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  1. @Noah0302 I can't if this person is being genuine or trolling...
  2. @Mister Woof Hardware Unboxed Just Relapsed A Video On Itx boards go check it ou!
  3. @turbo365Have you considered the Audio Technica AT2020USB+ or the Rode Nt Usb?
  4. @MonkeyWrenchMy go to is Brave! Why? It's because it has a inbuilt ad blocker and has built in site tracking features!
  5. Nice build! Did you pay for it or your boss? That must cost a fortune LOL.
  6. Thanks! I was skeptical as I thought it was a chinese knockoff.
  7. TLTR The title is my question. More Info So I'm trying to find the best mouse for my hand, you could say "endgame" but (not really) and i stumbled onto the Razer Viper mini. Here at my local retailer it is like $75 and I wondered if buying mouse from Aliexpress was legit? Ok thanks!
  8. Never head of it. Just stick to more well known retailers in Australia like Mwave, Pc Case Gear, Ple Computers and etc.
  9. @biko24Go for the Samsung G7 because it is 240hz WQHD whilst the LG one is only 144hz.
  10. @ShadySocks lian li dosent own ncase. Ncase uses lian li to manufacture their products but those two are different companies and are owned by different people.
  11. @ShadySocksif you want something compact you could wait for a month for this case: "The SSUPD Meshlicious" Its a collaboration with ncase and lian li.