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  1. Sometimes, when it's late at night, I dress up like Donna Summers. You know, I put on the skirt and the four-inch heels, man. I love it.


    Has anyone found a way to activate Windows 8.1 Embebbed Industry Pro? I am running Windows "9"

    1. Nerdom


      Wait a second... Microsoft can COUNT



      jk I know what you mean

  3. How did you guys make floatplane I am looking to make a similar service myself and I can not find anything on how to do it.

    1. timl132


      Why would you? It takes a lot of time and knowledge, which you don't seem to have. Also, you'd need a way to make people know about it and use it, youtube is owned by google, so google promoted it. floatplane is owned by linus media group, so they promoted it.(In wan and in descriptions).


      But if you really want, start with html5 web player tutorials I guess, and develop from there, learn css and html for styling and ui, and learn php(and mysql or smthing like that) for registration and such.

      If you want to, you could piece it together in a week and have a working video player with an "OK" UI.


      Good luck

    2. SpyGuysGamingYT
  4. Great guy, actually inspires me to experiment more with my PC and having watched all Scrapyard Wars series' even inspired me to get an old prebuilt PC and mod it a bit (usually I like to build from scratch).

    1. J-Z



      He is a great insparation for me

  5. Can I get a name change please :(

    1. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman




      Please be aware that name changes are only made in these instances:

      - incorrect spelling

      - personal information (i.e. using your real name as a nickname)

      - if importing from a 3rd party sign-in service fails

      Also, for matters regarding name changes and forum, please contact a moderator first and he will contact an Administrator for you, if such need arises.

  6. Floatplane Website "Stats"

    Happy to hear it! Yeah there are plenty of bugs That just isn't a 'bug' per se.
  7. Floatplane Website "Stats"

    Not a bug. Slight RNG placeholder stats.
  8. Thanks! We fixed this stuff for live chat as that's been a focus for us but we'll be sure to apply the same stuff to comments as well
  9. still happening? just curious to see the results lol

    1. jwsoat


      also is  Compensator 3 still happening?

  10. Bitwit

    Bitwit Ultra subscriptions are now live!
  11. How do I unsub from floatplane?

    Hey there @Archemis., Hope you enjoyed SYW S6! I've cancelled for you through my UI but I'd recommend making sure that the billing agreement is cancelled through your own paypal account! Hope to have you back sometime
  12. @Slick Hi could you please check your messages please having issues with payments

    1. LienusLateTips


      @Cieronph You have to ask @colonel_mortis, not Luke.

    2. Cieronph


      Erm this was from a while back, and while colonel mortis could suggest a fix its actually luke that deals with payment issues :)

    3. colonel_mortis


      Actually @JDE all floatplane payment issues are handled by Luke by email at floatplanehelp@gmail.com (or using one of the automatic fixer scripts)

  13. Ciao Luke,

    floatplaner from Italy. Great work on the platform and big thumbs up for all the LTT stuff around during this months.
    Hope the plane manages to get resumable video soon. Sorry to bother, but as I hurry up to play video in preview, when I go comment, forgetting that I need to remember timing, it kinda sucks..


    Hope this feedback didn't came to many times...


    Good to see you back in SYW!

  14. Oil Cooled PC Case

    Fish tanks can be thin, the oil can creep through it. It will be fine for a while but if you want a long lasting tank you should try to get it fabricated at a plastic shop