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  1. Start by doing just that (hitting normal quote which then opens the editor for a new post) and then simply cut that quote box and paste it into the post you're editing.
  2. Either I'm missing something big here or this has been blown totally out of proportion. If an attacker is able to run commands on your PC like this to make your PC download something they want you do have, you're already infected/compromised, so that feels like a catch 22. Moreover, the ability to download a file with the command line doesn't seem unusual to me... have they not heard of wget?
  3. Hmm ok yeah that's what I was thinking that if such a thing exists, it would have to be a stand-alone unit. That is what I am ideally after anyway as there is some benefit to that - can use it on any display anywhere without needing a powerful PC, and should be simple as plug and play. Based on other replies and this, it sounds like sadly it's not really a thing though commercially.
  4. In theory yes, I'm very much of that mentality myself as well, although I've yet to find software that will do what I'm looking for. I know it's possible for videos, either live or as a "re-render and save" sort of thing, but what about general purpose that would act on anything and everything on screen, including (for example) games?
  5. Very true, but something like "1080p" is instantly recognizable as a resolution since (at least as far as what's coming to mind at the moment) nothing else is really stated that way. The number "1080" alone on its own like that however is far less clear. Plus, it's not really so much effort to add it.
  6. vanished

    Mixer replacement

    Nice, glad to hear it
  7. The rule of thumb I often hear quoted is that emulation requires the underlying hardware to be 10 to 100x more powerful than the system it's emulating. Of course this is a broad generalization but it is true that there is quite a significant loss of efficiency. Couple that with the fact that the Raspberry Pi CPU is, although a quad core, probably somewhat similar in raw performance to what a lot of machines would have actually ran on back in XP's hay day, and I don't think it would be capable of providing a good experience even if such an emulator did exist.
  8. I guess I should clarify, I don't mean an old-school sledgehammer full page reload like hitting the browser button, I mean like how it dynamically adds new replies with you click "show reply", just instead of showing new ones, it would update the existing ones (but as I said, with the added convenience of it just happening rather than prompting you with a link at all).
  9. Now if they'd just make this the normal price for everyone AMD would be back in some seriously hot water
  10. Better yet, if it could just automatically refresh without even having to mention or ask, but I suspect that can't be done. Well, with that said I suspect this can't be done anyway but I hope it can, it would make a lot of sense. As for the notifications, if possible it would be good not to get them as I agree that would be excessive. Just a note for when you're actively viewing the page.
  11. I assume they will be eventually rolling this out to all versions, including web/desktop. If so, that will potentially be a big deal. I feel like it's no secret that there is a distinct lack of good video chat/conference apps. The issues with Zoom, though a bit old news at this point, are well documented, and Skype is far from having a great reputation either. Some of the "dedicated" apps like Google Duo and Facetime are better if you have the option (at least, as far as I can tell from reading reviews - I've never tried either myself), but obviously a communication app that can't easily b
  12. In theory, that might be possible. I'm hoping for a more consumer friendly option though that can be easily plugged into and removed from any display without having the DIY together a controller board and one particular panel. I had considered a software solution, and I may end up resorting to that in the end, but I was hoping for something more stand-alone since from what I've seen, these kinds of things can be tricky to setup. I know there have been projects around for running it on video for a while but I'm not sure I've ever seen a general purpose one that works on anythin
  13. They can also be 5900 RPM. Traditionally this was never a speed that you'd see but over the last many years it has become common
  14. PC monitors are very simple displays, they just show what you feed in with basically no processing and as little delay as possible. TVs are different. They have much more of a "brain" and do all sorts of colour adjustment and other processing, including (for better or worse) frame interpolation. Sometimes on a TV you want to turn this stuff off, and although the input lag never seems to go down to quite as low as it would without having that stuff, at least it helps and you do have the option. The reverse isn't true though. If you want that processing on a regular desktop display, oh well
  15. You should be able to mount the image and retrieve individual files from it. How exactly that process looks depends again on how much data and free space we're dealing with.