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  1. Anka

    Mixer replacement

    I ended up buying the Scarlett 8i6. I have just set it up and it works very well. The audio quality is also a lot better now when I can avoid routing it through my monitors HDMI-port.
  2. Anka

    Mixer replacement

    I have looked at the Focusrite Control software used to mix inputs and outputs and it seems works just the way I want it to. I will probably never use more than one or maybe two microphones. I will instead mostly connect externally powered stereo sources. If I enable phantom power for input 1-4, will I be able to use the other three inputs as line in? Also, I have not been able to find the mixing control software for the Behringer but I expect it to work similarly to the Scarlett and without requiring some recording software, or am i wrong?
  3. Anka

    Mixer replacement

    Correct. It would be great if it had an extra pair of inputs as well in case I would like to plug in my phone or some other device. But that would just be a bonus.
  4. Anka

    Mixer replacement

    The two sources marked PC are connected to the same machine. The image might not explain that well enough. That is why I am using the HDMI audio source as well as the 3.5mm output to get two independent physical volume dials for VoIP and music/games. I almost never use the EQ (and if I would like to, I could probably find a software solution), so an audio interface will probably be better. Does the audio interface present several audio devices in Windows so I can send different audio to different sources or how do they work?
  5. Anka

    Mixer replacement

    I have been using a mixer to connect my PC to my headphones and speakers, but I am now looking to replace it because the headphone output recently started to only output on the left channel. My current setup looks something like this: Inputs: Mic --> Mixer (Ch 1) PC (VoIP) --> Mixer (Ch 3/4), connected through HDMI audio. Sounds ok, but not great. PC (Desktop) --> Mixer (Ch 5/6) Outputs: Mixer (FX send) --> PC (Mic input) Mixer (Main) --> Speakers Mixer (Phones) --> Headphones I would like to connect my Nintendo Switch to the new setup, which I ca