack that sky and kaby lake couldn't
  11. don't forget this rule some people like it and use it. I've found its mostly just auto spam.
  12. we don't know if canon will make any more cameras on the EF-M mount, they might move to all RF. M6 Mk2 isn't bad but the 32mp in a small sensor isn't great. I'd rather have a much better 24pm sensor
  13. ==locked== this would be a classifieds post but you don't have enough posts.