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  1. it would be nice if you could delete other people's.
  2. Look up benchmarks for the games you play most and see if one card has a decisive advantage in any of those. Or if you have any serious plans to stream, the 2060 might be worth picking because of the NVENC encoder. The 2060 can't actually do ray tracing worth a damn, so don't bother worrying about that. I will say that Sapphire has a significantly better reputation as a maker of AMD cards than Zotac does as a maker of Nvidia cards.
  3. Yeah, since there are no actual hard and fast size definitions for a lot of the stuff the term "form factor" gets applied to (insert GN Steve rant about E-ATX here)... it doesn't necessarily always make sense to simply say "size."
  4. No, 99% of the time when people say this what they actually mean is their frame rate isn't as high as they think it should be.
  5. People using "lag" as a meaningless catch-all for any less-than-desired performance when lag is a network issue. "Help my GPU lags." Congrats, you've told us nothing about your problem.
  6. This doesn't mean anything. A 650W PSU is adequate for the build he described, and we don't actually know what the problem is yet.
  7. Really sick in general of "lag" being used as a meaningless catch-all term to describe less-than-desired performance when it's actually a network thing. OP, why are you trying to run two games at once? Stop it.
  8. No. CPU's are terrible at complex graphics applications. If they were any good at it there would be no reason for dedicated GPU's to exist.
  9. I have never made a status update, never looked at anyone else's, and can't imagine why I would. Weirdest thing to me. Anyway the other thing to keep in mind here is the reactions are somewhat ambiguous in meaning - the "Funny" react in particular could be either positive or negative. Sometimes I use it when someone actually says something funny and clever, other times I use it when someone says something so ridiculous it's laughable.
  10. Wouldn't highest posts to rep ratio mean the most posts for the least rep? Seems like we're talking about a ratio of rep to posts.
  11. This. "Ugly BIOS/UEFI" would be the least of my concerns buying a Chinese "X79" board. You can't expect polish and perks.