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  1. I only use wireless keyboards and mice (the ergo Logitech stuff, specifically)....but I'm also not trying to play esports games competitively. That said, even if I were, I'd probably use the same input devices. Not having wires and reducing my RSI is worth the imperceptible performance hit at my skill level anyway.
  2. That's...weird. Try plugging your drive into the black ports, letting it post/boot, then turn off and try in red port? I think the board in general can be pretty darn wonky
  3. Whelp. I've been tinkering further with the SR-2. My board and my 96GB Ram do not get along above 145 BCLK. It will post with 48GB just fine, but 96 isn't happening no matter what I've tried, which is a bummer but not the end of the world. However, this kinda is: I wanted to get a baseline of 2 core + 4 thread performance with GPU before I go much further with this platform. The SR-2 has physical jumpers that let you disable/enable CPU and memory banks, and in the BIOS you can tell it how many cores per socket you want it to use. I also set my display GPU to
  4. I dunno, that's weird. I have had the sata 3 controller derp out and then come back. Has it ever worked on your board? Is SATA set to AHCI mode?
  5. I also have an SR-2. What controller are you flashing? Have you overclocked or messed with any settings inside bios?
  6. So, it's been a while since Project BadDecisions was noodled on, but I've made some progress. Also bought some shiny bits (GPUs), some more shiny bits (EK, Heatkiller bits), and even more (socket 2011 2P Supermicro 4 gpu board, cpus, ram, cooler...) Anyway. On to the update! Since the SR2 uses a server chipset with some fuckery, it DOES support ECC. However, getting more than 4GB/slot to work has historically been an enormous pain in the ass. However....most posts on the subject on the internet are circa 2010-2014 era, and things have changed. Why would I need more than
  7. Dang. How's it fare in R15? This weekend my hope is to spin up the SR2 again to decide whether to sell it off in favor of a 10980xe solution. I found a great motherboard for X299 that has 7 full pcie slots, supposedly with solid iommu groups, without any of the quirkiness the SR2 has.
  8. I have a 1080ti that I bought used two years ago. I don't really feel a need to upgrade, so whenever availability gets sorted I'll figure out then if an upgrade is warranted. Ray tracing would be nice but given how few games have RT support, and even fewer of those are ones I would want to play (woo WW2 shooter 2020 edition woo)....I'm not going to buy based on RT abilities. Now, if only the nvidia cards can drive an LG oled at 120Hz and variable refresh, that's a different story (and, I don't know whether AMD can/can't).
  9. Yup, totally agreed on the torque. Super looking forward to replacing my (awesome, just aging) v8 car with an overly powered EV when the time comes for that reason; I really like being able to mash the pedal and have the car MOVE.
  10. headed and ventilated seats. Sooo nice for road trips. also, lots of torque. I want to merge NOW
  11. uhhhhhhhh so that looks interesting to me.... EK parts for the BadDecisions build have started arriving! Also...may be getting the X79 variant of my quad-GPU dual supermicro board here next week with ram and procs and coolers. Yassss
  12. I mean.....I did kinda buy 4x 1080ti and single slot waterblocks. It'd be a shame to not spin it up at least once! Anybody here messed with adding pcie slots by cables plugged into M.2 slots? If so....TR3 may be back on the menu. Still debating dual 2011v3 Xeon vs X299 (Asus Z10/X299 Sage mobos, each have 7 x8-16 pcie slots) vs Trx40. Latter has plenty of lanes for GPU but unlike the Xeon/i9 options, there are only 4 pcie slots so adding in USB or 10G or other cards isn't possible without janky adapters (see: M.2 -> pcie riser and slot). X299 and 10980xe may end up w
  13. Right??? It baffles me why there is such PCIe bandwidth but they focused on M.2 sockets instead of slots. Oh well. I did find a 10980XE in stock at B&H. Sooooo yea, kinda tempting. Would be super fun to mess around with! Good tip on the ESs. I'll look into that more. The micro SD card slot made me giggle a bit.
  14. Oof yea, that's just too much. As is the SR-3 and the 28 core unlocked nonsense.... I was just looking at Epyc haha. Price is good but used stuff isn't flooding ebay just yet. Honestly the easy button would be a 10980XE, X299, and just set up 4x 4c/8t VMs with 2/4 left over to manage the hypervisor. ~60% of a TR3 setup in cost, buuuuuuut not exactly purchasable.
  15. Holy balls! I was looking at the Z10 + E5 v4 CPUs as a package but daaaang this is interesting. Board is the same cost so question is, have 3647 CPUs come down yet