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  1. Cool project! Unfortunately due to trademark something blah blah(I'm not so great at legal stuff) you can't use the logo or floatplane in the title. I've often pointed to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/betterttv/ajopnjidmegmdimjlfnijceegpefgped to get across guidelines - their own logo and name.. bit of a sassy name :P but a fair enough name in the end haha
  2. Hi Slick! I have a question about product review submissions. I currently have a prototype I am getting close to finishing related to PC Gaming Hardware.


    Its a new very specific item and I am excited to show everyone soon. I need to know how to go about discussing the NDA, future pricing, etc. If someone wants to have a product possibly reviewed on YouTube, how do you go about it? I am open to discussing on the phone as well. I am in California.


    Thanks again!

  3. Will the forum access resume at some point? Subscription migrated to Floatplane a few weeks ago.


  4. Not sure where else i should post/ask this.  But in floatplan . Are there plans to change the video player size ? . As it is now it is kinda small. And full screen isn't something i like to do.  *just an idea*

  5. Tossed you a refund and 6 months of free subscription - big fail on our part. Thanks for being cool about it!
  6. Slick

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for asking a question instead of giving a proper ban reason
  7. As you may have heard we'll be moving all subscriptions off the LTT Forums and on to Floatplane.com. You will no longer be able to subscribe through the forum AND all billing agreements made through the forum will be cut off. At this time we request that all users cancel their subscriptions on the forum and start new subscriptions on Floatplane.com. Subscriptions done through the forum have been a major accounting problem for a long time now as the forums billing agreements have all been with Linus Media Group instead of Floatplane media which is an accounting nightmare that we are going to try to avoid in 2019. As a gift for dealing with the hassle of migrating things over, and to cover any time you had left on your subscription, we will be granting two bonus months to all creators that you are subscribed to on Floatplane.com AND you’ll gain access to an exclusive live chat emoji all on January 31st. Steps to migrate successfully: 1) Cancel your subscription on the LTT Forum Method 1, Cancelling through the Forum: Hide contents Go to this link: https://linustechtips.com/main/clients/billing-agreements/ click view details(on the right) Click on view(on the right) Then click cancel(on the left) These steps are correct for most people but sometimes the cancel button is sneaky and decides to be somewhere else or isn't there at all.. This is another reason we are moving away from the LTT forums as we can't fix some of the payments problems. If these steps don't work for you please move on to Method 2. Method 2, Cancelling through PayPal: Hide contents Go to this link: https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/autopay/ Scroll through your active autopays and click on 'Linus'. On the right hand side there should be a Status row that shows 'Active' Click the 'Cancel' Button beside it. Click 'Cancel Automatic Payments' on the next popup. If this fails for whatever reason.. Move on to method 3. Method 3(Last Resort), Sudo cancel subscription: Hide contents Send an email to support@floatplane.com Let them know your forum Username/Email and they'll take care of you. Just a heads up that the wait time will be higher than normal as we are receiving a lot of support tickets right now. 2) Create or sign in to your existing Floatplane.com account, you can use a forum linked account, that's no problem at all. 3) Subscribe to whatever creators you want to support. https://www.floatplane.com/browse 4) Sit back and enjoy the content! 5) If you had a yearly subscription – Please send an email to support@floatplane.com with your forum account name and your floatplane account name. They will make sure you get the time you had remaining on your forum subscription added to your new floatplane website subscription. Yearly options on the new site are not available at this time but will be soon. If all else fails.. Just send an email to support@floatplane.com with any relevant account names, emails, etc. and we'll have you taken care as soon as possible! Thanks! Floatplane
  8. Luke? Is this you?

  9. am i in the right place ? Is This the Realm Luke - Please Stand Up - Pleas Stand Up - lulz

  10. Sometimes, when it's late at night, I dress up like Donna Summers. You know, I put on the skirt and the four-inch heels, man. I love it.


    Has anyone found a way to activate Windows 8.1 Embebbed Industry Pro? I am running Windows "9"

    1. Nerdom


      Wait a second... Microsoft can COUNT



      jk I know what you mean

  12. How did you guys make floatplane I am looking to make a similar service myself and I can not find anything on how to do it.

    1. timl132


      Why would you? It takes a lot of time and knowledge, which you don't seem to have. Also, you'd need a way to make people know about it and use it, youtube is owned by google, so google promoted it. floatplane is owned by linus media group, so they promoted it.(In wan and in descriptions).


      But if you really want, start with html5 web player tutorials I guess, and develop from there, learn css and html for styling and ui, and learn php(and mysql or smthing like that) for registration and such.

      If you want to, you could piece it together in a week and have a working video player with an "OK" UI.


      Good luck

    2. SpyGuysGamingYT
    3. DigestingEnergy


      I just fail to see how you can honestly by yourself make a similar service to floatplane. You need extensive knowledge in both web design, html5, etc... as well as good graphic design, and to top it all off, you need to maintain and market your product. And to challange a billion dollar company? Good luck. LMG has millions of fans and has a good amount of support and connections to maintain it. 

  13. Great guy, actually inspires me to experiment more with my PC and having watched all Scrapyard Wars series' even inspired me to get an old prebuilt PC and mod it a bit (usually I like to build from scratch).

    1. JB2022



      He is a great insparation for me

  14. Can I get a name change please :(

    1. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman




      Please be aware that name changes are only made in these instances:

      - incorrect spelling

      - personal information (i.e. using your real name as a nickname)

      - if importing from a 3rd party sign-in service fails

      Also, for matters regarding name changes and forum, please contact a moderator first and he will contact an Administrator for you, if such need arises.

    2. Hyung


      Thank you.