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  • CPU
    AMD Athlon X4 950
  • Motherboard
    ASRock AB350M
  • RAM
    8GB Patriot Viper DDR4 @2400MHz
  • GPU
    Sapphire Dual-X Radeon HD 7850
  • Case
    Cooler Master N200
  • Storage
    750GB HGST 2.5" 5400rpm and 360GB Seagate Barracuda 3.5" 7200rpm
  • PSU
    Corsair CX600M
  • Display(s)
    Samsung UN22F5000AF
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K65
  • Mouse
    Corsair Sabre RGB
  • Sound
    Audio-Technica ATH-M30X and whatever onboard sound card this motherboard has
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro and Lubuntu 17.04

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    Huntsville, AL
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    Computers (well, duh)
    Old audio and video formats
    1980s/1990s rap and R&B
    Team Fortress 2
    Brendan (@wcreek)
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    Hey, I'm Jake! I'm your local American Trump supporter! I consider myself as a gay conservative. Pretty neat, huh? I also play a lot of Team Fortress 2.
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    ripper of shitty vhs tapes

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    Dan Castellaneta#4736
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  1. LGBT community

    Did someone say "original print"?
  2. LGBT community

    Meh, when it comes to caring for a VCR as long as it's not some shitty Walmart VCR from the 1990s all you really need to do is make sure everything works decently. Not one tape I've had has ever been destroyed by a VCR, but when I was younger I liked messing with tapes Oh well, now I'm aiming for a full Peanuts collection. Not necessarily cheap or easy, trust me.
  3. LGBT community

    Sometimes I wonder why I have a stash of VHS tapes. Then I remember that I find collecting tapes interesting. And hey, it puts my VCR to use.
  4. Much to my shock, my capture card can show a DVD from a DVD player through component video.

    DVD player:





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      Dan Castellaneta

      brown charlesthan

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      Does Charlie Brown's hair say "CO2"?

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      Dan Castellaneta

      you know

      I just fucking realized that

  5. Cars that you absolutely hate

    Something tells me you've never been in one. Those fucking hustle, even moreso once you tune them.
  6. VHS to digital hardware questions

    Just VHS tapes generally. Frame doubling in the context of interlaced context can be used to basically interpolate fields in a more proper fashion as interlaced content (in the NTSC context) is recorded at 59.94 fields per second. With no deinterlacing (or blend deinterlacing) applied, this will simply become 29.97fps. Certain deinterlacing techniques will interpolate every alternating field to produce a 59.94fps image, not unlike what a CRT television (or a good comb filter on a TV) would show. I've heard the Diamond software is okay. Whether you want to use that or something else is up to you. Both the Startech and Hauppauge cards are fine, but unless your VCR (or really, VHS/DVD combo) has a Component output, there's no real point in them.
  7. LGBT community

    Maybe the PlayStation 2's component output isn't as shit as we like to think it is.
  8. Budget Lan-Party PC is death!

    Yeah; I guess if we were in LAN party territory they'd make a bit more sense.
  9. Budget Lan-Party PC is death!

    SSHDs are a waste of money, just FYI.
  10. VHS to digital hardware questions

    That Diamond card I've heard works really well, especially for Macrovision-encoded stuff. I mention that because it could make a strange difference for non-Macrovision tapes, namely home videos. USB capture cards are generally fine, just don't go for shitty EasyCaps. Word of advice if you want to capture tapes, use VirtualDub. It tends to be pretty good, and allows for you to edit the video and, more importantly, re-render it with frame-doubled deinterlacing if necessary.
  11. Xbox one emulation for crossplay?

    There hasn't been an Xbox One emulator released yet?
  12. Jack of all trades, or a master of one?

    As it is, I'm basically a master of a couple of things and suck ass at everything else. As for what I want to be, I'd much rather be a jack of all trades.
  13. As it is, that's still a better run than first-generation Android Wear watches.
  14. Chrome 63 will use even more RAM to "protect" you

    Regular Vivaldi user. Vivaldi uses more RAM than Chrome when both are stock, with no extensions.
  15. The Best Looking or best Quality OEM Case!

    Honestly, I really like the SFF Dell Optiplex cases of around 2007-2009.