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  1. Well, let's be honest: it's like Tumblr in that it's very useful for finding porn.
  2. We went from the Google Play Store to white supremacy. Standard fare for this forum, to be fair.
  3. For as much "advice" as he gives, he could really use a page out of his own playbook.
  4. Not sure if it's on Android but Make it Rain: The Love of Money kills a lot of time.
  5. I already know that if Nvidia pulled this bullshit people would bitch and bitch and bitch about it for weeks on end. I really don't understand why AMD would do this. I don't condone it and it's frankly quite a dick move.
  6. This is the end goal of what would've been the net neutrality bill. You know, contradictory name for a contradictory Silicon Valley.

    1. hey_yo_


      It's a crazy world :(

  7. 3D Pinball: Space Cadet
  8. You wanna know the irony of all this? You know the net neutrality bullshit you guys were pushing? Yeah, this makes that issue entirely irrelevant when shitty corporations in Northern California have control. This is the end goal of it, to silence those they disagree with in the name of "hate speech".
  9. The R9 270 would have a lead. From what I remember, the 750 Ti is basically on par with an R7 265 or an HD 7850, and the R9 270 is effectively an HD 7870.
  10. I have an American Spanish print of The Black Cauldron on tape. I managed to scan the art fairly well.


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    2. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      Also, if you're wondering why I'm saying "American Spanish", I'm just going off that they have FBI warnings on them and that they were purchased in Texas.

      I'm getting photos of the tape of The Black Cauldron here.

    3. Dan Castellaneta
    4. wcreek


      Aye you can just use US Intl keyboard for accents.

      ñö wâý

  11. One of the most underrated rap producers on the planet is Rashad Smith. My favorite production from him has to be Making Moves with Puff by Craig Mack.
  12. Did someone say Team Fortress 2?
  13. I JUST found out that YouTube's topic channel for Method Man had the instrumental to the remix of How High. This instrumental is honestly one of my favorites.