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  1. That's an interesting perspective, but I still disagree with doing that. Like I said, every place has to decide for themselves what content they want and deem acceptable, but whatever they settle on, it should at least be consistent. If they can't manage that, not only does it make them look bad, but it is going to annoy either the people who wanted that content, or think it should be banned, and most of all, it undermines the system and casts doubt on whether they should bother censoring anything at all.
  2. Could Nvidia make a raytracing only cards?

    They could probably make it, but I don't think it would work very well. I'm not sure what kind of communication goes on between the conventional GPU core and the AI cores and other new stuff they've added with the RTX cards, but I would suspect it is fast and numerous. If so, having that stuff on a separate card would completely cripple the performance and make it non-functional. That said, even if it was physically possible I doubt they would go to the effort of offering such a tech. It wouldn't make sense for them to allow people with AMD cards to use it, and as for their existing last-gen customers, it won't be long until everyone has bough a new card anyway.
  3. Oh... that's what I was sort of wondering. Well then rip, this is absolutely stupid and they clearly don't understand their own goals, never mind technology.
  4. Well not in these countries I guess Which personally I find rather silly and I was glad to see Canada wasn't on that list, but I guess each place has to do what they think is best for them.
  5. Is it considered weird to wear headphones in public?

    Alright well that was simple enough in the end
  6. well I don't know either, what's why I was asking. I can understand that if normally this kind of thing isn't permitted in any other form (irl, pornography, etc.) then this comes as no surprise, I was just wondering if they maybe had taken an inappropriately strong reaction to this game for no reason.
  7. What about Germany and Australia? I thought there were nude beaches in Australia...
  8. image.png.f68b2afb6a23a0506de052b549b8bffe.pngimage.png.91e00bd3d4fc599380d5965d56134972.png


  9. This is interesting... is nudity of any type illegal in those countries? I assume so, otherwise this makes literally no sense.
  10. Some Basic Know How~

    Overclocking a motherboard (base clock and various buses?) is somewhere between uncommon and unheard of these days. Generally people just overclock the CPU, RAM, and GPU. Anything else is likely to cause stability issues without noticeably changing performance
  11. Is it considered weird to wear headphones in public?

    Maybe we had the same truck then
  12. Is it considered weird to wear headphones in public?

    If that's how loud it has to be before it's "too loud", that really does completely invalidate the whole headphone argument. Even some closed headphones wouldn't block your hearing as badly as a music that loud would, never mind properly open ones.
  13. Is it considered weird to wear headphones in public?

    No, I mean randomly stopping cars to check if their environment is suitable sound-wise. That's excessive. Me neither
  14. Is it considered weird to wear headphones in public?

    They can't see if you've set your radio too loud though either, so really without randomly stopping people to check there's no way to be sure if they're safe, headphones or not, and I think that would be a little excessive.
  15. Is it considered weird to wear headphones in public?

    That depends on what the law actually is. If it's no headphones, then that's simple enough. If it's "just make sure you can still hear around you", then obviously it makes a difference, which I guess bleeds into #2