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    On the Roof of Destruction
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    Robot Rage
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    Played RR 2005-2012, the game is back so I play again!


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    1 GB of Raspberry Pi goodness
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    pile of hard drives
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    LG and Sony
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    2.4 GHz wireless mini
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    A4TECH padless
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    MFA1200USB-BT amplifier and huge, but old stereo speakers
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    WIN7, Raspbian Booster, Ubuntu Mate
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    Toshiba Satellite from 2009

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  1. Maybe https://digitalsupport.ge.com/en_US/Article/Dot-NET-Framework-3-5-Installation-On-Win10-Without-Internet-Connection
  2. Use official installer, if you are trying to run some ancient software, better go with virtual machine, rather than risk destroying the current OS. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=25150
  3. If his laptop can handle it, I don't see a problem. Professors get distracted and have to do multiple things at the same time... If the stream starts lagging or his computer shuts down during such meetings often, then you know he doesn't know what he is doing. It is true some teenagers can hack better than pros hired by the government... it's a generation thing.
  4. I use mine as on the go media PC with KODI, remote controlling it from phone, better than just mirroring phone screen. I believe you were talking about SD card. SD cards get corrupted pretty fast, if you start writing to them. I am booting from 2.5 inch HDD, because I store a lot of files on it, but small form factor USB stick could be the optimal solution. Keep in mind you can't connect external HDD and USB stick at the same time, unless you have 3A power supply, 2.5A ain't enough juice... Only having USB 2.0 ports is kinda a buzzkill on this Pi model, but it's still fast enough fo
  5. I see no problem on your end. Maybe friend CPU can't even handle the shared screen app, could try changing resolution or quality settings.
  6. Yes, those are called base clock and boost clock... if CPU has no task it drops the CPU clock, to use less power... if temperature is high it also drops the clock speed, that is called thermal throttling.
  7. Have yet to brake full size HDMI port, so I guess it's non issue. But assuming it's the port you use all the time, it would break down 1st... but by the time you could already afford cheaper TV with better specs...
  8. Can test if it's really hardware problem from live linux USB ... If it isn't, dual boot linux distro and don't use win 10 unless software doesn't even run through wine. If it is, buy a new set of RAM sticks. If you are not into linux at all... Honestly win 7 still works super for me, I am blessed not to deal with win 10 on daily basis...
  9. Obviously cheap price, discount in huge text, old people have poor vision, I wouldn't expect them to read into details if they already came to physical store, they are more likely to ask questions about device they were looking for. You don't expect them to game on these neither... No need to install huge SSD in each computer, just enough to be used as boot drive. You can have higher end devices with more details, those will probably be bought as gift for kids...
  10. 3 keyboards, 4 drives. I would disconnect at least something while troubleshooting. If BIOS ever detects your GPU again, try undoing the overclock...
  11. How old is your power supply? Not enough power and often sudden shutdowns will for sure cause corruption.
  12. You got no control over the wifi access point? Problem might be with the router itself, not the PC...