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    i7 4770 "K" @ 4 GHz, 1.22 v
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    ASUS Z87-Deluxe
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    32 GB Corsair DDR3-1600
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    SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 Fury @ 1150 MHz core / 545 MHz mem
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    Mionix NAOS 7000
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    Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 + Kanto YU5
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  1. [Guide] Mining Ethereum

    Yeah that is a good point, everyone will run their card differently, so reporting hashrate doesn't mean much unless it's at stock - you'd also have to mention voltage, clockspeed, etc.
  2. Skype finally gets End to End Encryption (sort of)

    If the US can read it, which is what was implied and imo is likely, then it's safe to assume others can too or will be able to soon.
  3. Wait, this is 1709 right? Wow, it took this long!? It's been available for months already hasn't it?
  4. U.2 at CES?

    -not news, moved to storage-
  5. [Guide] Mining Ethereum

    You have to search around for it. I provided the necessary tools to figure out if a card you already have is a good miner or not but if you are curious about others, you will have to search. If you post it, I'm sure you'd get rep from several people, myself included.
  6. The Audio Board's Recommended Gear

    This finally got so annoying I just had to do something about it, so I opened them up, separating the black frame from the blue insert and superglued those pieces together. This has solved the problem, since most of the noise was caused by opposing forces being applied to these two pieces causing them to slide and bind against each other. It is a mod I would recommend to anyone with these. That's not to say that's the only source of noise though. Another source is the black/blue side of the swivel joint binding against the grey one above it when you rotate the cups, but I don't find this movement happens on a regular basis the way the one I described above does, so for now, I am done with my changes.
  7. Loving the tech show vids!

    Status update and wrong section
  8. Internet Stealing

    just go into "network connections" (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network Connections) and select both and pick "bridge"
  9. Internet Stealing

    If he has two ports, or a port and wifi, he can just "bridge" the connections, which will allow you to use his connection
  10. PC speakers with subwoofer

    I believe that's the Z313, which is sort of a go to standard in affordable but half decent PC speakers. Obviously not amazing audiophile equipment but should do nicely for what it is, and certainly would outperform a bluetooth speaker, with or without defects.
  11. From what I've heard it depends greatly on workload. I've heard from a few percent all the way up to 30% depending, with gaming being near the former.
  12. Smart. Why do I get the feeling this is very uncommon
  13. AMD Athlon PCs are bricked by Spectre patch

    literally everything they did from inception until XP, ... and not to imply they were perfect after that either