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  1. Lens for city fotography?

    I agree with everything you've written here, but I still fail to see how that's relevant, or how any of that reduces the significance of t-stop in the world of still photography. T-stop tells you about how much light the lens lets through, and if I'm reading OP correctly, that's what he wants to know about the lens he's getting. You've said twice now that t-stop doesn't matter for still photography, but not actually given any reason as to why that would be, only reasons as to why it matters to film makers. Are you suggesting that how much light a lens lets through doesn't matter to photographers, or what? I honestly am unsure of the point you're trying to make / where you're coming from with this so a clear answer would be appreciated.
  2. Lens for city fotography?

    I know it's pretty rare for manufacturers to advertise it but that's why DXOmark exists. How is it not relevant though? If you're trying to tell how much light the lens lets through, which it sounds like is exactly what OP is after, that's literally the stat that tells you that...
  3. Lens for city fotography?

    One thing I'd suggest checking is T-stop... you see it talked about a lot more in film than photography but it's equally relevant. It's important since f-stop is just about aperture, which indirectly affects how much light gets in, but t-stop is actually a direct measure of what you are after (low light performance)
  4. contest

    -not news, topic moved-
  5. Yeah that's the idea of it, but what's nice is they pay you for all the work in various currencies with one, so for example, it might make your hardware mine ethereum and zcash and then pay you in bitcoin. That way you don't end up with a tiny bit in a ton of different currencies
  6. So really, you weren't actually against it because of the resources it used, you were just against it because you had to pay for power lets not have any confusion about that One reason not to do it still might be the heat it generates. Depending if your room has good cooling, which many do not, it might make an already uncomfortable area even hotter. But if you do want to do it, I see NiceHash recommended a lot. LTT even did a video recently on how to use it. It will guarantee you are always mining the most efficient thing for your hardware.
  7. Can I improve my 5400rpm HDD performance via raid?

    That's nothing, remember the 390 vs 970 days?
  8. Weird Question: Where to find a dead graphics card?

    There used to be lots on the forum here but I think @iamdarkyoshi bought them all So yeah, not stupid, people do this
  9. Can I improve my 5400rpm HDD performance via raid?

    yeah definitely not that would actually hurt performance massively by converting all IO into extremely random IO Yes, best to get an SSD, the improvement is massive.
  10. Can I improve my 5400rpm HDD performance via raid?

    You'd need a second identical drive* and you'd have to be able to completely format it and re-add all your files, since there's no way to just "add on a drive" and make it into RAID. If you're looking to increase performance with no hit to capacity, you'd be looking at RAID 0. I know you said you don't worry about data corruption or loss but I am ethically obligated to point out that using RAID 0 puts you at considerably higher chance of data loss since losing either (or any of) the drives in the array means you lose all data on it, and even the RAID system itself can fail, leaving the (still functioning) drives unusable. * well you can also use three or more, and technically they don't need to be the same capacity or speed, but it's recommended to not waste space or have other issues.
  11. C'mon people it is too early for the Christmas hats... not even December yet lol

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. hey_yo_


      I’ll spam your profile with Christmas songs 😙

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      way ahead of you, I usually start playing them as soon as the first snow stays on the ground for a day

      or whenever it's been a while, which is usually around july

    4. TopHatProductions115


      I don't have a November hat. So, I skipped to the next one (as I slowly upload my newly-made Thanks Giving hat to LTT). There - happy?

  12. Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    what the hell happened to this the text is cut off and clearly it was typed in an extreme hurry and not proof read even once, but I get the gist, so +1 for that
  13. The WAN show LAN rack aesthetic

    What exactly do you expect or want them to do? You do realize he's been rather busy with the usual load of 1+ videos per day, and the renovation, which incidentally has impacted the WAN set as well, right?
  14. AluminiumTech's Device OS Support List

    Good list, I think this could be quite useful for people wondering what kind of support they can expect from new devices, and/or how current ones will stand up
  15. iPad Pro 2018 rumored to be a giant iPhone X

    I think they should put the fingerprint sensor on the camera personally