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  1. In simple terms, data caps refer to the total amount of data your can download per billing cycle, not the speed at which you download it.
  2. This is why plastic case windows suck. They scratch if you breathe on them basically. On the first (last and only) case I had with a plastic window, I am pretty sure the window came pre-scratched out of the box even with the film peel on it.
  3. Having used Blues, Browns, Reds, and Blacks, Browns are my favorite as the best middle ground of typing feel and gaming responsiveness.
  4. Yeah I am all for somebody trying something different. It was hilarious how angry some people got over that card though. And when you pointed out to them it used to be commonplace to have artwork of pretty ladies or other characters on GPU's, I saw one respond "But that wasn't anime art!" as if the style of art makes some kind of difference.
  5. Then Yeston made that waifu GPU and everyone lost their minds.
  6. Cable management has nothing to do with this really. Fan facing down is better, assuming that your case has sufficiently high feet to get some clearance underneath it, and assuming the case is not sitting on carpet.
  7. Ah yes, Intel, that upstart new player in the industry that needs more name recognition.
  8. I do wonder if Intel feels they're getting their money's worth out of this sponsorship (not that I feel any sympathy for them), since Riley opted for a relatively modest i5 (because minimalism!) and in Dennis's video they spent more time talking about chairs and massagers than the PC.
  9. The chipset fan on my ASRock X570 Velocita is literally only ever audible on first boot for maybe 10 seconds. Other than that I have never heard it. It's hard to see under my GPU but I am pretty sure it doesn't even spin the rest of the time.
  10. Pro4 is a good choice if you're trying to save. You don't need beefy VRM's to run a 3100 though so just about any B450 would really be fine.