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  1. Main News Topics [UPDATE] Gamers Nexus Confirms Vega 64 Price Increase Source 1: OP: Staas Source 2: Post by Gibbo of Overclockers suggested that launch rebates and MDF would be expiring from AMD for Vega Would drive pricing upwards as retailers scramble to make a profit on the new GPU Launch pricing of Vega 64 was supposed to be $500, but shot up to $600 after selling out Gamers Nexus spoke to sources from different companies, and learned that the AMD rebate expiry and price jump is true AMD provided top retailers and etailers a $499 price on Vega 64, coupling card with rebate to reduce the spend Rebates were included as a means to encourage retailers to sell at a lower $499 price Update AMD has released a statement regarding the supply issues of Vega “Radeon RX Vega 64 demand continues to exceed expectations. AMD is working closely with its partners to address this demand. Our initial launch quantities included standalone Radeon RX Vega 64 at SEP of $499, Radeon RX Vega 64 Black Packs at SEP of $599, and Radeon RX Vega 64 Aqua Packs at SEP of $699. We are working with our partners to restock all SKUs of Radeon RX Vega 64 including the standalone cards and Gamer Packs over the next few weeks, and you should expect quantities of Vega to start arriving in the coming days.” What’s Coming Out on Floatplane? Go Over Current Week. Rapid Fire More than 50 pirate websites to be blocked in Australia within Days Source 1: - Allycat Source 2: More than 50 pirate websites illegally sharing movies and tv shows, will be blocked in Australia within days Anti-copyright theft group creative content australia went further and warned individual movie pirates would be next to face courts With plans to sue any australian who “continues to download pirated content” Move comes after the Federal Court ruled in favour of filmmakers and pay-tv provider in two separate cases yesterday Targeted internet service providers have 15 days to disable access to the online locations found to have been engaging in or facilitating infringement Creative Content Australia chairman Graham Burke said the new judgement would mean a total of 65 sites and 340 domains would be blocked in Australia Intel Claims 8700k to be 11% Faster Than 7700k Source 1: - NumLock21 Source 2: Hosting a training seminar for retailers in China for upcoming Coffee Lake 8th Gen Core series According to leaked slide, upcoming i7-8700K cpu will be 11% faster than 7700K in single threaded operations Slide also confirms that for the first time Intel will introduce quad-core i3 series and six-core i5 series Slide Picture Apple going all-in on original programming, to the tune of $1 billion a year Source 1: Apple could procure and produce as many as 10 new shoes next year Their first original series “Planet of the Apps” and “Carpool Karaoke” just became available to Apple Music subscribers Critic reviews have been mixed $1 billion budget shows Apple is serious about boosting its original programming Netflix may spend $6 billion this year Update gone wrong leaves 500 smart locks inoperable Source 1: Hundreds of internet connected locks became inoperable last week after a faulty software update Caused them to experience a fatal system error, manufacturer LockState said Mistake happened when LockState mistakenly sent some of their 6i lock models a firmware update designed for 7i locks Update left earlier 6i models locked and unable to receive over-the-air updates As of August 14th 85% of the affected customer issues had been resolved NVIDIA’s Next-gen Volta gaming GPUs aren’t arriving anytime soon Source 1: Volta currently too costly to produce for consumers Jensen Huang said during an earnings call “Volta for gaming, we haven't announced anything. And all I can say is that our pipeline is filled with some exciting new toys for the gamers, and we have some really exciting new technology to offer them in the pipeline. But for the holiday season for the foreseeable future, I think Pascal is just unbeatable,” Intel Coffee Lake CPUs will NOT be compatible with Z270 Chipset Motherboards Says ASRock Source 1: OP: Morgan MLGMan Source 2: ASRock said this in a reply to someone on Twitter Tweet Maybe Americans don’t need fast home Internet service? FCC suggests Source 1: Source 2: Americans might not need a fast home internet connection, the FCC suggests in a new document Suggestion comes in the FCC’s annual inquiry into broadband availability Last year the FCC updated its analysis with a conclusion that Americans need home and mobile access Because home internet connections and smartphones have different capabilities and limitations, Americans should have access to both instead of just one or the other Ajit Pai now in charge, FCC wants to change the policy by declaring mobile broadband speeds of 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up is all one needs By doing this, FCC could conclude that broadband is already being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion Galax HOF Chrome Plated DDR4 Source 1: - NumLock21 Source 2: Extremely limited edition (50) available HOF Extreme Limited Edition Kit runs as speeds of 4133MHz Shipping date towards the end of the month Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 More People Than you think use Bing Source 1: - Porina Source 2: Bing became profitable in the third calendar quarter of 2015 Microsoft tweeted that “Bing is bigger than you think” Bing Ads Tweet Company claims that fully one-third of searches in the US are powered by Bing Either directly or through Yahoo or AOL Strong markets include Taiwan at 24 or 26%, and the UK at either 23 or 25% Company is claiming a 9% market share Prysin on the LTT Forum commented “let me guess, they probably use it to search for chrome or firefox download upon fresh installs”
  2. Main News Topics Intel i9 CPU's specs finalized Source 1: posted by The Benjamins Source 2: After previously teasing partial specs for the Core i9 lineup, Intel has now unveiled the complete details, starting out with the i9-7920X (12 cores/24 threads) with a 2.9GHz base and up to 4.4GHz boost clock and topping out with the i9-7980XE (18 cores/36 threads) with a 2.6GHz base and 4.4GHz max boost clock. Threadripper won't natively support NVMe-Hardware-RAID at launch Source 1: posted by Nicnac Source 2:,35149.html AMD's X399 platform supports a massive 64 lanes, allowing you to simultaneously use two video cards at full speed, add on 10-gigabit Ethernet, and even pop in a crisp new sound card if you so desire. What the X399 doesn't give you is the ability to utilize NVMe SSDs in a bootable RAID X399 will allow users to build an array with SATA products and boot from it, but AMD hasn't employed a way to boot from NVMe SSDs together in a RAID 0 array like Intel. AMD is going to enable the feature in the future, but right now there isn't a firm timeline 1/2 Threadripper’s First Waterblock Source 1: posted by The Angry Computersmasher Source 2: Chinese liquid-cooling equipment manufacturer BYKSKI has announced the first water blocks for Threadripper. They come in four variants: Red - $58 Silver - $58 Red + RGB lighting - $63 Silver + RGB lighting - $63 BYKSKI water blocks are often cheaper than leading brands’. You can find them on Taobao, Aliexpress, and Amazon Threadripper water blocks are currently only listed in China. 2/2 Enermax first out the gate with AIO for Threadripper Source 1: posted by ravenshrike Source 2: ENERMAX, a creator of high-end power supplies and cooling solutions has today announced their new LIQTECK TR4 series of AIO liquid coolers, the first to offer 100% coverage of Threadripper's (and EPYC's) IHS. ENERMAX even go as far as to say that this cooling solution will offer over 500 watts of cooling capacity compared to solutions offering only partial coverage, allowing it to handle overclocked Threadripper systems with relative ease. Rumour: ASUS is building the ‘Double Down’ of Vega cards Source 1: posted by Mr_Troll Source 2: A liquid cooled, dual GPU Radeon RX Vega graphics card is allegedly in development by Asus and should grace store shelves later this year. The card will feature: two full Vega 10 XT GPUs. over 50 teraflops of FP16 compute, 25 teraflops of FP32 compute nearly 600W power draw Asus will allegedly only make a limited number of these cards The card will be a means of displaying what ASUS is capable of rather than a commercial product that they expect to sell en masse. AMD increasing Vega 64 Pricing above official MSRP Source 1: posted by tom_w141 Source 2: Although AMD has advertised an MSRP for Vega 64 of $499 for the Black version and $599 for the Limited edition, it now appears that both versions will be widely sold for $599 few shops will still offer Vega 64 at official suggested price, so AMD can say it was sold for 499 USD Discord announces video chat and screensharing Source 1: Now friends on Discord can watch each other play their favorite games while talking face-to-face “This is the most requested feature on Discord probably a year running,” says CMO Eros Resmini. “A lot of infrastructure had to be built up for this launch,” The video features run at a smooth and crisp 720p at 30 frames per second. Skype runs at half that FPS Only 5% of users will get video today, and it will only work with groups of up to 10 people BUT one big thing that’s lacking at the moment is sound from screenshares What’s Coming Out on Floatplane? Go Over Current Week. Rapid Fire Paris considering eSports for 2024 Olympics Source 1: posted by M.Yurizaki Source 2: gamers could be competing for Olympic medals by 2024 The Paris Olympic bid committee will consider esports for inclusion as a medal event in the 2024 Olympic Games, according to Tony Estanguet, the committee’s co-president. Estanguet believes that a contest of digital prowess should be considered a legitimate sport if the Olympics is to maintain its relevance for new generations of fans "We have to look at it because we can't say, 'It's not us. It's not about Olympics,'" "The youth, yes they are interested in esports and this kind of thing. Let's look at it. Let's meet them. Let's try if we can find some bridges. Gaming has already been embraced by the Asian Games One wrinkle: Games are commercial products, sports aren’t Consumer Reports does not recommend Surface Laptop Source 1: posted by Ked Ops Source 2: New studies conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center estimate that 25 percent of Microsoft laptops and tablets will present their owners with problems by the end of the second year of ownership. The decision by Consumer Reports applies to Microsoft devices with detachable keyboards, such as the new Surface Pro the Surface Book, And laptops with conventional clamshell designs- the four laptops losing their previous recommended status are: Microsoft Surface Laptop (128GB and 256GB versions) Microsoft Surface Book (128GB and 512GB versions) Microsoft’s estimated breakage rate for its laptops and tablets was higher than most other brands by a statistically significant margin Statement from MS: “Microsoft’s real-world return and support rates for past models differ significantly from Consumer Reports’ breakage predictability,” Semi-Official: Here’s what the iPhone 8 looks like Source 1: posted by TheBeastPC Source 2:,news-25636.html The first dummy units of the iPhone 8 have been delivered The display is nearly bezeless on all sides, but but does NOT have curved edges like the Samsung Galazy S8 The screen's clean look is disrupted by 'bezel island' where the camera, speaker, and other sensors are it looks like elements from the phone's title bar will be placed in the nooks on either side of bezel island. It has a glass back to support wireless charging. The sides are still metal in order to maintain a premium feel It still has a camera bump on the back Seagate presents new 64TB NVME SSD Source 1: posted by snortingfrogs Source 2: Seagate has demonstrated the world’s highest capacity NVMe drive, a 64TB NVMe AIC that can read at 13GB/s. Using the M.2 form factor, Seagate was able to combine eight SSD controllers onto a single PCIe board. These eight controllers manage the flash capacity through a single PCIe slot. Customer samples of the 64TB NVMe drive are expected next year. Disney to pull content from Netflix Source 1: Source 2: Disney will stop supplying new Disney and Pixar-brand movies to Netflix starting in 2019 and launch an online product of its own, going directly to consumers with films like “Toy Story” and “The Lion King.” The actions will include the launch of an ESPN online service by Disney, “U.S. Netflix members will have access to Disney films on the service through the end of 2019, including all new films that are shown theatrically through the end of 2018,” “We continue to do business with the Walt Disney Company on many fronts, including our ongoing relationship with Marvel TV.” Fitbit turns teens off exercising, study finds Source 1: Researchers at Brunel University London the University of Birmingham conducted a study to investigate whether fitness wearables could encourage teenagers to exercise more. The teenagers were asked to wear a Fitbit Charge wristband for eight weeks; to use the Fitbit app; and to take part in surveys and focus groups, before and after the trial period ended, responding to questions about how they felt about exercising and using the device. The researchers record an initial “novelty” bump in interest in physical activity among some participants “for the first few weeks”, but by the end participants overall reported feeling less confident about their competence at exercising, and ultimately discouraged from doing so “It was consistently reported that after about 4 weeks pupils became bored with the Fitbit,” the researchers write. “This evidence suggests that though the Fitbit serves to promote physical activity, for the pupils in this study, the Fitbit may have only produced modest and short-term effects.” Why? Fitbit’s non-personalized 10,000 steps per day target was cited as an unfair and pressurizing goal — generating feelings of guilt or lack of ability among users, which in turn acted as a disincentive for exercising. Study participants also reported feeling like they had less choice over how to engage in physical activity Pressure from competition with peers, encouraged in an in-app leaderboard also ultimately negatively impacted participants’ motivation to exercise. “Competition, peer comparison and social comparison to normative predetermined targets result in only short-term motivational effects.” Gamers Nexus tests Noctua fan rumors. Source 1: posted by ravenshrike Source 2: A few weeks ago, a Reddit user outlined several possible differences between Noctua fans made in Taiwan, and newer fans made in China. Differences like: Appearance Noise Effectiveness The online community was quick to disparage Noctua for the manufacturing disparities, and some even advocated a boycott. Now, the good people at Gamers Nexus have completed an extensive set of tests to validate or debunk the rumours. They tested: Linear Feet per Minute Decibels at 20 inches PWM range They found basically NO difference between the China and Taiwan-made fans, except for appearance. Is bitching about the color difference totally justified? Intel Targets 1 Petabyte SSD capacities in New Form Factor Source 1: posted by SaltanSupreme Source 2: In an effort to modernize the data center storage market, Intel has announced its new “Ruler” SSD form-factor, completely ditching legacy 2.5- and 3.5-inch formats. These “long and skinny” SSDs are optimized to maximize storage capacity in targeted servers, while outperforming legacy form-factors in both cooling and power requirements. Ruler SSDs will be available with traditional 3D NAND or Optane Memory technology. we don’t know how much they will cost, when they will be available, or what type of connector they will use. Intel to build a fleet of self-driving test cars Source 1: Now that Intel has acquired Israeli self-driving sensor and computing company Mobileye, the company is set to build a fleet of over 100 fully self-driving test vehicles The test fleet is designed to show off Intel and Mobileye’s software system, which it hopes to offer as an industry supplier for a range of different applications and uses. The test fleet will include different vehicle brands and types, to help show that the platform itself is open for use in basically any application. The first of vehicles will be hitting roads later this year.
  3. Main News Topics All Sorts of Vega News: The first official renders of Radeon RX Vega leaked Source 1: posted by YongKang Source 2: There are no pics of the RX Vega 64 Liquid edition yet AMD RX Vega Fire Strike scores appear Source 1: posted by Delicieuxz Source 2: The performance of the new AMD Rx Vega cards in the 3DMark Fire Strike test is about on par with a GTX1080 The listing does not tell us which RX Vega is being tested and in what mode (gaming or silent mode?) Common Question: If vega and GTX1080 had equal performance, why would you purchase one over another? Top Tier RX Vega card rumored to be more expensive than GTX 1080Ti Source 1: posted by Bananasplit_00 Source 2: Distributors in Europe have received pricing for Rx Vega in the 600 to 700 Euro range, or $705 to $820 USD However, these may not be the launch prices, as vendors often give out inflated price tags at first so as to not reveal the final pricing Eurasian Economic Commission site confirms Vega 10, Vega 11, Vega 12 and Vega 20 Source 1: posted by goodtofufriday Source 2: A look at the Eurasian Economic Commission’s website gives us a glimpse at what we might expect to be coming down the pike from AMD’s Vega line 45 vega products have been registered by AMD under the Vega product line ================================================== Intel Core-X Series: Full Specs Leaked Source 1: posted by HKZeroFive Source 2: See link R.I.P. Flash 2000-2020 Source 1: posted by GoodBytes Source 2: Adobe is finally planning to kill off Flash once and for all. removing support for it fully by the end of 2020. “We will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats,” HTML5 standards have been implemented across all modern web browsers, obviating the need for Flash. Microsoft says it plans to disable Flash by default in Edge and Internet Explorer in mid to late 2019, with a full removal from all supported versions of Windows by 2020 Google will continue phasing out Flash over the next few years Firefox users will be able to choose which websites are able to run Flash and allow Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) users to keep using Flash until the end of 2020 Apple is also supportive of the 2020 end of life for Flash, and Safari currently requires explicit approval on each website even when Mac users opt to install Flash. An end to Flash will bring with it improvements in security and battery life on laptops and other mobile devices that still support the web technology. What’s Coming Out on Floatplane? Go Over Current Week. Rapid Fire Majority Share in Corsair SOLD to investors Source 1: posted by geomaster337 Source 2: Since 1994, Corsair has expanded to many product verticals, a process that requires a lot of money. back in 2013 Corsair received $75 million in strategic investments from Francisco Partners. Today, further growth and increased competition from companies like Razer and other brands require additional investment- Corsair is getting it from EagleTree, Investment Management Corp of Ontario, and Honeywell. Corsair considers its PC business a significant growth opportunity and will therefore likely continue to invest in it. The three investors will buy a majority stake in Corsair from Francisco Partners and several minority shareholders for $525 million. Since the deal is conducted between private equities, they are not disclosing how much money will be paid to Francisco Partners, nor how much will go into Corsair's coffers Andy Paul. founder and CEO of Corsair. and other managers of the company will continue to control a significant stake in Corsair The transaction is expected to close in the next few months NCIX Retail Stores in Ontario Closed for Good Source 1: posted by slavic cc Source 2: NCIX will be exiting the Ontario retail market and downsizing the Markham warehouse operations starting this week Some staff were reportedly given little to no notice that the store would be closing, and were instructed to begin moving clearing out the building of NCIX materials immediately. Usb 3.2 announced Source 1: posted by Source 2: The new USB specs allow USB 3.2 to operate as a multi-lane solution, compared to the current USB which is single lane only. Existing USB Type C cables have been designed with multi lane support, now USB 3.2 hosts and devices will too, allowing for up to two lanes of 5 Gbps or two lanes of 10 Gbps operation. A USB 3.2 host connected to a USB 3.2 storage device will now be capable of realizing over 2 GB/s data transfer performance over an existing USB Type-C cable that is certified for SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps. Car Wash Hack Can Trap Passengers, Douse Them With Water Source 1: posted by hey_yo_ Source 2: A group of security researchers have found vulnerabilities in internet-connected drive-through car washes that would let hackers remotely hijack the systems to physically attack vehicles and their occupants. The vulnerabilities would let an attacker open and close the bay doors on a car wash to trap vehicles inside the chamber, or strike them with the doors, damaging them and possibly injuring occupants. "We believe this to be the first exploit of a connected device that causes the device to physically attack someone An attacker can send an instantaneous command to close one or both doors to trap the vehicle inside, or open and close one door repeatedly to strike the vehicle a number of times as a driver tries to flee. The systems run on Windows CE and have a built-in web server that lets technicians configure and monitor them over the internet The researchers became interested in car washes after hearing about an accident that occurred years ago where technicians misconfigured one in a way that caused the mechanical arm to strike a minivan and douse the family inside with water The driver damaged the vehicle and car wash as he accelerated quickly to escape. Software-based safety mechanisms prevent the doors from closing on vehicles, and the arm from hitting vehicles normally, but they were able to disable these. Twitter tests automatic Tweet promotion service Source 1: Power-users and brands may be interested to know that Twitter has begun testing a service that automatically amplifies your tweets and profile for a full 30 day for a flat $99 fee. The promotion includes analytics, so that you can see how much additional reach, engagement and followers the campaign is driving. Twitter’s pitch for the service is that it’s extremely low friction – there’s no need to create any dedicated ads. It’s also low commitment, as participants can cancel at any time Since it’s just in beta, Twitter is giving participants the first 30 days free, with the $99 monthly fee applied after that. It’s invite-only for now Twitter added 0 new users last quarter Now you can buy solar energy from your neighbour on a blockchain Source 1: New York-based startup LO3 aims to help electricity users buy energy from their energy-producing neighbors, using smart meters and an app. “The Brooklyn Microgrid project is the idea that we can now allow peer-to-peer transactions of energy and energy attributes across the grid,” says Scott Kessler, director of business development at LO3 Energy. “So, if you’re producing via solar panels, via wind, whatever energy-generation resource you might have, you can now actually transact with your neighbor,” keeping the energy’s environmental and economic impact in the community. about 60 microgrid meters have already been installed at energy-producing buildings across Brooklyn, and around 350 people have signed up to participate. The project doesn’t involve rewiring the physical grid, he explains; it just tweaks how electricity is bought and sold. consumers will set the price they’re willing to pay for different types of energy, including community-produced solar. There’s also mention of “negawatts.” where you’re paid to turn your water heater and other energy drains off. Using eye-smiles to predict the state of your whole face in VR Source 1: Google Research just published a project that attempts to track expressions solely by looking at your eyes inside the headset. Using imagery of the shape of the exposed eye, direction of gaze, eyebrows, and wrinkles,Google has developed a deep learning system can figure out a few basic expressions and degrees thereof with decent accuracy. “Happiness” and “surprise” are there, but the data isn’t rich enough to detect “schadenfreude” or “mischief.” The idea is that with minimal monitoring tools — eye tracking cameras inside headsets, which seem inevitable — you can get at least a bare-bones feel for what a user’s face is doing in real time. Useful in virtual hang out apps Tax evaders must now fear Instagram Source 1: Starting next month, India’s government will begin amassing a warehouse of virtual information collected not just from traditional sources like banks but also from social media sites, as it looks to match residents’ spending patterns with income declarations. Officials will be able to spot those who pay too little tax without raiding offices and homes as they currently do This will also put an end to harassment by tax officials as there will be no public interface. Perceived randomness in scrutiny will come to an end." In 2016 only 37 million of India’s 1.3 billion people filed tax returns (<3%) India’s efforts resemble the U.K.’s ‘Connect,’ which is estimated to have cost some 100 million pounds. Since its inception in 2010, it has prevented the loss of $5.4 billion in revenue and the number of criminal prosecutions has risen to 1,165 from 165 a year Amazon launches parcel delivery lockers for apartment buildings Source 1: Amazon has quietly unveiled a new service called The Hub- lockers designed to be installed in multi-tenant dwellings so that residents can receive bulky packages and pick them up at flexible times. Key to the service is that Amazon is offering it as a delivery option for packages from anyone, not just Amazon and its affiliates. The lockers come in indoor and outdoor versions, and open by way of a digital keypad The Hub is described as “modular system that can be easily installed at a variety of properties.” It comes in two sizes, a Starter Hub that is 6 feet wide with 42 compartments; and an Expander Segment to add 23 more compartments. “The modules link to each other to provide the right capacity for your property’s needs,” “All compartment sizes and layouts are pre-configured, so there’s no need to guess what type of compartments you’ll need.” YouTube Red and Google Play Music will merge to create a new service Source 1: YouTube's head of music confirmed that the company is planning on merging its Google Play Music service with YouTube Red to create a new streaming offering Executives have stated the company needed to merge the two services to help educate consumers and bring in new subscribers. Right now, YouTube’s music ecosystem is unnecessarily complicated. There’s YouTube Red, which removes ads from videos and lets you save them offline, while also giving you access to Google Play Music for free. Then there’s YouTube Music, which anyone can use, but it gets better if you’re signed up for YouTube Red. And YouTube TV is an entirely separate thing — but it’s not available everywhere yet. Google combined the teams working on the two streaming services earlier this year.
  4. Main News Topics “Glued together” is a possible technical term Source 1: Source 2: Source 3: AMD response What is truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH HTC Keyboard shows ads to users Source 1: posted by nerslayer1 Source 2: The TouchPal keyboard, which HTC ships as the default system keyboard on many of its phones, has been updated to display ads. A bunch of pissed of customers raged on twitter In response, the official HTC Twitter account asked users to uninstall all updates to the keyboard app Judging from HTC's response, it seems likely that TouchPal added advertisements to the keyboard without HTC's knowledge/approval, since they control the app listing.. HTC’s latest statement: Due to an error, some HTC customers have reported seeing ads on their phone's keyboard. This is absolutely not the experience we intended, and we're working to immediately fix the error and remove the ads as quickly as possible. ==This just in: ASUS Threadripper Mobo unboxing Pics Source 1: posted by NumLock21 Source 2: The first press samples of the ASUS X399 Zenith Extreme motherboard for Threadripper have begun to arrive. This is the top tier motherboard based on AMD’s first HEDT platform with TR4 socket. It comes with: WiFi antennas, PCIe ethernet card, VGA holder, ASUS DIMM2 extension card, LCD screen and four reinforced PCIe slots. This is currently the only X399 EATX motherboard, which is wider than ATX. ==ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme Announced Source 1: posted by -rascal- Source 2: Today ASUS has announced a new addition to the AMD ROG family, the Crosshair VI Extreme Motherboard (C6E). The C6E is made on the AM4 platform using the flagship X370 chipset. “...the ROG Crosshair VI Extreme is designed for gamers and power users looking to maximize AMD Ryzen performance”. ROG engineers worked on the board’s intelligent auto-tuner to improve one-click overclocking: just click once, and the board should find a stable overclock The board has: 12-phase VRM overclocking features: dual bios, slow mode, LN2 mode, and voltage read points dual full-length PCIe slots that are spaced 3-slots apart A third full-length slot on the board supporting a PCIe 3.0 x4 connection via the chipset which buyers can use for three-way CrossfireX using dual-slot video cards. two USB 3.1 Gen2 (10 Gbps) ports on the rear, one Type-C and one Type-A, both from the chipset. two M.2 ports - one uses the PCH/M.2 heat sink, and another which does not. right-angled 24-Pin ATX power connector. Dark web's largest illegal marketplace shut down Source 1: posted by JohnnyCorporalTech Source 2: The U.S. Justice Department has shut down the dark web marketplace AlphaBay, a site 10 times as large as Silk Road accused of allowing hundreds of thousands of people to buy and sell drugs, firearms, computer hacking tools and other illicit goods. The operation included the arrest of suspected AlphaBay founder Alexandre Cazes, a 25 year old Canadian citizen arrested on behalf of the United States in Thailand. Cazes apparently took his own life a week later while in Thai custody. He faced charges relating to narcotics distribution, identity theft, money laundering and related crimes. The usernames and passwords of thousands of buyers and sellers of illicit commodities have been identified and are subject to more follow-up investigation by Europol and our partner agencies. What’s Coming Out on Floatplane? Go Over Current Week. Rapid Fire Noctua going to shit Source 1: posted by Ventus Source 2: A reddit user who recently purchased new Noctua fans noticed they were made in China rather than Taiwan like his past Noctua purchases Noted differences: The fan blades on the Taiwan made fans are noticeably smoother and more rounded than the ones made in China, which have rough edges at points. The "Flow Acceleration Channels" on the blades of the Taiwan fans are much more defined than the channels on the made in China fans; the channels on the Chinese fans are barely raised from the blades. The "Inner Surface Microstructures" of the made in Taiwan fans have a distinct waterdrop shape, whereas the made in China fans just have a shallow triangular cutout. The "Stepped Inlet Design" is sharp and distinct in the fans made in Taiwan, whereas the Chinese fans are rounded and less cut out. There is a noticeable difference in frame color. The problem with the difference is that the fans do not match the other Noctua case and CPU cooler fans in the 3 builds that I am putting together, as all the other fans were made in Taiwan. The made in China fans have a noticeably louder drone when spinning at the same RPM as the other fans. Gamers Nexus to do tests and report back Intel Preparing Multiple Hexacore Coffee Lake CPUs Source 1: posted by HKZeroFive Source 2: I7-8700 K version will have a 3.7 GHz base frequency with Hyperthreading enabled (12 threads). Non-K will run at 3.2 GHz TDP of 95W Six core i5 CPUs i5-8600K: 3.6 GHz, 95W TDP, no Hyperthreading The slowest 6-core desktop CPU is allegedly the Core i5-8400 with a core clock of 2.8 GHz and TDP at 65W. This is a direct response to AMD’s Ryzen 5. Intel will also introduce pure mobile 6-core CPU that feature much lower clock speeds (~2.0 GHz) with TDP at 45W Will these CPUs require new motherboards? Is the N64 classic coming after the SNES? Source 1: posted by Master Disaster Source 2: Last year Nintendo applied to have patents on its NES controller updated and then a few months later they announced the NES Classic. Early this year they did the same thing with their SNES controllers and later announced the SNES classic. This week Nintendo reapplied for the N64 controller patents… Fake AMD Ryzen CPUs sent by Amazon Source 1: Source 2: There have been two consumers that have ordered AMD Ryzen 7 1700 processors from Amazon were in fact Intel Celeron CPUs in disguise It looks like the sellers were pushing RMA fraud, ordering a Ryzen 7 1700 processor and keeping it for themselves, then resealing the package with an Intel Celeron CPU inside before sending it back to the retailer. Amazon workers wouldn’t have something fishy had taken place, and shipped them to the next customer Amazon was quick to respond, sending out replacement processors with overnight express delivery and even a gift card for the consumers' trouble. Rumour: Razer building a phone for gamers? Source 1: posted by nerdslayer1 Source 2: Inside sources have said that Razer is aiming for an IPO in October that it will use to fund development of a new phone. Razer acquired the smartphone company Nextbit earlier this year, though Razer said Nextbit would operate as an independent company at the time of the acquisition Chinese mall introduces 'husband storage' pods for shopping wives Source 1: posted by DiaSin Source 2: The Global Harbour mall in Shanghai has erected a number of glass pods for women to leave their partners while they shop. Inside each individual pod is a chair, monitor, computer and gamepad, and men can sit and play retro 1990s games. Currently, the service is free, but in future months users will be able to scan a QR code and pay a small sum for the service. One user, Mr Yang said he thinks the pods are "Really great. I've just played Tekken 3 and felt like I was back at school!" Mr Wu, agreed, but said that "There's no ventilation or air conditioning, I sat playing for five minutes and was drenched in sweat." Is this more likely to be used as a babysitter? Google delivers Street View of the International Space Station Source 1: Now anyone can move through the modules of the space station using Google Maps or Google Earth. The 360-degree view inside the space station is courtesy of NASA and European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who spent four months taking pictures inside the station. A special camera setup was required: two bungee cords, stretched in a cross pattern from top to bottom and side to side of the space station was used for each shot. With the camera anchored in the cross of the two cords, Pesquet rotated it to all the angles needed, hovering well behind the camera so he was not casting a shadow in the image. Just so you know what you’re looking at, items have been annotated with information provided by NASA engineers. It's the first time Google has used this kind of annotation, but more of it may be on the way Musk teases Gov’t approval of first HyperLoop Route Source 1: posted by zxsq Source 2: Elon Musk took to Twitter this week to tantalize his legion of fans with “news” that he had “just received verbal govt approval for The Boring Company to build an underground NY-Phil-Balt-DC Hyperloop: … City center to city center in each case, with up to a dozen or more entry/exit elevators in each city.” Several city, state and federal spokespeople concur that Musk has not received permission to build high-speed tunnel from NYC to Washington DC Musk walked back his claim about 90 minutes later, tweeting: “Still a lot of work needed to receive formal approval, but am optimistic that will occur rapidly”. Some are speculating that Musk may have gotten the sign-off from White House senior advisor (and Trump son-in-law) Jared Kushner’s office of American Innovation, which has expressed interest in the hyperloop. According to another tweet: First set of tunnels are to alleviate greater LA urban congestion. Will start NY-DC in parallel. Then probably LA-SF and a TX loop. ==Crazy volatility as Bitcoin hard fork averted Source 1: Source 2: The price of Bitcoin tanked to May levels- under $2000 - last saturday as uncertainty about its future came to a head. The bitcoin community had been split about how to address fundamental issues with the currency- and time was running out before the August 1st decision deadline. But on Thursday the price soared up to near-record levels as the community rallied around a plan of action: implementing a code upgrade called SegWit2x, and avoiding a hard fork. ==2nd Biggest Heist in Crypo History: what a story! Source 1: An unknown attacker exploited a critical flaw in the Parity multi-signature wallet on the Ethereum network, draining three massive wallets of over $31,000,000 worth of Ether in a matter of minutes. Given a couple more hours, the hacker could’ve made off with over $180,000,000 from vulnerable wallets. Spotting trouble, a group of benevolent white-hat hackers from the Ethereum community rapidly analyzed the attack and realized that there was no way to reverse the thefts, yet many more wallets were vulnerable. Time was of the essence, so they saw only one available option: hack the remaining wallets before the attacker did. To prevent the hacker from robbing any more banks, the white-hats wrote software to rob all of the remaining banks in the world: $150,000,000. Once the money was safely stolen, they began the process of returning the funds to their respective account holders. The people who had their money saved are now in the process of retrieving their funds. this was not a flaw in Ethereum or in smart contracts in general. Rather, it was a developer error in a particular contract. Big win: AR games don't require a permit Source 1: The maker of Texas Rope 'Em—an augmented reality game —sued Milwaukee County after the county adopted an AR ordinance in February in the wake of the Pokemon Go craze. Because some of its parks were overrun by a flood of players, the county began requiring AR makers to get a permit before their apps could be used in county parks. The permitting process demanded that developers: Pay up to $1,000 for a permit estimate crowd size, event dates, and the times when mobile gamers would be playing inside county parks. describe plans for garbage collection, bathroom use, on-site security, and medical services. A judge on Thursday declared the ordinance unconstitutional. The law was challenged on First Amendment grounds amid concerns it amounted to a prior restraint of a game maker's speech. Youtube redirects ISIS recruits Source 1: YouTube has launched the Redirect Method: Now, when a potential ISIS recruit searches for known extremist content on YouTube using a predefined set of keywords, they’ll instead be redirected to videos that deconstruct and confront the terrorist group “The Redirect Method uses Adwords targeting tools and curated YouTube videos uploaded by people all around the world to confront online radicalization. It focuses on the slice of ISIS’ audience that is most susceptible to its messaging, and redirects them towards curated YouTube videos debunking ISIS recruiting themes. This open methodology was developed from interviews with ISIS defectors, respects users’ privacy and can be deployed to tackle other types of violent recruiting discourses online.” The Redirect Method began with an eight-week pilot program enlisting 320,000 viewers that explored some key insights around the kind of things that potential ISIS recruits search for and what kind of content does and doesn’t work as counter-propaganda. Effective deterrents include: documentary videos citizen journalism videos that featured religious debates videos from ISIS defectors. Is this ethical?
  5. I've thought about doing one with Chloe(chihuahua) but unfortunately the others have passed away over time.
  6. Was a rough day.. Dogs make me happy. My mom ran a dog grooming shop out of our garage and I used to help her keep the big ones under control.. Which in 98% of cases just meant laying ontop of them cuddling and scratching and petting to distract them from her trimming their nails. Had a corgi, standard poodle, great dane growing up and my parents currently have a chihuahua - I'll have my own eventually but I don't have enough time to give a dog a fair amount of love at the moment.
  7. We already do a pretty good job - thanks for voicing your concern and letting us know however.. But this rarely happens and we're not gonna catch everything
  8. yeah this gif gets used by lots of people
  9. Mistakes happen - Sorry That being said - If you're only writing TN&R posts to get featured on WAN I'd suggest you stop. That isn't the point at all. The mods do a very good job of keeping that section clean.
  10. Main News Topics Throwing Shade: Intel Xeon SP Slide Deck attacks AMD EPYC Server Lineup Source 1: posted by FinnHallqvist Source 2: Intel calls EPYC a “glued together” implementation lacking an ecosystem from a company with a “poor track record”. ...but then goes on to compare their server cpu to AMD’s desktop processors AMD Ryzen Threadripper and Ryzen 3 Product Updates Source 1: posted by Valentyn Source 2: TDP and Pricing details for Threadripper are out! 180W TDP 1920X will be $799, 1950X will be $999 Ryzen 3 will launch July 27 Noctua has revealed their Threadripper coolers Dell's Area 51 Threadripper desktop will sport up to 64GB at 2933Mhz The Skylake-X Mess Explored: Thermal Paste And Runaway Power Source 1: posted by It’s me! Source 2:,5117.html So far, Skylake-X has been plagued by two main issues: At its stock settings it can barely be cooled during normal operation. This is due to its power consumption being extremely high in some situations, and its thermal paste preventing waste heat from being dissipated effectively. There’s barely any room for enthusiasts to overclock. Also, many motherboards limit Skylake-X CPUs further due to poor design choices, such as insufficient VRM cooling. Why our Editing Work stations use last gen tech Source 1: Source 2: Talking point $200 Wireless Oculus Rift in the works for 2018 Source 1: posted by jammiescone Source 2: Apparently Facebook is working on a new headset, code-named “Pacific,” which is designed to bridge the gap between cheap smartphone-mounted VR headsets and high-end gaming rigs The will sell for as little as $200 and need not be tethered to a PC or phone: it will ship next year and represent an entirely new category. the device resembles a more compact version of the Rift and will be lighter than Samsung’s Gear VR headset The idea is that someone will be able to pull the headset out of their bag and watch movies on a flight just the way you can now with a phone or tablet. The new headset will have a similar interface to Samsung’s VR Gear and can be controlled by a wireless remote. Facebook plans to power the product with a Snapdragon mobile chip from Qualcomm The device’s gaming power is superior to that of the Gear VR, but unlike the powerful Rift device, will not include positional tracking technology. This means that the device won’t be able to tell where its user is spatially A future version of the product will have that technology The company plans to begin briefing content makers on the device by October The downloads store will be re-written and accessible from the virtual reality interface itself Oculus has plans to enlist China’s Xiaomi and its network of contract manufacturers to produce the new headset for global distribution Facebook has said it’s also working on a prototype device code-named Santa Cruz that’s basically a wireless Rift, with the full power of the original device sans PC. What’s Coming Out on Floatplane? Go Over Current Week. Rapid Fire Stupid juice machine now “only” $200 Of course I’m talking about the Juicero KFC Phone. Yup. Source 1: posted by PorkiThePig Source 2: KFC and Huawei are partnering to launch a limited edition smartphone to commemorate KFC’s 30th anniversary within the country of China. The KFC Edition of the Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus was unveiled by the restaurant chain via its official Weibo page. In addition to the snazzy red finish and a picture of the “Colonel” on the back of the device, the smartphone comes preloaded with a K-Music app what allows you to play music over the speaker system installed in KFC restaurants Only 5,000 of the smartphones will be produced Other weird KFC things: Back in 2015, KFC introduced limited edition Bluetooth keyboard-equipped food trays that allowed you to type without getting your smartphone display all greasy. Then a takeout box that doubled as a smartphone charger. also a facial recognition scanner in conjunction with search giant Baidu to help offer meal suggestions. Net Neutrality Day of Action Source 1: posted by Gwion101 Source 2: Some of the world's largest internet companies joined in a day of protest against the United States' Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Google, Twitter and more The organizers of the “day of action” reached more than 10 million users with their message, while generating at least 2.1 million comments urging the Federal Communications Commission to rethink its plans By Thursday morning the FCC’s own comment database had received more than 718,000 submissions related to net neutrality on July 12 But did participating companies do enough? Google didn’t include anything near its search bar. Instead, it dispatched an email to followers of its “take action” policy website. Amazon, Facebook and Google didn’t darken their webpages, like some companies and their alerts to users weren’t always easy to find. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a note on his profile calling on the FCC to preserve strong net neutrality rules attracting 84,000 likes.Consider, though, Facebook announced two billion monthly users in June. Zillow orders popular blog to take down photos Source 1: Source 2: A well-known architecture blogger has temporarily disabled her website,, after receiving a demand letter from Zillow and posting it on Twitter. Zillow threatened to sue, saying that she was violating its terms of use, copyright law, and possibly the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because she took images from the company's website without permission. on each of her posts, she acknowledged that the images came from Zillow and were posted under the fair use doctrine, as she was providing (often humorous) commentary Zillow does not even own the images in question, they license them from the rights holders - do they have standing to sue?!?! After being temporarily shut down, the blog is back online Her lawyers say: “Our client has no obligation to, and thus will not, comply with Zillow’s demands. Zillow’s legal threats are not supported and plainly seek to interfere with protected speech” Vega FE Hybrid Mod - Passing the 1080 but 400W+ Power Draw Source 1: posted by Hunter259 Source 2: power leakage reduction under liquid granted an additional ~40MHz of OC headroom on the core (by way of granting ~30W more to the core) Under max consumption and overclock current at the PSU cables was ~33.3A at 12V, or just under 400W (+/-2% error). The gains in thermals were tremendous, ultimately affording the reduction in power leakage (and overall increased power available to the core). Performance gains ranged from 6% to 27%, depending on application and how the GPU is used. OnePlus 5’s Display is Upside Down Source 1: posted by nerdslayer1 Source 2: OnePlus 5 users have noticed a “jelly”-like scrolling effect when scrolling their screens. This causes the text to bunch up together and then stretch out when the user is swiping in the opposite direction. It is possible the company moved the motherboard – and hence flipped the display panel – in order to accommodate the new dual lens camera module. (this is the first OnePlus with dual lens) Teen electrocuted while using her phone in the shower Source 1: posted by GoodBytes Source 2: A 14-years old girl from Lubbock, Texas died in the shower on Sunday while using her cellphone in the shower Madison Coe’s family says they aren’t sure whether she was plugging it in at the time or using it plugged in “There was a burn mark on ...the hand that would have grabbed the phone”. A GoFundMe has been set up in Madison Coe’s name to cover medical and memorial costs. Google Pixel 2 design leaked Source 1: posted by mrchow19910319 Source 2: Images of the Pixel 2 XL, code named Taimen, have been leaked. Manufactured by LG Bezeless 2:1 six inch AMOLED display with round corners Glass window on the back is smaller, and fingerprint reader is no longer inside of it but below it instead. No visible antenna bands It’s believed to have will have a "squeezable" frame like the HTC U11 Viking Technology ships 50TB SSD Source 1: posted by YongKang Source 2: Viking Technology has just announced their new Silo Sold State Drive, with SSDs in both 25TB and 50TB capacities for high-end datacenter deployment. the 50TB UHC-Silo SSD is a new world record for the industry's highest capacity SSD The new drives are built with energy efficiency in mind, with idle power consumption of less than 10W, and active power consumption of only 16W datacenter customers will save power, space, and cooling by up to 80% per terabyte. Logitech Acquires Astro Gaming Source 1: posted by DiaSin Source 2: Logitech has acquired high quality headset manufacturer Astro Gaming for 85 million dollars. Logitech made the acquisition to expand into “the console gaming market -- to help accelerate the long-term growth of [their] gaming business," Astro and Logitech G will stay separate brands with separate teams Astro may even expand beyond its core headset business with Logitech's help. As far as Astro's headsets are concerned, Logitech’s taking an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach. "We don't want to just jam a new product down your throats every year just because we can," Microsoft delivering High Speed Internet Over TV Signal Source 1: posted by GoodBytes Source 2: Microsoft aims to fight poor rural internet by using the same outdoor antenna rural homes use to get digital TV Unused TV “white spaces” between channels operating in the 600 MHz frequency range have enough bandwidth to help deliver internet to thousands of homes with download speeds of up to 25Mbps “Our goal is not to enter the telecommunications business ourselves or even to profit directly from these projects,” Microsoft is asking the FCC to keep 3 channels under 700MHz reserved for this purpose, available in all over the US Customer will need to pay ~$1,000 US in equipment, however, Microsoft estimates the cost to drop to $200 by next year. Imagine that!- USB Type-C might make it to the Surface Source 1: posted by kingfurykiller Source 2: Microsoft appears to be preparing a USB-C Surface connector for its future laptops and tablets A new patent, describes a solution that will maintain Microsoft’s magnetic connector for power, attaching to a USB-C port on the device Unfortunately, the patent says the connector will only support USB 2.0 speeds. However, Microsoft may have managed to implement USB 3 speeds on the Surface device port itself, and simply restrict the Surface connector to USB 2. Biometrics catches violent fugitive Source 1: Biometrics were behind the arrest of a violent criminal who escaped from prison 25 years ago. Robert Frederick Nelson, who committed a number of felonies after escaping from a Minnesota prison in 1992, applied for a renewal of his Nevada identification card on June 5, 2017. Investigators withheld the card after the DMV's facial-recognition system showed the same person had previously held a Nevada driver's license under a different name. Nelson had assumed a new identity after escaping prison, obtaining a Nevada commercial driver license. At some point during the mid-2000s, Nelson assumed his original identity. Both identities are associated with multiple felonies.
  11. Lame IMO that they'd go through your mail regardless.. snooping around in your room is not cool imo. If you don't mind my asking, as this process obviously has physically altering aspects, what was your plan in terms of revealing it to them? Were you waiting to move out first or some other milestone?
  12. Pretty neat motherboard! You should post the build when you're done I'm sure people would be interested in this setup!
  13. It was a joke - I guess he's getting rather good at acting. Just because you can't tell the difference doesn't mean others don't - using comment metrics it's pretty easy to tell when people think quality went up and that has been the case.. Also it's a much more noticeable difference on floatplane club.. Youtube isn't the only platform we upload to. "but for your average tech reviews, there is barely any difference." Broll is done professionally. We don't shoot A-roll on the red. Maybe this is why you can't notice? I'm done with this convo Have to go do real work. We don't go spending 100K on stuff that doesn't have value, we're a business. If you'd like to do some research on the benefits of what we purchased I would encourage you to do so.
  14. You realize that video was a joke? - Not trying to prod, genuine question.. A lot of people seem to have missed that. There is obviously value in a purchase like that. There's a lot more to video quality than resolution.
  15. Production quality increase for every single video we shoot + not having lower quality than many competing channels vs producing one video which would have been interesting 1 year ago but most people don't care now.. So it's already cost us more money than it would make even if we didn't have to take travel time, plane cost, hotel cost, etc into consideration for a small team in order to do so.