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    i7 4770 "K" @ 4 GHz, 1.25 v
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    32 GB Corsair DDR3-1600
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    Logitech G610 w/ Browns
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    Very old AKG K240s with big pads + Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 + Kanto YU5
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  1. Why are AMD CPUs considered weaker?

    To answer what you wrote in the post, for one, it's because the clock speed actually isn't higher, and another, their IPC is still a bit behind. But with regards to the title, I don't think anyone considers them "weak" anymore though, this isn't FX we're talking about.
  2. WEEBS* VPN for Crunchyroll in UK

    I haven't tried it myself but NordVPN is touted as one of the best VPNs period, and is known to get around blocks such as this, at least for netflix, where as some others will not
  3. Im going to buy a used printer. What should I check?

    Yeah I know there was a non tank one for much cheaper, but I'm glad we didn't go for that because it's the recurring ink cost that makes the difference in the long run, and so far this has been everything it was hyped as
  4. What Laptops do you guys use?

    I've got an HP dv6-6195ca (~2011) that still performs wonderfully for anything but modern gaming, even if it's rather bulky by today's standards, and an Acer Spin 1 which is very light and thin and small, which is good for the tasks/situations where that form factor is useful. The hardware is minimal but it gets the job done.
  5. Weird USB DAC behavior

    I would try an optical connection. It's digital like USB but because it's just light without a wire, it will be isolated from any weird voltage stuff you have going on.
  6. Im going to buy a used printer. What should I check?

    It's an Epson ET-2550. As for the photos, well, I mean it is all relative. If you went to a professional printing place, I'm sure it'd be nicer, but they are every bit as sharp as I could want so really no complaints there.
  7. Im going to buy a used printer. What should I check?

    Well it might not have been quite "per month", but it was many times per year - many more than the ink tank, which is still on the original colour and has only needed one black refill so far - and it definitely cost more each time as well (~$50 like I said, vs $20 for the bottles). It definitely isn't without issues - it will randomly need to be rebooted here or there (you know, typical printer stuff) - but it's actually the least problematic "all in one" ink printer we've ever had in that respect (the old laser only beating it just because it was a simple plug and play, no scanner or other fancy stuff). We have noticed one issue where it will skip lines, causing horizontal blank spots in the page, but slowing it down avoids this, and photo quality has been excellent so it's really only an issue if you're impatient Overall, we're quite liking it, but of course this is a sample size of one. If it had broken early on in life, that would be a very different story, but so far there's no signs of it dying and the longer this lasts, the more we'll have saved vs any alternative.
  8. Im going to buy a used printer. What should I check?

    We have an ink tank printer and I can say that compared to a normal ink jet that uses cartridges, there's no contest. The difference is extreme enough I wonder why anyone would buy the normal ones any more. We used to be replacing a ~$50 cartridge every month or so, and now we spend about $20 on a new bottle every year.
  9. It feels like only a week or so ago that I said we soon will have full screen phones with no notch, and anything that's bought into the notch fad is going to look hilariously and pathetically dated, and here we are


    Just a prototype / engineering sample at this phase, but it exists, and it's working, and it's obviously coming soon.

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    2. MEC-777


      @dizmo I got it on a deal from Koodo for like $300 (on the tab). It has definitely become a better phone in just the few months I've had it with the latest updates (including 8.1). Performance is awesome and the screen is fantastic. The only thing I don't like about it is the camera leaves a lot to be desired. I still use the camera on my old LG G4 primarily instead because it takes WAY better photos than the PH1. 


      The PH1 is really tough though, which has impressed me. It fell out of my pocket once while getting out of the car and slid FACE DOWN on the pavement under the car beside me - without any case or screen protector. Picked it up fearing the worst, but amazingly it only had a few very minor scratches that you could only see at certain angles. It was basically fine. I couldn't believe it, lol. 

    3. dizmo


      @MEC-777 Yeah, they're like $400 right now outright...that $300 deal on Black Friday was insane!

      The camera's still that bad eh? I thought they would have improved it by now, especially with all of those camera focused updates!

      Not that I really use the camera much.

    4. MEC-777


      @dizmo They have improved the camera since I got the phone, but it's still not that great for a phone at that price point. The rest of it is so good though, I can over look it. lol. I need to experiment with it more. I installed the camera app from the Google Pixel on it and there's a ton of options and settings to play around with, so maybe I just need to change some of that and play around with it a bit more. The standard PH1 camera app is very simple and has very few options and settings. 

  10. Should i buy 4k or Ultrawide monitor for gaming?

    Personally I think I'd prefer 4K but in your situation I think an ultrawide would make more sense. It will fit movies better, it will have a reduced resolution which will allow you to have a better chance hitting those high framerates, and it should allow you to actually drive it at full res and full speed using existing interface(s). I don't know what the curve feels like since I've never used one but I think it's a bit of a gimmick and I would get a flat one if you can... it will probably be cheaper.
  11. Should i buy 4k or Ultrawide monitor for gaming?

    Speaking of people to tag (or not), @Glenwing knows about monitors so maybe he can give some tips
  12. It sounds like this is just skylake specifically but can anyone confirm that? Or is this potentially an issue for skylane and anything newer (kaby, etc.)?
  13. Should i buy 4k or Ultrawide monitor for gaming?

    I've never used an ultra wide personally, and I think I would go for the 4K but its up to you. The ultrawide would fit any ~2.39:1 movies (common when they're not 16:9) better of course, and it's fewer pixels so it would be easier on your GPU for gaming. 1080p is exactly 1/4 of 4K so in theory it should look exactly the same as a 1080p monitor of that size, but unfortunately it will not. You still get interpolation (slight blurring) so if that bothers you, I would consider that before making your decision. 1440p of course will have to interpolate since it's not a perfect ratio. It would look something like 720p does on 1080p, but sharper because there's more pixels total. If the movie is 16:9 then of course you will get bars on the side but if it's a wider aspect like 2.1:1 or even 2.39:1, then it should fit decently well, particularly in the latter case Going based on the high speed of these, I take it gaming is a high priority for you. I can tell you now, do not expect to play 4K at those rates in the latest games, and especially not on high settings, even if you have beastly hardware. It's just too much to drive. In fact even with 2x 1080 Ti in SLI, some older games are out of reach: Also bare in mind that no interface yet exists that can actually do 4K @ 144Hz*, even at normal bit depth (8 bit), never mind HDR (10 bit), so you'll not be able to use all of the features at once. It'll be beautiful, or fast, not both. *by 4K I mean 3840 x 2160, and HDMI 2.1 can do it but good luck finding a card and monitor that supports it OLED and IPS are different tech, you'll never see them both on the same display. I've not heard anything about OLED on the desktop and I suspect we won't for many years yet. Until the burn in issue is solved, it's basically not an option unless you want to replace your monitor every year.
  14. I'm pretty sure the fine, if that's all it would be, would be rather hefty, especially since security companies that can break Apple's stuff are seen favourably by the government for obvious reasons. Additionally, it would irreparably harm Apple's image which is the most important thing they have.
  15. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    Hope all is well.

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    2. Densetsu


      Anything new and exciting happen while I was away?

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      hmmm not that I can recall but then I could just be forgetting

    4. Densetsu


      No news is good news, I suppose.