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    On the Roof of Destruction
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    Played RR 2005-2012, the game is back so I play again!


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    1 GB of Raspberry Pi goodness
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    pile of hard drives
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    LG and Sony
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    2.4 GHz wireless mini
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    A4TECH padless
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    MFA1200USB-BT amplifier and huge, but old stereo speakers
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    WIN7, Raspbian Booster, Ubuntu Mate
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    Toshiba Satellite from 2009

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  1. Either you need to enable legacy USB support, or installation media is broken... Did you see same USB from within windows?
  2. Spamming Esc key kinda allows picking boot device, at least on laptops I have experience with... Might want to reset bios to default settings just to be safe. Fresh installation onto SSD sure is easier than cloning whole drive.
  3. I don't think mining BTC is a great idea right now, but you can try different coins if you have a decent GPU... Never tested myself, but this might be similar to what you are looking for:
  4. I wouldn't mess with the tiny parts, what did you take the HDD apart for? If size is not a problem you can just carry and external SSD around, it will for sure outperform USB sticks... At some point the rugged USB stick gets so long and heavy, you need to worry about port you plug it into...
  5. https://au.trustpilot.com/review/rosmancomputers.com.au?stars=1 Always start looking at worst reviews to find out the truth... https://www.feefo.com/en-GB/reviews/rosman-computers?withMedia=false&timeFrame=YEAR&displayFeedbackType=BOTH&serviceScores=1
  6. Online sms service, just make sure you delete the message, because many people use them. You might have to find one with your country number, or else e-mail might not accept the number... Something like: https://sms24.me/ Just a warning, same number might be no longer available in the future... Is there no option to send verification code to a 2nd e-mail? Or secret question?
  7. Well that means software is to blame. If there is a toolkit for adjusting the mouse, you for sure can live without... Open task Manager and check "Startup" tab, perhaps culprit is starting on each boot. Can repeat search of suspicious thingies through services.msc Other than that maybe digging through advanced power settings can help...
  8. Because I don't run VM on local device, thought we were talking about servers... It would be handy to run internet on win 98 for older multiplayer games, I have been trying to run windows on a smartphone as a side project... Most people have the phone, but many don't have x86 computers anymore...
  9. I'll keep going off topic... because I don't use win10, win10X hopefully is better. I don't know, why you fear having internet on VM so much, can always reinstall it... Some VM servers have better internet speeds than my home network, so if I need to download, cut, edit and re-upload some big video I might as well do it all through VM not touching my hard drive at all.
  10. shared folders... or shared clipboard are a thing. Worst case scenario you can upload text to pastebin...
  11. it might not be showing processes from all users. But just quick math in my mind, I don't see a huge difference in CPU overall and all the small numbers... You should just close thing you can live without... I don't see much sense in having a web browser while playing a game, unless you are streaming music.
  12. What you mean don't understand, it's just a list of IP addresses and human readable text. Ctrl+F and look for "warning". Should help narrow down the device that causes trouble...
  13. Even restarting the router doesn't help sometimes. Worst part about swapping, they often give you the same model, you can't tell if it has been used by someone else and you can expect it to fail too... Routers have an event log, my problem seems to be UDP port scan attack, but author should check theirs...
  14. Not taking anything apart, my old stuff still works just fine
  15. Close apps you don't use, they can eat a lot from background... Is screen refreshing 120Hz all the time, there should be way to reduce that? If you end up returning the phone, you can get something with snapdragon online... For example: https://www.cect-shop.com