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  1. Ironburg Inventions Ltd. seems to be a subsidiary of Corsair. Interesting... https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/02/02/2168636/0/en/Corsair-announces-favorable-verdict-in-Ironburg-Inventions-Ltd-v-Valve-Corp.html
  2. Why would they do that? Isn't Chromium like part of Google?
  3. Also if you could link the website or article for reference
  4. Exactly. The people just don't care. Why? Because people harass them for rules that are normal, and two, their pay is abysmal. They need to match job conditions to any other company, and it will make life easier for absolutely everyone.
  5. I haven't worked in government, but I've heard about what you said. Government is behind in almost everything, they need to catch up slightly, basically what I was getting at. People need to realize that paying taxes is important, because then you get stuff like this. Underfunded departments, lazy and unmotivated workers, and systems that are vulnerable to attacks.
  6. Summary Google and Facebook have allegedly teamed up to fight the lawsuits brought on by the US Government and States. This deal seems to have been in place for a while, and is an agreement not to compete with each other. Quotes My thoughts At its current state, this is only allegations, and no lawsuit has been filed-yet. It seems to be just a draft. However, this is very concerning. I'm in AP Microeconomics, and we just talked about monopolies and oligopolies, and this seems EXTREMELY illegal. Reference this slide from my class (specifically #27). While it
  7. Summary So now in addition to Facebook, Google is being sued. This is a lawsuit brought on by the States, in addition to the one from the US Department of Justice from October. Quotes My thoughts This was definitely expected, and I am glad. The tech industry needs to be held back, because they are on the verge of controlling literally everything in our lives. We'll see what Colorado and the others bring to the table in regards to their lawsuit. Sources New York Times Bloomberg
  8. Yeah that's what I am thinking, it just probably unfortunate timing.
  9. Summary What the title says essentially. The outages seem to be focused in Europe, but they are reported beyond that as well. Facebook is looking into it. Update: Facebook says they fixed the issue. Quotes My thoughts Well given the events from yesterday, this seems fishy, however, the outage seems to be focused in Europe, so this could be just a regular outage that any company experiences. Instagram and Facebook working for me at this time. We'll see how this plays out. Sources MacRumors Android Central The Verge
  10. Great example! Anheuser-Busch has bought out many other brewers, and they are essentially a monopoly now.
  11. Yes, they are. Here's a link: https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/facebook_complaint_12.9.2020.pdf
  12. Summary As stated in the title, Facebook has been sued. This has been excepted for a while now. It is mainly concerning Facebook's acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp, along with privacy concerns. Links to the lawsuits: States: https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/facebook_complaint_12.9.2020.pdf FTC: https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/1910134fbcomplaint.pdf Quotes My thoughts My thought is simple: FINALLY! I really despise seeing the Facebook logo every time I open Instagram. They do have too much control, and it is obv
  13. Here is a link to the article if it is paywalled for you: https://archive.is/I7ADG Yeah, they do that as a paywall method. It worked for me.