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  1. This is what I feared, since it's the exact opposite of what they should allow. As I said, virus disguised as screensaves were common (and are probably still out there) so they should be removing the ability to run them while still letting you configure a blank screen timeout, not the other way around.
  2. removing paint!? wow, that's like removing notepad... it's been here forever and while it can't do much, it is the easiest way to do certain very simple things and everyone knows it... this is a sad day Screensavers though seems like a fair thing to remove. A lot of viruses masquerade as screensavers, and since no one uses CRTs anymore, we don't need them - you can just shut the display off. That said, I hope they do this by removing the ability to execute screensavers and not by just removing the configuration tool, since that would just be the worst of both worlds. Ideally you'd still have the config too so you can setup a timeout to a blank screen if you really want rather than shutting it off, but I have a feeling they'll just kill the tool so you'll have the downside of not being able to set one up, but still have the vulnerability of being able to run them
  3. I just happened to stumble across both this thread and that new price today. But even your original guess was reasonable. $55 CAD at the time was about $40 US and its not unreasonable to think it would be cheaper still in the US as is typical for some items.
  4. well to be fair the shield tablet did have one... actually two, and in fact the front-facing camera was 5 MP - higher than most at the time - but the rear one was also 5 MP and certainly nothing to write home about. But tbh that's how I feel about all phone cameras anyway so there's not much point investing in a "good" one.
  5. To get xbox one res, settings, and framerate, you need power roughly equal to the xbox one, and that - as much as we like to make fun of consoles - is not even close.
  6. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/d/Mionix-Naos-7000-Ergonomic-Gaming-Mouse/8SVWVVMQCK0D
  7. This I would buy in a heartbeat, because if it was anything like the shield tablet, they'll take what is basically a flagship device, drop the crap no one needs like the camera, add amazing speakers, a competition-destroying GPU, and then price it at less than half of said competition.
  8. In theory I would but I expect not to because I expect it to cost an arm and a leg. "Regular" flagships are already insanely overpriced and a "gaming" phone would just increase that even more since they would need to out-do them considerably on hardware to earn the name. Not that the increased hardware would actually cost so much more that they would need to increase the price to be profitable, but you know they would. And by them I mean razer in this case but it's not like it's just because they're greedy - any other company would do the same.
  9. All but the most expensive only cut in when needed so there is no additional inefficiency I wouldn't buy one that's right at the limit of what you will draw. Get one a fair bit bigger for two reasons: One, you dont want to run into the overload issues you're asking about here, and two, the runtime in battery is not linear... not even close. ie, it will run at half load much longer than twice as long as at full load.
  10. Yes, regular price is an insane $25 and they will even drop another 10% or so for students (anyone with a university or other applicable school email address) I knew they did but I didn't expect to find this here, and I didn't expect it to be by far the best source of them either. I think of them as selling mainly Microsoft stuff and close partners like Dell, etc. but finding "custom" parts like this was a surprise. Now if they can just start carrying CPUs and GPUs and stuff too... and at a similar discount
  11. This is a bit of an odd post since this is actually not a sale, but the regular price. I just felt a need to bring it up since it seems much lower than it should be. Mionix NAOS 7000 for $25 US at the Microsoft Store https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/d/Mionix-Naos-7000-Ergonomic-Gaming-Mouse/8SVWVVMQCK0D So why am I posting this if it's not even a sale? Because of this: $59 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/MIONIX-Multi-Color-Ergonomic-Optical-Gaming/dp/B00HGKQ6VY/ Straight from Mionix themselves? €69‎ (ie, $80+ USD) I checked Micro Center, they didn't seem to stock them. Not sure where else you guys get parts but I expect it to be a similar story Basically it's just a great deal from somewhere I wouldn't have even expected to have it so I thought I'd spread the word in case anyone else is looking for this mouse Oh yea, did I mention that $25 includes free shipping?
  12. yeah and I just checked the price again and I think Microsoft has gone insane: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/d/Mionix-Naos-7000-Ergonomic-Gaming-Mouse/8SVWVVMQCK0D $25 US for something that imo is every bit as good as the other popular mice people pay up to and over $100 for
  13. well that sounds like a terrible router/switch/AP/all of the above then. It should be common sense that the number of devices doesn't matter unless they're actually using/transferring data.
  14. I've tried to find a size comparison to no avail, but look at the Mionix NAOS 7000 I really like mine and I think it is quite large, certainly wide at least. And idk about other countries but here they're available from the Microsoft Store of all places for much less than MSRP (~$55)