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  1. I'm looking to set up a TWRP image for my S7 Active, however, I can't seem to find a site offering an image that isn't a scam or "JUST COMPLETE THIS SURVEY" type thing. If anyone knows where I could find one I would be grateful!
  2. Alright, is there any indication of when they plan to finalize the plan?
  3. With all the recent news about the Intel kernel leaks and memory issues, Linux has responded with a plan to move the kernel away from user space memory, KPTI. Does windows have any equivalent plan that should be rolling out in the coming weeks? Also will it result in performance hits as large as the solution of that Linux came up with?
  4. Okat, got it. Sorry, couldnt find the right forum earlier!
  5. I recently purchased a GTX 1070 ti and an i5-8600k. I use it mostly for gaming and for pool mining with some friends on the side. While mining ethereum using ethminer, I only get 25-26 Mh/s while overclocked to 2.038 GHz. This seems low to me, as I was expecting closer to 29 at stock or even just at overclock.
  6. Edit: Just realized I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry!
  7. Just bought the parts in Detroit Microcenter... Now I have to get them back to D.C. Anyway I got an i5-8600k with an H60 cooler, don't intend to OC right away, 16GB of DDR4-3000 Trident Z RGB, ASUS RoG 1070 ti A8G, 500GB Samsung 850 Evo, ASUS RoG Z370-E, Corsair CX650M, all inside a Phanteks P400S case with an RGB and fan controller, in addition to an RGB strip and a tempered glass side panel. I'm quite happy with the result, and it means a lot because it's my first build and I had to work quite a bit to get the money (I'm 14). Also thanks to the LTT community who helped me through part picki
  8. Thanks, I ended up figuring it out, had to pull over to a starbucks for a better connection.
  9. So I'm on a road trip right from VA to MI, and I bought Morrowind to play on the way using OpenMW, because I'm using a late 2009 MacBook running Ubuntu Linux dual booting with OS X Yosemite. Problem is Steam won't download a game that doesn't run natively on the OS you are trying to download from. So does anyone know a workaround for this? I would have put this on Steam forums but I trust that LTT will respond faster.
  10. Just wondering if an i5-8600k at stock speeds would overwhelm a H60.
  11. Yeah, this seems like a pretty fair option, still looking into the 8400 though.
  12. Yeah but honestly im just looking for stock 1080 performance or a bit more for the 50 bucks cheaper.
  13. Yes but now that its ever so slightly closer to release and not just a hangar module I mean.
  14. Yeahhh amd stock cooler looks good but the intel one is blegh.