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  1. Hey Slick, I was wondering if you can make a video about replacing the regular black tubes from an AIO CPU cooler with your own clear flex tubing. If you can do it with a custom loop, you should be able to do it to a AIO.
  2. We don't delete threads that attack us. We delete threads that attack users on a personal level.
  3. The rate at which reports are filed tends to go up during holidays.. I feel really bad for the elementary school teachers that have to deal with them again soon.

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      Just kinda exhausted from a very unproductive day, so just ignore any silly mistakes I do. 

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      *Unproductive as in demotivated not lazy, just can't finish anything no matter how hard I try.

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      I've seen this in Tech News ans Reviews section often especially to threads that are tech related with a pinch of politics in it.

  4. It's been done quite a few times, I know a dude that goes to PAX West has brought his a few times - you can lookup builds online and see how they did venting and stuff
  5. Any review of a pair of headphones from a showfloor is semi bunk. There is PROBABLY no way that the reviewer spends most of their time listening to headphones on that exact showfloor so everything will sound crazy due to the sheer amount of background noise and bullshit going on comfort, sure.. accessories, yeah.. sound quality? A ROUGH assessment, yeah.. a proper review? Not even slightly
  6. The rest of the video is still valid
  7. Sorry about your onboard
  8. I don't know how I have never thought of this.


    Taken from youtube comments:

    "How late The WAN Show Is, As Fast As Possible".


    That would be a hilarious Tech Quickie.

  9. Insult and attack myself and Linus all you want - Please don't insult other members of the forum. I'm not exactly sure what product you are speaking of currently. If you're talking about Ryzen, or Vega.. I could be wrong.. But I can't think of any dedicated videos we've made about an event we didn't go to since like.. late 2013, see below. Reading the comments would make it seem that the video was great.. But it didn't do that well overall and I don't think we ever followed up with another video like it because of that. If you look at our coverage of Intel or Nvidia you'll see that we don't cover them unless we have a product on hand or we are personally at a show. Why didn't we go to the AMD event then? We weren't invited. As you can see in Paul's video, also linked below because Paul is a badass, he was the only YouTuber there. I'm rather certain that's because he was the only YouTuber invited. Why AMD would do this I can't possibly know. You can point at us all you want but they didn't invite other YouTubers either. We have already mapped out a heavily involved content plan for the launch of both of these products, hopefully your voice will be just as loud at that time. Good on ya! I like to think this is the position most our viewers are in. Interested in technology specifically more than necessarily just one brand. I don't think it's a problem to support a specific brand.. I for one am a huge fan of Nintendo products in general.. But one should stay interested in other things as well and not close off other options. We are not "Actively Ignoring". We have spoken about these products a number of times on WAN, We don't do videos unless we're at the event or have the product in hand, neither of these things are seeded to reviewers yet.. Or at least not to us. No, we're really not saying you shouldn't care.. We're saying the words we say on WAN. Please see below for the most recent WAN show. It was the first real topic we had on the show. - "From the look of things, there is nothing to be disappointed about spec wise" - "They have done some demos and some comparisons that lead us to believe it is something similar to broadwell in terms of performance per clock which would make this a VERY compelling CPU if it comes in at the right kind of price" - "It's fast and it's power efficient.. and as long as they've got that stuff nailed down, if the price is right, they've got my attention" - **Then he goes on to defend their lack of thunderbolt** I'm not sure what else you're looking for at this point.. Those are rather positive comments. I'm not interested in a public excuse, for I do not think we have done anything wrong. We have done things wrong in the past, we've been making videos for a long time.. Would be rather hard not to.. I do believe we have addressed it, in some way, in at least the majority of those cases. We do care. Literally in this video I point out that we did "Some pretty shit coverage of the Oculus topic from last week". Then I go on to roughly explain what we got wrong, why it matters, etc. Was it the BEST follow up? No. There was a power outage at work and it was a scramble to get the daily video out for that friday let alone actually get the WAN show working at my house.. Oh I also had pneumonia. There are examples of Linus addressing issues in a very public manner as well, just as they're not literally me doing it, I don't remember where they are. Thanks for the complements on our footage, we have always worked really hard to make sure our videos are epic not only in content but in visual, and more recently, audio quality as well.. Good to hear that it seems to translate even among the negativity. My previous response, showing how I directly addressed someones comment on reddit.. Not even on our forums or YT page.. Shows that this is not actually true. Also the comment about Louis Rossman is odd, considering we did respond.. It's unfortunate that he didn't think we cared about his opinion.. But we did.. I'd rather look at what happened than what someone thought MIGHT happen. Just a few random things that came up when searching AMD on LTT's youtube page. I believe I had addressed Vega and Zen enough up above. I agree. Backing/Subscribing != Agreeing. This is an important point. I actually HOPE that people that subscribe to us don't agree with EVERYTHING we say.. I'm trying to foster an informed audience with their own decision making skills.. Not indoctrinate opinions. Apparently, again looking at things I have said above.. The people that can win range all the way from an amazingly skilled electronics repair man with a youtube channel and a VERY solid following to some random dude on reddit. Also Subscribers != Views but that's rather unimportant for the current discussion so.. Moving on. Read above.. I guess -------------------------------------------------------------- All in all, the only thing I have to add is that this isn't new. We can't spend literally all of our time reading and publicly addressing every single piece of criticism that comes to us. We simply don't have enough hours in the day to do that. We have a large and passionate following.. Yourself included.. Which means we we have a large amount of people aggressively attacking AND aggressively defending what we say and do. Responding to this post has taken up a significant amount of time. I may not be able to respond many more times because of that. This does not mean your voice isn't heard.. It means I'm working on other things. We take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism very seriously.. But we also need to move forward and can't constantly be addressing the past. I'm sorry our coverage of AMD has offended you - Hopefully our videos following the launch of Vega and Zen satisfy you.
  10. It's pretty bad and also an issue for security and performance. lol.
  11. will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful

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      When is the personal rig update coming? 



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      Holy shit @Slick responded

  12. "Linus isn't even the one hosting this video and I have no idea why people keep saying Linus in the comments." Downvoted
  13. Turnip.
  14. Spoiler alert. Our audience is about 98% male 2% female across all platforms including social media. Also I voted Turnip.
  15. Possible but unlikely. It's a harder show to justify every year. I appreciate your openness and honesty, I hope one day your guts align with your thoughts.. In the meantime I would maybe suggest that you don't return to this particular thread. Funny seeing YOU around.