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  1. I can't say this is remotely surprising, nor bad news. Having used one side by side with my Xs, it's time for these devices to go
  2. Last content for tonight, I promise. I've been thinking about changing it up here to reflect my other online existence, even though I don't show up often. I stopped using the name RGProductions shortly after I created my account here, but at that point name changes were not allowed and I couldn't think of anything better anyways. I still don't know what I would do since I haven't used an alias since then, I've just been myself. I obviously don't want to have my full name and face plastered all over here, so IDK, but the 2013 profile pic that has been out of service everywhere else for almost half a decade, stock wallpaper background, and cringe name has to go eventually. 

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    2. handymanshandle


      Takes me back to how I ended up ditching my old username in favor of naming myself after a hat for the Pyro in Team Fortress 2... which is a plunger.

    3. RGProductions


      I'd still be inclined to call it a better name than my current one...

    4. handymanshandle


      E/I Educational and Informative

  3. From somebody that 99% of the time uses their computer as nothing more than a web browser, I haven't noticed a difference from Catalina. The new design style is good, but needs a lot of refinement that I am not sure it will get. I can't speak on performance since I'm using a 6 core i7 to run chrome and zoom, but I haven't noticed any difference at all. Overall I think it's a step in the right direction and a good precursor to what's coming next. Stability has been so-so compared to my previous mac experiences, which is still amazing compared to windows. I've owned this mac since January or Mar
  4. As boring as it gets. Just how I like my computers.
  5. Sorry for spam, but I just got reminded of the game of CS where I got 52 kills and then literally never played another video game sinceimage.thumb.png.3a683a5d6f065809a42d65381df2da95.png


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    2. PCGuy_5960
    3. RGProductions


      @FloRolf That was far from my first game, I think I had about 1000 hours at that point. IIRC by then i was bored by video games and only playing because my friend wanted to queue. Something about the satisfaction of that game set something off in me and I haven't played since

    4. Letgomyleghoe


      Dust II on CS:GO is just my go to at this point, I know I'll have fun no matter what I do.

  6. nostalgia and borderline memory loss is a wonderfully painful combination

  7. Interesting. I'm all out of things to say honestly, It's been years since I've been in the PC game
  8. That would probably be a GPU issue if it's working well with other cards IMO. Have you tried running a GPU 3d stress test? What are temps like?
  9. Wow, my first PC just turned 5 years old. Time flies. I wonder how it's doing, considering it's been almost a year since I sold it. (still amazed that I actually made net profit on that whole ordeal)

    1. Gundar


      You mad net profit on a used pc? Were you like mining bitcoin on the his computer once you sold it?

    2. RGProductions


      I bought the whole thing for $552 brand new (including 8% sales tax 0.0) back when I built it. No GPU, I was waiting for the 1070 to launch. I got bored, bought a used GTX 660 for like $50, which was eventually replaced by an Rx 470 for $165. This eventually went on to sell for $350 during the peak of the bitcoin mining craze. At this point I think I put a 1050ti in it that I got from a friend for $80. The GTX 660 was sold as part of a bundle rig of parts that ended in net profit of $55, and the 1050ti was in a rig that I sold for a net profit of $90. It sat for a while after that, and in late 2019 I revamped it to sell (since I had a new PC) with a used RX580 that I bought for $98, monitor, keyboard, and mouse that I got for free, and went on to sell the whole thing for $540 in late 2019. 



      PC- $552

      GTX 660- $60

      Rx 470 - $165

      1050ti - $80

      rx 580 - $98

      Total cost - $955


      Gross revenue:

      RX 470 - $350

      660 rig - $55

      1050ti rig - $90

      OG rig - $540

      Gross revenue: $1040


      Net profit of almost 100 bucks and I had a halfway decent PC for about 3.5 years.


      I got a couple other stories like this. One more I did almost an identical rig to this one, the other was a gen 1 zen PC i bought used. That was all fun, but I'd never do it again for the slim profit margins and insane stress associated with selling PCs. I was also not an adult during this time which probably made it all worse. I'd estimate I made a total of about 600 bucks net in my time flipping gaming PCs, which was nice to help mentally justify to 16ish year old me spending all the money I had on PCs. I've totally squandered all this profit since then buying laptops lol, but oh well.

    3. RGProductions


      I could be forgetting something I have some pretty gnarly memory loss for my age

  10. Try lowering your ram's clock speed or increasing the timings or adding more voltage (if you know what you're doing on the voltage thing- I might advise skipping that). I've had ram in the past that could not run at its rated speed or became unstable at its rated speed after months or years.
  11. Looks like some form of artifacting to me (someone who's been out of the scene for quite a while). If you can verify that the monitor and cable work correctly in a different setup, your GPU is either not functioning correctly or it is a driver/windows/resolution problem. Sorry I'm not of much help.
  12. want buy thing because buy thing make happy but nothing need to buy

  13. I'm a bit of a wimp here- any i series quad core or better or a skylake-era + dual core 8 gigs ram (maybe 6) ssd
  14. Bloody hell, seeing the news in tech and corporate land lately has made me glad that I am probably going to be getting a degree useful in the other side of all this 

  15. I wish any automaker except tesla could make teslas. Tesla's tech company roots are showing, and their unethical business practices are especially prominent. Hopefully batter technology can move away from lithium eventually, but until then (and my bank account grows significantly), I'll be sticking to combustion.