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    Dark Souls


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    Intel Core i5 6600K
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    MSI Z170A Krait Gaming
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    2x4 Corsair Veangance LPX Black
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    Phanteks Eclipse P400
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    250 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD
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    EVGA 750 G2

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  1. If by appeal you mean try to come back to pcpp the reality is that once you're banned you're banned. There's not much of a chance that the staff will let you back on. I honestly think that at this point you should just find another forum. Sorry
  2. I mean I hardly ever use this forum so I wouldn't be one to ask. But I could check over here from time to time
  3. You clearly posted that topic seeing as you continued to deny that you were baconbuilder in every comment before and after that thread. Your response to me asking if you were baconbuilder isn't helping your case either
  4. If you were truly ashamed for what you did you wouldn't have continued the same behavior on your alt (one word responses, pointless topics, etc.) Maybe asking if people remembered you isn't the right word here. I think a more appropriate choice would be denying that you were yourself on your alt. Nonetheless that topic was completely unnecessary because you weren't fooling the staff or anyone else by posting that.
  5. Problem here is that you're not innocent. You spammed the 10k posts thread along with many others, made low quality posts, and then you made a blatantly obvious alt and tried to draw attention to yourself by asking if people remembered you. You contributed nothing to the site other than shitposts and spam. You're 100% guilty here
  6. Your PSU won't bottleneck anything other than maybe overclocking headroom. The main issue with the PSU is that it's outdated and "meh" quality wise
  7. The FX lineup is more or less dead at this point. Its weak single core performance will hinder performance in games. It's beaten by the G4400 in most games and by the Athlon II X4 860K in everything else
  8. I love Newegg reviews 


    1. PlayStation 2
    2. Rippey



  9. Fun fact: Mail ships on Sundays now


  10. TFW Dan gets another VACation on PCPP

  11. I'm probably gonna end up using this account for shitposting in all honesty.



  12. Do you know whether it supports a Swiftech H240 X2? One of those will stomp any NZXT or Corsair AIO.
  13. I have a discontinued GALAX 970. Love it.
  14. I ordered $55 worth of case fans and modding supplies for my build and Newegg cancelled my order. MFW


    1. Newegg_Support


      Hello Rippey,


      We apologize for the trouble you had with your order. Send us an email to wecare@newegg.com so we can look into that for you.


      Newegg Support,