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    Stay High Stay Lifted
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    MrSnapatya (check out my steam gauge :: http://mysteamgauge.com/account?username=mrsnapatya )

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    Being An NPC


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    4770K @ 4.2GHz
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    Some MSI Board
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    8GB Corsair Vengence @1600MHz
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    GTX 780TI
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    Corsair 600T [Upgrade In Progression]
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    Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB & Samsung EVO 128GB SSD
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    Corsair AX 750
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    ASUS Ultra Widescreen (21:9, 2560x1080)
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    Corsair K70
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    Some Shitty Thermaltake Level 10M
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    AT2020(MIC) Logitech G430 (HEADPHONES)
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    Win7 and Ubuntu

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  1. Alright so this started a week or two ago with my brothers PC, it wasn't really an issue at first because it would rarely happen and it would only be like once a day if that but then it progressively started to get worse to the point where it crashes in the middle of booting into windows, I tried resetting cmos, I also installed Ubuntu and that worked fine for like a few hours and then it started to just boot loop every time I would turn it on. This had lead me to think that it's a hardware issue but I'm not sure where to begin. I'm thinking maybe bad memory. Any thoughts?
  2. VESn1Fd.jpg

    Took this picture of my 6P :D

    1. birdflyer


      Noice, my Mom had one for a while but then sold it over 2 years ago for a pixel 2.

  3. Anyone know anywhere where I can get my Blue Gem price checked, it's Factory New, 84% Blue on the Back Side and 42% on the Play Side (Ignore my ugly surf times)
  4. When you spend 2 hours debugging AE and AME to try to figure out why they aren't working together, only to realize that I have AE 2014 and AME CC Installed, well what a waste of my time O.o

  5. When your ISP throttles your speed at night...FeelsBadMan

  6. Damn it, out of stock :(


    1. Snapy1


      And yeah I know they haven't released yet, they still got my hopes up though haha

  7. I normally don't do stuff like this but my good friend was recently in a terrible motorcycle accident (It was sadly on my Birthday too and a day after he graduated high school), both his lungs have collapsed, he broke nearly every bone in his face and fractured a part of his skull, he was riding and a four wheeler pulled out infront of him from a private lane, (sadly the rider of the four wheeler was presumed dead upon the scene of the accident), but it's just very weird to think about, I was hanging out with him about 20 minutes before it happened and its just weird to think that if he would have hung out for even ten more seconds the accident could have been avoided 


    If anyone wants to throw a few bucks his way feel free to: https://www.gofundme.com/26phjd4s


    But please please please, I can not express this enough, look out for other riders, its getting to be the time of year where people are taking there bikes out more often, so please all I ask is pay attention and always think twice about bikes before making a lane switch or pulling out somewhere, thank you for your time to read this, drive safe..

  8. So I had a dream I had a Miata, I woke up so disappointed :|

  9. Anyone have any short CSGO clips I can edit, I'm bored and feel like editing a clip

  10. So a Microfiber cloth has somehow managed to scratch the glass or plastic or whatever the fuck it is on my side panel of my NZXT Manta that I just bought a few weeks ago. Well shit

  11. I'm in the predicament whether to get a GTX 1080, or a Oculus Rift

  12. Went to my first concert last Thursday and it was amazing, I already have tickets for my next one!

  13. Trading AWP Medusa For GTX 1080 xD

  14. If I got a GTX 1080 once it's released will my 4770K cause it to bottleneck?

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    2. ShadowCaptain


      What? it looked terrible, as somebody who ADORED Fable 1, and sorta enjoyed 2, the series has been going downhill ever since, and Lion Head studios have no idea what they are doing


    3. Snapy1


      Meh idk, I've sorta always been kind of a fanboy of the Fable series I guess haha.

    4. ShadowCaptain


      Fable 1 is genuinely one of my fave games of all times, I really really liked 2, 3 was a big meh overall 


      But since then, they have been bastardising the series, all I wanted was another single player story driven game

      not some fucked up free to play multiplayer thing, 


      And I mean WTF was Fable Heroes, and Fable the journey? were they on drugs or something