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  1. Vouch! Personally own one and its been really good so far! Also, the fact its usb its plug and play, drivers download automatically. Just wait a minute and it should work. Note: Im not really into mic and audio in general really
  2. I currently own the Samsung (maining) Odyssey G5 which has been really good so far! It's around $200-300ish or something like that. If the S2721DGF is on sale for around $300, It's a great option. It has an ips panel if im not mistaken, which means better colours. But I've never used it so I can't say much for that. Also, when buying a monitor with $300, get one with at least 1440p resolution and 144hz fps or higher.
  3. Are u thinking of getting a new gpu any time soon? Also, how long are you gonna "main" the monitor until you get a better one?
  4. what other fps games do u play other than valorant?
  5. who needs a sag bracket anyways!
  6. just get sspud meshalicious! Really good for the price and insane cooling
  7. They are pretty reliable (from perth) but stay away from Austin computers UNLESS ur buying instore. Their in-store is pretty good but online is is shit
  8. its cause my in game sens is low too, + i have a smaller mousepad compared to most
  9. or if ur a mad man like me, 400 (I can do 180s fine though)
  10. Have the same aio but have an asus mobo, im pretty sure every mobo other than gigabyte u put the 3 pin into the CPU FAN, thats what I did. No problems so far been running cool and no more loud fans!
  11. @Oshino ShinobuIk this thread is old but same situation here, any recommendations 3 years later?