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  1. it has been 6 days since I have plugged in my M1 MBA and I am still on 64% battery; the MBP would probably only manage three before it died. big fan of this laptop

  2. Yeah it’s a whole mess I’m glad my provided router is able to deliver 7-800mbps through the whole house because figuring all this out for an actually fast connection sucks
  3. I'll have to do that when my family gets home, I use Mac and iPhone so it's probably hideously complicated to try to do that on this combo
  4. That's the exact router I bought to replace it. We have xfinity and haven't had a terrible experience, and we pay around $70 a month IIRC. College is my use case, some dorms don't have wireless routers so you have to supply your own, but they do have a wired connection that can stretch up to gigabit speeds when demand is low. My perspective on internet speeds is definitely skewed, everyone I know now has speeds well in excess of 100 mb/s except people who are way out in the middle of nowhere that still only have DSL
  5. both products are at MSRP, I see where you're coming from though. The performance per dollar is good but the advertising is wack IMO
  6. totally. I would love to test the WLAN speeds, but I'm not sure this can even function as a repeater and I only own one computer lol
  7. I appreciate tiktok for the simple reason that no other platform would ever push some of the content/trends that thrive on there. 

  8. I should also add that I am only upset because significantly better products exist in the same price bracket. For an extra $8 you can get a router with similar features from a reputable brand but with gigabit WAN and LAN
  9. It only specifies 10/100 LAN, I have seen a few routers that have had gigabit WAN and only 10/100 LAN. I definitely should have done my due diligence before buying this product and that is on me, but someone less technically inclined than I am would probably not have been able to tell.
  10. Agreed completely. I would have no problems with this product if they were upfront about the fact that it only has 10/100 wan but it's obvious they want to hide it. Maybe my beef lies with amazon (or whoever created the amazon listing), because it actually does not state anywhere on that page what kind of WAN speed it has, and graphics like this (created by TP-link themselves), strongly imply it is possible to get an external internet connection of speeds in excess of 100 mb/s. To tp-link's credit it does say on the box that it only has 10/100 WAN.
  11. I'm not super close to a city but I'm definitely not far. I am on the west coast though so with the industry around here I do know that we have significantly better internet infrastructure than average
  12. You're totally right that it functions, but it wasn't advertised anywhere except deep into the product page on the TP link website that this only had 10/100 WAN and a router with gigabit WAN (and more features) is only about $10 more. Also, I disagree on your claim that average internet speeds are so slow. At least where I am, even on copper to get a new connection slower than 150/20 you have to specifically ask for it and it is not much cheaper than 500/50. I know this isn't the case everywhere but in a lot of places it's becoming the norm. I would avoid this router out of the principle becau
  13. I can't be happier with my new M1 MacBook Air. I sold the MBP and got this, making $200 profit too, and this laptop is perfect for me. Both size and performance are fantastic for what I do and I do not regret skipping out on more ram or storage (yet...) considering it would have cost me an extra $300 AND waiting 3 weeks for a custom order to show up.

    1. RGProductions


      to clarify it is an extra $300 for EITHER ram or storage because sales tax would then be introduced

  14. I just bought this router for a friend, but I returned it less than 25 minutes after opening the box. This router advertises itself as capable of wireless AC and speeds in excess of 867 mb/s. I have a gigabit connection and I routinely get ~500mb/s throughout my whole house on wifi. I bought this router for a friend, but I thought it would be good to set it up at my house and give it a test. To my shock, even 5 feet away from the router I could not get speeds in excess of 90 mb/s. I knew the LAN ports on this router were only 10/100, but I assumed that a router that advertised itse
  15. Lads, I think it may be time to "retire" the Macbook Pro. It would be a very cheap and pretty easy swap to a fully loaded M1 Macbook air which is not only significantly more powerful (and brand new...), but a 13 inch laptop is a LOT more practical now that I am going to be returning to in-person schooling.