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    I exist in this simulation. All is explained.
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  1. I feel like there is A LOT of potential behind these machines. Sounds crazy! Now to wait for the reviews.
  2. Who even really prints these days? Like pretty much everything is online. Plus, let's give our libraries a visit, they're getting quite lonely down there.
  3. I have a very strong opinion about this, and Sony. I'll leave it up to you guys to imagine how strong.
  4. Interesting. I caution those that will come after to keep this civil, but at best ignore the political discussion. I would argue that there is a discussion to be had about freedom of speech etc. I think the mods should take a close look at this.
  5. Yeah nothing to worry about. If anything bad would've happened, your PC probably wouldn't be working right now. And since everything is working normally, you're ok.
  6. From what I have heard, Windows 10 is the final version of Windows. Ever. They will only update it, like the upcoming Sun Valley redesign to fix things and well, redesign. Obviously though, you never know what might happen.
  7. That is speperate from the Microsoft Store on Windows, however, as I said, they are a big company, and in no doubt have influnce over markets.
  8. Wow! haha what a great reaction. But in a more serious note, throughtout this I personally have had a bit of a more negative view of Epic, they have seemed like a butt-hurt child who isn't getting moey and just greedy. This news, however, makes me slighlty re-think my view. They're efforts are having some effect. Granted it's the Microsoft Store (who uses that?) but it's still Mircosoft, they are a big company. I'm curious how this all continues to unfold.
  9. Every time I want to install an update to the software, it will not go. I try running as an administrator, it still won't work. I reached out to Whelen themselves, and they didn't offer much help. Anyone might have an idea what security setting might be causing this? Here is a pop-up that I get:
  10. I think a great video would be on anything, but the entire video would be the quality of like the Chevy Volt intro, Model Y intro, MBX MKII intro, Windows Vista intro or the RED Camera review intro. It would be entirely serious, not even a standard logo intro. Definitely will take time, but I feel like the outcome would be amazing. In short, something like a movie. I feel like LMG has the capacity for a movie.