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  • Birthday 2000-09-21

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    Huntsville, AL
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    Tyler (@pinksnowbirdie), Team Fortress 2, VHS tapes, old school rap and R&B, top tier shitposts and video capturing
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    Hey, I'm Jake! I first joined this forum on 8/20/2015 because I was bored, and I stuck around. I'm gay and I have a boyfriend I met here.
    Politically I consider myself in the right wing territory, and I'm here to Make America Great Again.


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
  • Motherboard
    ASRock AB350M
  • RAM
    8GB Patriot Viper DDR4 @ 2400MHz
  • GPU
    MSI Radeon RX 580 with 8GB GDDR5
  • Case
    Cooler Master N200
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    240GB Kingston A400 SSD and 750GB HGST 2.5" 5400rpm
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova G3 550W
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    Samsung UN22F5000AF
  • Cooling
    Cryorig H7
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K65
  • Mouse
    Corsair Harpoon RGB
  • Sound
    Sony MDR-7506 and Onboard Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. welp

    it is 9/21 bois

    happy birthday to me

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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      Hepppey Birthday Fren.



    3. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Jakey boy, older than he has ever been, but the youngest he will ever be.🤔

      Good birthday to you. 🤗

    4. BlueChinchillaEatingDorito
  2. Happy Birthday Jake <3 :x

    1. captain_to_fire


      Happy Birthday 😘

  3. first time gun buying

    What country? Also, there's a thread around here that could really help you out.
  4. Bys3T.png

    It's official: my Soldier set is the priciest set I own.

  5. upgrade gtx 970 or monitor?

    What games do you play?
  6. Off topic chit chat

    I don't mean to brag but my modeling skills are a1 I should burn in hell for this.
  7. I don't remember this episode of VeggieTales


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    2. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      you'd be surprised

      4:3 and 16:9 are surprisingly common there, especially for big meme accounts

    3. DrMacintosh


      Yeah, but who renders in VHS tracking lines? Thats what those imperfections are at the edge of the video frame. 

    4. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      well the video's also at 20fps



  9. AMD DRIVER update issues

    Uninstall current drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller and reinstall them from there, making sure Windows doesn't get in the way of updating them.
  10. LGBT community

    Today on "What a Waste of Money":
  11. Why the Linux CoC is Bad

    I'll admit that I haven't been paying attention to politics for long (at most, a couple of years) and it's legitimately sad to see how damn far we've seen the progressive movement swing to the far left. Back when I was in high school, while I never explicitly stated I was pro-Trump, I very clearly could tell I was one of the very few people that would give him a chance. And that's what I'm afraid of, a generation of closed-minded people feeding off of social media rather than being independent thinkers, even if it's politics I dislike. As Taf said earlier in the thread, "Get woke, go broke", and that's incredibly true; from what I've observed, this generation is incredibly racially aware, and it leads down a dangerous path for everyone involved, and frankly, it's going to affect everything itself (especially the job economy) in the very near future when we're running businesses.
  12. yay I got $250 for my birthday

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    2. kelvinhall05


      Damn, I should do that on my 14th birthday.



      Gettin' drunk on Capri-suns sounds fun.

    3. D13H4RD2L1V3


      I did get the laptop as a gift last year mostly due to my good study results, but I've lately been less keen on having gifts for birthdays and more keen on just spending time having fun.

    4. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      Meh, going out is overrated.

  13. CSGO Set Console Commands Help

    Autoexec works best for if you have a long list of commands you want to use but don't want to clutter up the launch options. That or elaborate graphics/control configurations.
  14. CSGO Set Console Commands Help

    That's one thing that Source games teach you: basic console commands from TF2 usually transfer to CS:GO, and vice versa. You should be able to set up an autoexec.cfg if that's preferable, although I'll have to test that for myself.
  15. CSGO Set Console Commands Help

    Do "+fps_max [fps]" and "+viewmodel_fov [fov]"; the "-[command]" commands are meant for launch commands and not console commands executed on launch. Also, if you're using the Scaleform UI (which you don't seem to be), the FPS cap for that is different.